Flea Market Chic

It's so great that our daughter, Alie is close by again 
after for four years of college in New York and 
two years working on Madison Avenue.  
She and her room-mate found an apartment in Santa Monica, California...
 around the corner from where I lived when I was in my twenties, too!

Right after they moved in, Rocky and I (I miss my sidekick) checked the place out.
  Nice wood floors and light!
Alie's taste in clothing is sort of Vintage/Trendy/Colorful with Black Accents.  Wardrobe choices can help define a person's décor preferences.
(I'm bragging here but she is also fluent in French and has a cool job).
Now, how to decorate with limited funds???

My next visit...
Alie got the sectional for FREE from a friend and the chest for $45 at the Melrose Trading Place flea market in L.A.  This arrangement is not making the best use of the space though.

Here it is after I raided a few accessories from my house and arranged the furniture to make it more conversational.

The television came from Howard and me.  The antique pine chest was also FREE from her friend.
We are going for a bit of an industrial vibe with her room-mate's clock. 
  Alie bought the globe at a Green Flea Market in Manhattan.  I grabbed it out of her bedroom along with the jade Buddha that was a graduation gift from her aunt and uncle.  (Alie is into yoga and Eastern influences).
I detest this light/fan in the dining alcove.  They have ocean breezes and don't need the fan (plus, ceiling fans blow out dinner candles).  If you have to have a ceiling fan (I know, I lived in the South), try to have it blend with the ceiling.

Affordable lighting options...

Simple IKEA Black Chandelier $49.99
You can use it with the light bulbs or light the candles.

Which do you like best for Alie's dining room?
Or...keep hunting the flea markets?

She bought this reading lamp at Urban Outfitters on sale for $69.
I wanted to set up a rustic cocktail bar using this bread board from 
The Enchanted Home as a tray, with glasses, limes, napkins, etc. But they didn't have any cool alcohol or sparkling water bottles...so perhaps another time.
I gave them the tiered fruit stand from Target.
We went to Pottery Barn for new candles...have to have those!
Their first ornaments, from Anthropology, were a gift from her room-mate's mother.  So cute.
After I read how Joni at Cote de Texas outfitted her daughter's WHOLE apartment, I bought Alie the industrial table at the Brooklyn Flea.  More about that fun day HERE.

The vintage frames also came from a different trip to the Brooklyn Flea
(I'd like to see the collection grow).  We picked out the chairs ($30 each) at Melrose Trading Place.  We are going to add padding and a fun print to the seats.

Off to a good start in their little Santa Monica nest!

PS.  Alie also has a cute boyfriend with a truck who moved most of the furniture up a steep flight of stairs into her apartment.

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  1. Really cute place! I like the West Elm light. It seems both young and beachy. Love the buddha too; that's really special.

  2. Darling! Alie is lucky to have such a talented Mom and helpful BF! I vote for the rustic pendant over the DR table. Can't wait to one day help my kids decorate their apartments, it is on the horizon!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. I think Alie is a lucky girl to have you for a mom!!! What a great space. The punch of color on the pillows really brings it to life!

  4. I'd say that the place is coming together quite well! I only wish my apartment looked that good when I was in my twenties! -Tonya

  5. How nice to have a designer mom help her out. It looks great. Love that floor lamp.

  6. WOW, nice digs in Santa Monica!!! And her friends just giving things away! Love that!!

  7. What a great space. Love the wood ceiling. Lucky girl to have a mom with such great taste.

  8. How wonderful to have her "home". It looks great so far. I like the first light or the last one..with what I can see. Although I don't know if the first one would give enough light- Have I told you that I hate ceiling fans?;>) xo Diana

  9. It's a great place! And such nice touches you've all brought in to help make them feel cozy. I think I'd like to see one of the chandy's brought in for an industrial/romantic type of look.

  10. I am going to have to check out this Brooklyn flea and the trading co......my daughter will love it! Looks great....Oh to be young again!

  11. omg - that apartment is sooo gorgeous - it wouldn't matter wHAT you put in there! those ceilings and floors!!!!! wow. love what you did - changing the sofa, it looks like a chaise Thanks for the shout out!!!!!

  12. Posting this on the right post now! WOW!! This apt. is crazy beautiful!! I would venture to say most 50 year olds would be over the moon to have such a place, so these girls made out like bandits! I would also say Allie has inherited the good taste gene and is super duper lucky to have a mom with impeccably great taste...a dynamic duo! I love every single thing you two have done...talk about a dynamic duo! Thanks for the shoutout for my breadboard, may I use that pic in my online gallery of "enchanted homes of my readers"?
    Love your jeweled trees too....you rock Mary Ann!

    Right now is the first time I have had all day to come om my computer, and I missed being in blogland today!! Glad I stopped by..nighty night.

  13. btw, love that world plus chandy. what a great deal!!! and love the first one too

  14. I love Alie's apartment! You two did a great job. Really like the sectional broken up, especially the long chaise piece. The pillows are perfect. Love everything, nice job, Mary Ann and Alie! I vote for the Ikea chandelier.

  15. Alie and her girlfriend are lucky to have you around to help rearrange and decorate the place looks fabulous! The pillows add just the right amount of color too. Way to go Mary Ann and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!


  16. Oh, Alie is o e blessed girl having you as a mom! For lots of reasons. Love the before and after. I vote for World Market Chandy!:)))

  17. Mary Ann I love what you have done with Alie's apartment. How fun for them to get so much great free stuff and free decorating too! My mom never gave me Betwixt pillows...ha! Love the way you rearranged the sofa...so clever.

    Regarding the ceiling fan, my daughter just recently moved back to Sherman Oaks from Santa Monica to be closer to the studio where she works. I can tell you that unless they have air conditioning they definitely NEED a fan. It's very humid and quite warm (not as cool as Newport) in the summer. My daughter and her roommate had several fans all summer and were happy they had them. Just a thought :)

    Have a good one Mary Ann...

  18. Hello, beautiful mama!!! :-)

    Awww... how great is this, Mary Ann?

    It must be wonderful to help your daughter, eh? And big kudos to her boyfriend for helping her out! :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  19. It must be so nice to have your daughter close again. What a beautiful place for her to live!

  20. Love this! It's my first visit and you've sealed first place in my book as best mom ever! Your daughter's place looks amazing! I'll be back soon to see what you do next:) Linda's (MCHLife) Blog Roll is a great place to find awesome blogs...glad I found you!!

  21. Well Mom...you did what you do best and made her space look amazing! Coming from a pillow addict....that was a good place to start :).... Taking the sectional apart also really helped to define the space much better. I am sure it will be a show place real soon.....it's what we do right!

  22. Hi Mary Ann, I vote for the Frenchy light fixture! Your daughter's place is amazing, thanks to you! Lucky girls!

  23. Hi Mary Ann, How fun! First to have Alie so close to home after being so far away and second to be able to help with pulling her apartment together. What a great space....love those high ceilings! I love how you rearranged the furniture to make it much more inviting. And what great finds both of you have found at "bargain" prices. It looks great. I'm voting for the Capiz chandelier. Very cool for some hip young gals living at the beach. Also loved seeing Rocky in the picture. He was you little companion for so long. He will be missed.

  24. Mary Ann,
    Our oldest son lived in Santa Monica right after college. I loved our visits there, it's such a great place to be able to walk to a lot of fun dining spots. You've done a great job with your daughter's place.

  25. Ali is a very lucky lady to have a mom that is so talented. Her home is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this, Mary Ann.
    Happy Wednesday.

  26. I'm so happy for you that you've got your daughter closer to you. And in such a beautiful location. It must be so much fun to help her decorate.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  27. That place is amazing!!!
    And you did an amazing job bringing it all together.
    You are good my friend, REAL GOOD!!!

  28. I bet Alie is so excited about her new place! It looks so great. I love the flea market chic vibe going on. So awesome that she got so many pieces for free. It is very charming!

    Visiting from The Charm of Home.

  29. I would LOVE a new picture of your friends family room!!! i show it all the time because i love how she decorated it. take one!!! but that one i have is pretty good!

  30. I'm so glad that your daughter is closer to you know! Looks like you are going to have fun with her place.

  31. Ali's apartment is gorgeous! Everything is beautiful...well except for that awful ceiling fan/light...yuck! You must be so happy to be living in the same state with Ali!!


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