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I put out the Jeweled Christmas Tree that we made last year (more about how to make them HERE).
Notice the Boston Terrier and the True Friendship charms below?
Our family's mascot and precious Boston Terrier, Rocky, died on Wednesday.  He had a full life and lived in Florida, Paris and California.  Rocky was a little gentleman, very loving and he enriched our lives.  He leaves us with happy memories.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Mary Ann, I am very sorry for the loss of your Rocky. Losing a pet is so hard.

  2. So sorry about your little Rocky, Mary Ann.

  3. *** Dearest pal, I am SO VERY SORRY about your loss of precious Rocky... My heart really goes out to you... so VERY much.

    As I told you in an e-mail about 10 days ago, our beloved Belle-girl (a German Shorthaired Pointer) just succumbed to Urethral (sp?) Cancer (she had chemo every other week & would actually feel better, but, well... the Lord had other ideas for our beloved one, I guess, and we would NEVER let her be in pain!)~~~ she was SO WONDERFUL & SWEET & LOVING, as I'm sure your Rocky was... we're totally devestated, so I really DO know what you're going through...

    ROCKY will be in my prayers tonight, as well as you & your family, Sweetie...


  4. So sorry about the loss of your sweet Rocky. So hard to lose a much loved pet. We had a Boston terrier growing up --what a great dog.

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Rocky....losing a pet is very hard.

  6. Mary Ann, I'm so sorry about your sweet Rocky. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.
    Your jewel Christmas tree is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing,
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  7. Mary Ann ,
    My sympathies on losing your sweet family mascot. Rocky was a well travelled , well loved family member. Sending you warm & cozy hugs from Charleston. PS I have tears in my eyes & a lump in my throat. :(

  8. Mary Ann,
    I'm so sorry to hear that. I had no idea Rocky had lived in Paris with you...quite a life!

  9. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks so much for stopping by The Buzz today to read Tina's post and we're so sorry to hear for your loss just before the holidays. I'm sure Rocky enjoyed many wonderful times by your side. Our cottage would definitely be cozy with those birch candles and your gem tree is so festive. Happy weekend!
    C + C

  10. So sorry about your dear friend / companion / mascot!. I'm sure you gave him a wonderful and rich life and he, back. I'm so sorry for your loss - it is very sad to lose a beloved pet.

  11. Mary Ann,

    So very to hear about Rocky. I know how difficult it is to lose a pet ... I was devastated when I lost my Roxy unexpectedly to bloat at age 10. It sounds like Rocky had a great life, cherish the memories that you had with him.

    Linda in San Diego

  12. so sorry about your loss... my prayers are with you and your family...
    thank you for your kind comment... it meant alot. xx pam

  13. Sorry to hear about your loss, Rocky sounds like he was a special family member who gave your family much love, friendship and companionship. Love your decor....just beautiful and so festive.

  14. Mary Ann, I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our dog this summer and it's been so hard. I'm thinking of you.

    Take care,

  15. Mary Ann, so sorry about your little Rocky. What a whirlwind of a life he led, living all over the globe! Cheers, to Rocky and the all those pups that bring a little joy to our lives.

  16. Mary Ann,

    Great post...you have a little Christmas Star on the other side to chat with. So sorry to hear of Rocky has left his family here but you can take him everywhere now...that little sweetie. One of the things I look forward to when sleeping at night is the sheer chance of seeing my pets again and they do pop into our dreams. I wish that for you and your family too.

    Our dog was a Christmas gift...Kayla Noel...she passed 3 years ago. Christmas is so special with our pets and yet still so special to remember them by also. We are so very lucky to have fur angels in our lifetime.

    Virtual hugs.


  17. So sorry to hear about your beloved Rocky! It's so hard to lose a furry family member!!!
    On a happy and creative note... your christmas tree is decedent!!!

  18. Oh Mary Ann...I'm so sorry about Rocky. He had a wonderful life living in so many fabulous places with you and I know you have many wonderful memories of times shared with him. Our pets are such an important part of our families, it is never easy to say good bye. My heart aches for you all. I love the jeweled tree you made last year and the little tribute to Rocky in it is adorable. He will be with you always. xo Gail

  19. So, so sorry to hear this news, Mary Ann. The many years of joy that a beloved animal brings will never leave your hearts.
    xoxo, Chris

  20. Mary Ann, so sorry to hear about Rocky. Although he was a little guy, I know he was a big part of your family. I love how you included him on your Christmas cards. Take care~

  21. Love these Christmas inspirations! Great ideas to get me day started!

  22. Mary Ann, so sorry to hear about Rocky.....he sounds like he will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to you and your family!

  23. Mary Ann I am so sorry about Mr. Rocky, it is so nice that you have that sweet memento of him on your bejeweled tree. I am sure your family is hurting right now. Sending a great big hug,
    xo Kathysue

  24. I am so very sorry to hear about Rocky. He was quite the world traveler! Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. xo

  25. So sorry to hear about your little furbaby! They give us such unconditional love and joy. Hold him close to your heart.

  26. So sorry to hear about your loss... I share your love for animals ans empathize with you having gone through this less than a year ago. Our dogs are such an important part of the family.

    Cozy up.. rest.. And enjoy time with your family.


  27. My heartfelt sympathies go out to you. It's so devastating to lose a beloved pet.

  28. Sorry about your dog, that is so difficult on a family. I do love all your cozy suggestions, they are all beautiful.

  29. Mares,
    Sorry to hear about Rocky the Rock Star. He's hanging with Guiness.


  30. We are dog and animal lovers here, and I feel your loss. I am sorry for you and your family, but I know he enriched your lives while he was with you.
    xo Nancy

  31. So sorry about your dog. I have a dog that is old and is having lots of problems. It's so hard to see them decline right before your eyes.

  32. I am so sorry to read about Rocky. As others have commented, our pets are our loved family members and we are devastated at their loss. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for your lovely blog. I always look forward to seeing it in my in-box.

  33. I am so sorry to here of Rocky's passing, it was clear he was loved and lived a charmed life with your family. When you are ready please let me know if you would be interested in learning about boston terrier rescue in your community -- When I have lost I found the best way to honor that loss is to help another in need. Ava.whalen@hotmail.com

  34. Oh, Mary Ann,
    I'm so sorry your Rocky has passed. We had to put our Maggie cat down on Wednesday, she was 17 years old and had a very good life, but it's still so difficult to say goodbye to a family pet.
    Best of the season to you and yours.

  35. Sorry about Rocky Mary Ann. Very sad. Glad you have your good memories. xo

  36. Hi Mary Ann,

    Finally getting a bit caught up on my blog reading... I can't tell you how sorry I am about Rocky - he was true gentlemen and a love of a dog and very, very lucky to have you all for a family. I know he will be greatly missed!
    Your jewelled tree is beautiful and reminds me of a lighted christmas tree that my mother made years ago and that I still put up every Christmas! Love the idea of a tree though - will have to try my hand at one next year!

  37. WOW!! This apt. is crazy beautiful!! I would venture to say most 50 year olds would be over the moon to have such a place, so these girls made out like bandits! I would also say Allie has inherited the good taste gene and is super duper lucky to have a mom with impeccably great taste...a dynamic duo! I love every single thing you two have done...talk about a dynamic duo! Thanks for the shoutout for my breadboard, may I use that pic in my online gallery of "enchanted homes of my readers"?
    Love your jeweled trees too....you rock Mary Ann!

    Right now is the first time I have had all day to come om my computer, and I missed being in blogland today!! Glad I stopped by..nighty night.

  38. Oh Mary Ann....I am so sorry to hear about Rocky. You are the second blogger who has lost a dog in the last week....it is unbearably sad....I know. I'll be thinking of you and your family.....

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