More from Florida...

Clair has put up more of her artwork
 in their New Smyrna Beach condo
where we stayed recently.
 She may have some pieces for sale in the near future. (I will let you know).  I suggested that she at least have some limited edition giclées made. 
I love her colorful style.

 My friends Stacey and Lindsay stopped by for a visit. For lunch, I made a platter of sandwiches with smoked turkey, ham, capicola, provolone, avocado, tomato and arugula.
 We sat outside to eat.
Then, we experimented with a recipe for a 
signature cocktail for the Florida/Georgia football game.

 This was our creation...
But YOU can give it a different name!

Basil-Lime Gator Cocktail

Crushed Ice
2 oz. good quality basil infused vodka* 
2-3 tbs. simple syrup
2 lime slices and 2 basil leaves
6 oz. San Pellegrino
One Spritz fresh lime juice

Two to 12 hours before, soak one-cup basil leaves in a 1.75 bottle of vodka

We served the drinks in mason jars bought at the grocery store ($9.99 for a package of 12).

 Here we are goofing around in Atlantic Beach the day after the football game.
...Eric, standing on the far left, was the mastermind behind these shots.
Fun time with good friends.

Also, I am over at Bliss and Tell showing my office...which, in real life, is a wreck right now.  Check it out when it was clean HERE.



  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    What a lovely and warm home. The artwork is just perfect :)

    That cocktail sounds delicious and it looks like a good time was had by all!


  2. Love her artwork and looks like y'all had a blast. Of course hubby and my kids are quite happy the dawgs won. I don't even look at football.

  3. Your daughter's home is wonderful...I think her paintings show that she has a lot of artistic talent, it shows up in her decor as well.

    Fun party, the pictures made me smile! And I think the drink you made is a winner!


  4. So much fun...Your picture is like a modern Norman Rockwell. The drink sounds yummy, I'm going to have to try it and let Clair know that her paintings are wonderful!

  5. Yes please do encourage Clair to sell her artwork! I love it!

  6. Love that kitchen area! Looks like you had fun.

  7. Yes, Claire is certainly talented and I love the group pictures! (I think basil infused anything is wonderful, but, vodka? Whoa!). Guess I need to get out from under my rock more often!

  8. That "people" photo looks more like a photo shoot...and it's just you and your group...you are beautiful! And that art...I love it!!!

  9. sounds like so much fun there! Going over to look at your office. I love that artwork!!! and that banquet-wow!

  10. These groups photos are so good!They seem like a great Ad for something?

  11. Claire's paintings are wonderful and I love the idea of her doing Giclee's. Keep us posted! I looks like you had a fabulous time in FL. with lots of family, friends and good food!

  12. Mary Ann it looks like you had a great time in Florida...so cool. I really like your friend's paintings...they reallly great. I hope she does some giclees...that would be fantastic. Also love your Gator cocktail...sounds and looks delicious.

  13. This looks so fun...love Claire's artwork...such a talent!!

  14. What beautiful artwork - love how colorful they are! Looks like you had a great time on your trip!

  15. Oh my...so nice to know that you are a Gator fan!!...We lived in Florida most of our lives...and when relocating to NC, we gave up our UF Football season tickets....we now regret it!!!...Will have to send the "Gator Cocktail" to my sister and friends..who will love this at their many Gator parties!...Love your blog...found you thru Kim at Savvy Southern...and your friend Clair's artwork is beautiful!


It's SO nice to hear from you!