Greetings and Decking the Halls on a Budget

With family and friends spread out all over geographically, I love receiving Christmas cards from them (especially with photos).  That's why I make it a point to send some from our family each year.
 Here's another version that I ordered for our non-Christian friends.
Tiny Prints is having a 20% off sale.  They have so many cute, easy to produce, customized designs like the ones we purchased. 
I also ordered these custom stickers to place on gifts.

Annie from Lovely Things told me that the big pine cones (8 inches tall) that I have been picking up off the ground in Mammoth are selling for $20 each in her fancy local Connecticut store.  So, I sent her a box of them. She put them in her stone planters in front of her home.
So, what did I do with the rest of the FREE pinecones???
I gave you a major hint at the beginning of this post...
I bought some "snow" at Michael's and gave them a light dusting...

We've had these ornaments for years.
But there is an addition of a new little bargain Santa from Home Goods...I glued a wreath to his hands (there was a chip that needed disguising) and gave him a little bag of toys.
I love that I could use all these Mammoth Mountain  pinecones (where there is tons of real snow) here in Newport Beach.
How is your decorating coming along?

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  1. Those are gorgeous. Another blogger bought some really tall pinecones at Joann's and I was surprised how nice they were... not Mammoth nice.. but nice :)

  2. I love what you did with the pinecones! Mine are not that big but I love the frosting of snow on them. Your little tree is precious! I miss sending out cards with the family on them but suddenly my adult children are camera shy! Love how you have your sweet pooch on the back!!

    Haven't started decorating yet...we will get our tree this weekend.

    Have a great evening!


  3. I love the Mammoth pinecones, they look great. I so enjoy an organic mantel and yours is perfection. Your card is also wonderful, great picture of your beautiful family,
    xo Kathysue

  4. Mary Ann-What wonderful Christmas cards. I always keep the ones that people send with family photos.
    I love your big pinecones. We have some huge ones that my father-in-law brought back from California for me- I love them. Hope you are having a wonderful week- xo Diana

  5. I love your pinecones, my mantel is all natural your family picture is so lovely
    Beautiful family!!!

    You're so lucky. I cannot upload my Christmas photos because according to Blogspot I've reached my capacity for loading photos. Now Google wants to charge me $2.00 a month for storage.

  6. Cute cards. Beautiful family!
    I love the snowy pinecones and that you were able to send your friend some big Mammoth ones. I bet she loved getting them.

    Have a great day.

  7. The dusting of snow on the pinecones is lovely. YOur mantel looks so pretty with all the natural elements and white.

  8. Mary Ann, its perfect! I love your tree....I need one that size. I have been dreading the idea of getting out my tree. Its to big and so much work! I was wondering where I could buy snow spray....thanks!

  9. Aww.... what a beautiful family you have, Mary Ann!

    Your home is looking stunning!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  10. It always annoys me when something like pinecones gets sold for a lot of money by some fancy shop - talking about healthy mark-up! I like your decoration on the mantlepiece, festive and simple, just lovely. xo

  11. You are such an interesting person; I wonder how creative you are.
    I really like that Santa and the wreath on his hands. I haven’t planned our Christmas decoration yet.

  12. Your Christmas cards are lovely, Mary Ann. You have a beautiful family. Your home looks amazing as well. I love your mantle and Santa vignette. It's such fun to see how others decorate for the holidays!

  13. Great Christmas cards Mary Ann! Beautiful family. I am working on mine at Tiny Prints right now..love their cards.

    So jealous of your free pinecones...they are gorgeous! You really made them look festive with the dusting of snow...great idea. And your little tree and Santa are adorable.

  14. What a gorgeous family! I love both of your cards and the little treat of Rocky on the back is so cute. Tiny prints has the best designs.

    I knew you would do more wonderful things with the pinecones, your mantle looks beautiful. Your little tree is perfect and the addition of the "new" and embellished santa is just the right touch. I have started my decorating, but sure wish I had some fresh new things for my new living room. I think I have some pinecones in the basement so might have to dig them out, give them a dusting of snow and do a "copycat" of your mantle!


  15. I love every single bit! Where are those stockings from!?! I totally want to order these for my family. XO, Aimee

  16. I love the "snow" on the pine cones! You have such a beautiful family, Mary Ann - wishing you all the best this Christmas!

  17. I love Tiny Prints! I ordered mine when they were 30% off! I also put a little pic of my crazy dog on the back! Your mantle looks gorgeous!

  18. Looks so good and what a cute card! Now I feel even more behind with everything!!!

  19. Hi! We think alike...I got the square cards from Tiny Prints, too. Usually I get half Christmas/half holiday, but this year I was lazy so everyone will get a Merry Christmas from us. I'm kicking myself for selling some huge pine cones from my mom's yard in Florida at a yard sale. I want them back! I kept a few, so I may just copy the idea of putting them in the stone pots by the front door. So pretty, and you don't have to water them! Karen L in ATL

  20. Mary Ann,

    Everything looks picture perfect! Love the snow dusted pine cones. X-mas cards looks fab too!



  21. Your snow dusted pine cones and Loi at Tone on Tone's bleached ones are the 2 best ideas I've seen this Christmas! Happy holidays. x Sharon

  22. Beautiful family Mary Ann! I love your holiday touches...and your updated look to Santa. I have used Tiny Prints as well! Their cards are very good quality & they have a large variety of designs to choose from.

  23. The pinecones are stunning! I am so drawn to simple and minimal and you pulled it off beautifully!

  24. Your mantle is gorgeous and your Family Christmas postcard.... so adorable! Happy Holidays to u Mary Ann!

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  26. lovely mantle... we have a similar theme... i have loads of pinecones in my store and many greens... coupled with red and white i just love it... and i love yours... so warm and genuine... happy holidays... xx

  27. ahhhh the simplicity of pinecones and white lights. i will never tire of these.

    hope you will find a moment to stop by and enter a giveaway i am hosting for followers (i hope you win!):

    happy weekend to you!


  28. I missed this post...I love how you made your Mammoth Mountain pinecones look right at home in Newport Beach! Everything looks beautiful and I adore your Christmas card!

  29. Your mantle is beautiful--lovely family photos too:)

  30. almost every single card we got this year is from tiny prints! they must be making a fortune!!! love their cards. and how sweet to put out two cards! my own sister in law used to send me the most religious Christmas cards each year and it would always make me smile thinking, i should send her a hanukkah card! truthfully though, receiving a Christmas card is a thrill for me - especially if there is a picture attached. I keep them with my pictures in a big bowl and never throw them out!! Yours is adorable!!

  31. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home and have a Merry Christmas!

  32. Gorgeous decorating! I am now feeling very guilty...have done nothing. Must get a wreath today!

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  34. Wow beautiful pics thanks for sharing this , i love this.



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