Decorating From Afar

I'm procrastinating about doing a new floor plan...
so, I will hang a mirror above my window instead...
See how it draws your eye up to the pitched ceiling?  
Now, I kind of want a more "organic" light fixture there.  

 When we bought the farm table, now desk, at a flea market in Paris, the vendor threw in this antique basket as a "cadeau."  I  added it back to the desk to hold the topiaries and some current fabric samples.

Over the past year two years, I have been doing more online decorating plans.   It's interesting to me that most of my e-clients come from the South and California (one from Nova Scotia--Oh Canada).   I wonder why that is? 
 Yesterday, my client in Houston said she thought my style was "traditional with a pop."   She and I ordered several items for her guest room today...I hope to show you that plan and after photos in about six weeks (some backordered lamps need to arrive).

This young couple wanted a neutral design.  The wife said,  "my husband and I bought a small 1500 sq. ft cottage (above ground), that was built in the early 30's - about 7 yrs. ago.  It's located in the Garden District near LSU and it's a very charming little neighborhood".  I saw photos and it's got nice wood floors and built-ins.  She's not moving back in for a while but it's going to be great!
I helped her decide what to keep from Granny's heirlooms...
like her ladder back chairs and what to mix in.

It's all fun after I get the floor plan done.  My goal this year is to learn how to do floor plans on the computer not ...so "Old School."  Uh oh...I put it in writing.   I heard that Google has a free one and my client in Atlanta uses Microsoft Excel.
Have any program/class recommendations for me?  
 Look at all these sharpened pencils...what am I waiting for?  I'll start the Maryland family's floor plan tomorrow...instead, I'll show you the mood board for a large living room for another family in Baton Rouge.  They wanted neutral, too!  (We replaced the map with a Louis Philippe mirror and sconces).
You can get more information about a custom e-design HERE.

How is 2013 treating you so far?


  1. Loving these boards. I like the bottom one the best, I think, because it's the most me :). Hope your New Year is off to a great start -- sure looks that way!

  2. I suck at doing boards.....:)
    If I get any e-designs I panic......I think I will just send them your way! It's just too time consuming and I am such a visual person....I really want to see the room.....you know?
    Yours are great girl!

  3. Lots of exciting things happening over there! Looking good, love the neutral natural palette, so timeless and fresh and clean! All those sharpened pencils appear ready to do battle...enjoy it!

  4. What wonderful projects you have in the works! I adore your style~ with a pop! :)

    May you have a lovely, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

  5. Such a great way to work with clients from afar! All lovely fresh choices. Looks like 2013 is going to be a busy one for you!!

  6. Gorgeous! Great French basket and I like the way you are using it! My father is born/raised there .. and went to LSU. The southern decor you've picked out is perfect, love it!

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. I admire your talents!
    It really is wonderful that people can get decorating advice from afar as you say.
    My how things have changed in the last few years!
    Sounds like 2013 is off to a busy start.

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  9. It looks like your project is off to a wonderful start! Your boards look great...pulling them together is so fun and really allows you to 'get into' your design doesn't it? The neutral palette and classic pieces you've chosen I'm sure will look fabulous! Can't wait to see the 'after' photos.

  10. I am in love with your wood floors! We're in the market for new flooring so that's all I notice nowadays haha!

  11. I enjoy your blog so much - your home and your decorating style is just beautiful, and I would love to have a home as lovely as yours one day.....Do you mind if I ask about your paint colors in your home ? I am most interested in the living room/family room/kitchen area color - an off white or cream, I'm thinking ? Thanks so much !

  12. It's always such a treat for me to check my emails and see you've posted. I love your ideas. It all speaks to me. It's fresh, clean, inviting and helps me to take second look around my home to freshen it up and make it better.

  13. Mary Ann, it is looking like a beautiful plan! I have been working on my own project doing some online shopping and my own mood board. I think it is much more fun to do it for a client than myself!

  14. I can tell you why people are drawn to you...because it is exactly why I want you to design something for me...when I get to "that" room...you have a California style that is universal. Personally, it reminds me of "home". BTW, your link for custom e-design does not work.

  15. What a great service you are providing for your readers. I love seeing your ideas and then seeing them come to fruition. You create beautiful spaces!

  16. You have a wonderful gift for bringing a room together, Mary Ann. Your clients are lucky ducks to have you for a designer!

  17. I like where you placed the mirror...it really does draw your eye up. I also really like how you're keeping the client's grandma's ladder back chairs and table. Family pieces and antiques make rooms special and unique. (But then again Mary Ann, I like every room you do without exception!)

    I admire you decorator-types who can put together a design board and floor plan. Such a talent! Zero chance I could ever do that. But I can shop, source and copy with the best of 'em! Beautiful design boards Mary Ann! Have a great Sunday! xo

  18. PS. My first thought when I read your question (wonder why all my clients are in California and the South?) was because people in Cali and the South have good taste...haha! :) No offense to anyone not in Cali and the South...only kidding :)

  19. Hi Mary Ann, what a beautiful desk/farm table! And to be able to say you picked it up at the Paris flea market is half the fun! I am the master at working on projects that are not priorities. Someone suggested that I do the hard project first and get it out-of-the-way. I need to work on that in the new year!

  20. Thanks for putting up my board for the dining room, Mary Ann. Still waiting to get back into the house, but I KNOW it will look great because of your expertise and fun attitude. If anyone is interested in e-design, I'd HIGHLY recommend Mary Ann. She has amazing ideas and really works off of what you already have. Lots of love MA and Happy New Year!! Jennifer

  21. The design really look awesome. I loved all the design and thank you for posting such images with the post.

  22. It looks like your project is off to a wonderful start! Your boards look great...

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