Office in the Bedroom?

Since it is supposed to be a 
peaceful haven, it's bad feng shui 
to have an office in your bedroom. 
But living on Lido Isle means space is limited, and my client had the perfect little unused alcove.
To keep the calm feeling, I recommended soothing whites and creams that were already in her bedroom.  The walls were painted Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan.
 I like the clean lines of the credenza 
from Crate and Barrel.  We used her 
existing chair for now.
 Proper feng shui is a lot of common sense, for example, keep clutter to a minimum.  You can read more about it from HGTV here.

How about this funny, little cubical 
in the Atlanta airport?
We are just here for a bit on our 
way to Florida to see our son 
at school. Can't wait!  Of course, we'll see family and friends and do a little tailgating.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Mary Ann,

    It looks great the continued clean lines are still there. I was discussing Feng Shui with another designer last weekend and you're right it is a lot of common sense in the home and garden. Because that's when your design intuition takes over lol. Have a great time visiting your son!


  2. Oh, your timing is perfect. Florida is so nice right now.

  3. Have fun in Gainesville! Go Gators!!!

  4. That is a great little workspace. I love the clean lines of the desk!

  5. I have studied Feng Shui for a very long time and try to use it in my home and in my landscape. I feel it does make a difference but I also feel intention is 99% of the cures. The office in the bedroom is lovely. I am still searching for that perfect taupey grey and the color is so pretty. Have a wonderful time with your son. I bet you can't wait for that first hug!

    1. I did get that first hug at the airport...he lifted me off my feet and spun me around in the air!

  6. Nice choices for the home office. When I started my last business in the early 90's, I had my office in my bedroom. I'd hear the fax machine ring in the middle of the night, but it did the job! My son gives the best hugs, too! Enjoy! (Swank little office, there in Atlanta, too!)

  7. Great job on the home office! I find it some much easier to concentrate when my home and work space is orderly.

    Enjoy the visit with your son :)


  8. I use my dressing room as a combination office/dressing space. In an effort to keep the space feminine, I had a table made with a bottom shelf to hold my printer. The entire table is covered in a white linen dressing table skirt. Only a lamp and laptop is visible from the top. The skirt has an opening in the back for purposes of retrieving what I have sent to my printer. The top of the table has a clear glass to protect the white fabric and the skirt is ultra full and smocked. No one sees the wires or supplies on the shelf underneath.

  9. Since it is white and has clean, modern styling, it blends seamlessly into the room. It was a great way to use the space and give her a functional and comfortable place to work. The windows make the space seem more open as well.

  10. What a perfect work place. looking out at that view would make working a lot easier. Have fun in Florida...

  11. What a relaxing place to work. Very calming. Hope you have a great time in FL. It's finally feeling like fall here!

  12. First of all, yay that you're getting to see your son! And the Gators crushed SC yesterday so I'm sure your family is delighted :)

    Second, I say if you have the space and can make a lovely office space like you have done here, go for it. With a nice credenza like that one you can easily tuck all the work away and the space still looks awesome.

  13. Aww, have a wonderful time visiting! What a perfect little alcove for an office, that ceiling is fabulous!

  14. Love this bedroom! It reminds me of Something's Gotta Give!

  15. Its a beautiful spot for an office and I love the white furniture. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  16. The office is lovely -- have a great time in Florida!

  17. Beautiful space, Mary Ann. I love have a small work area in the bedroom. Sometimes you need a space away from everything else.
    Have fun on your visit. Love the cubicle.
    Happy Tuesday.

  18. That alcove is the perfect spot for a work area...and the view is probably amazing. If I were to put a little workspace/desk in my bedroom, well I'm afraid it would look very similar to your cubicle in the Atlanta airport. Seriously, about the only room for a tiny desk would be under a window between two tall black dressers. It would be just as cozy. Hope you had a great time visiting Tommy!!

  19. It's the perfect spot for an office. Love the desk from Crate and Barrel! Have fun in Florida -

  20. I am too unorganized to have my office out in the open! Glad everyone is not like me. That space is perfect. Sure wish we could have had a drink when you came through Atlanta!

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