The Californians and Farewell Party

Last Saturday,
 was our son, Tommy's final day before heading back to school in Florida.
 We rode bicycles over to a brand new smoothie/juice bar called PorroVita.
It's run by our daughter, Alie's friend, Chase. (See how my green bike coordinates).

"Very Californian."
This is Chase, The Master Juicer.
 Below are Alie and Tommy at the custom-made table.  Notice the light fixture?  Chase's father created it. 
PorroVita is just a block from the beach.
I ordered the oatmeal served in a fresh coconut...you can scrape the inside of the coconut as you eat the fruit and oatmeal...delicious.
Before long...several of Chase's and Alie's friends randomly showed up.  

That night I set the table for Tommy's farewell party.  He won't be back until early summer (sob).
The paper chalk board placemats were a gift from my friend, Carol.  I wrote "Goodbye Tommy" in all different languages.  The meyer lemons were picked from our tree (they smell divine) and the slate centerpiece was leftover from...
the kitchen floor (Alie's idea), but I washed it really well and added
felt protection tabs.
I googled the translations...Chinese, Swahili, Irish, Russian.

Always makes me laugh...especially the freeway talk...pretty accurate.

If you are local, grab a healthy treat at PorroVita.  
Tell Chase that "Alie's mom" sent you.

Kelly at Eclectically Vintage is featuring our home today.
Please check out her lovely blog.


  1. Great table setting! And yes, when they go back to school and they are far away...and it's always delightful when they return!

  2. loved this. i'm crazy for the californians. can't get enough and laugh so hard. the coconut oatmeal thing is a must try thing for me!



  3. Awwww.....can you be my mom??? Love it all and the slate flooring piece on the table...genius!

  4. Can't wait to try PorroVita! It looks amazing, along with that quote by Thomas Edison! Have fun in Mammoth...

    see you soon

    PS I think you and I have the same bike, haha!

  5. The idea of putting oatmeal in a coconut bowl is fantastic. Wish it was closer. Cute party set up... and that SNL skit was funny!

  6. What a cute idea translating his name in the different languages. You are a fun Mom!

  7. It is so sad to see them go, but they always come back.
    The table looks fabulous. Such a great idea.
    Happy Friday.

  8. Gotta love California...and the wonderful laid back vibe. Totally enviable and I consider myself lucky to have spent a large part of my childhood there and went to college in that great state...one day hope to retire there too! The juice bar looks like such fun and I never knew there was a "master juicer"...fancy!

    Your table is so creatively and beautifully done...not surprised. You just have "that knack" Mary Ann! Great job...thanks for sharing and best of luck to your son as he heads back. Have a great weekend.

  9. Alie looks just like you. What a nice day you all spent together. The time will fly, and he will be back soon. I love your bike.

  10. I love all that effort you put into your celebrations…..I'm sure your family loves it too. Hope your son has a great semester of school!

  11. What a wonderful celebration and what a great mom you are! Thanks for sharing it with us! :-)

  12. Aww, what a clever farewell idea! I'm sure he loves coming home and being spoiled as much as you love having him!

  13. Ok, now I am feeling REALLY bad... Matt leaves tomorrow and I feel like if I get the kitchen table cleared off for dinner I'm doing great.... think I belong in the Mom's hall of shame!! What a cute idea Mary Ann ... will definitely have to check out Porro Vita - love the oatmeal in the fresh coconut!!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing great pictures of sweet moments in your life...love the writing on the mirror: Auf Wiedersehen! :)

  15. Great post, Mary Ann! I love: Your bike, the juice bar, your oatmeal/coconut breakfast, your cool centerpiece, the place mats and how beautiful your children are. Safe travels and best wishes for a great school year to your son!


  16. Aw Mary Ann, how sad to say good-bye to Tommy for so long. Hope time flies for you til he's back. The juice place looks so cute and delicious and tres California! Love the chalkboard placemats and how clever to write good-byes in different languages...love that.

    Have a good night :)

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  18. Love the table setting Mary Ann! So good that you got to spend time with your son on a school break! GO GATORS! We are big Gator fans and my hubby is an alumni. Love this post!

  19. I love your table, and you are such a fun mom! We will for sure try out the new juice place! happy 2013

  20. You are such a fun creative mom! Love all of it, SNL too!

  21. You are such a cool mom. I would imagine your children really appreciate the effort you put in to the family celebratory meals and that Saturday Night Live skit is hilarious!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Loving the place mats and the table setting! You always have clever ideas.

    Next time we are in Newport Beach my husband and I will have to stop by PorroVita. That oatmeal looks so yummy...and the quote by Thomas Edison, well I couldn't agree more!

    We were in Costa Mesa on Monday and ate at Greenleaf. I remembered it from your previous post last year. It was delicious! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    Linda in SD

  23. My family and I have lots of Gainesville, FL connections and still live just a couple of hours south of there. How funny to see "Go Gators" written on your table decor! My son met his wife in California while she was living on Balboa Island and he was stationed there. She will love reading this post! I really enjoy your blog and saw your home tour featured on Exceptionally Eclectic - just beautiful!

  24. What a lovely post and the photos are perfect. I love the idea of the black board messages in different languages. So Clever!

  25. Great table! I love the chalkboard touches.

    Good luck to your son! Mine was home at Christmas, but graduates in June, so will be out on his own after that, so it's hard!

    Have a great day.

  26. Your kids are so cute! Looks like a great place and of course I love to see your table setting. I can imagine how that feels to think Tommy won't be home until Summer...thankfully Ali is close by now. Maybe you'll have time to come to NY?!

  27. What a fun party. I love how you used your creativity at the dining table. Very clever, fun pictures.

  28. Mary Ann, it looks like a wonderful party....I love the place mates you used. I would love to know where you found those. Good luck to your son...I know your going to miss him so much!

  29. You are such the hostess! Gorgeous table. I know you are going to miss him:)

  30. Love your table, very creative.
    We say good bye to Patrick on Friday. He heads back to SLO. And I'll remember this place the next time we go back to Newport. My youngest son Michael-wants to row for Orange Coast so we may end up down there a lot. Blessings to your Tommy. Summer will come soon... I tell myself. :)
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  31. LOVE the Califorians. Of course I know of no one that actually speaks that way but it's hilarious especially the driving directions as you said. I also loved your table decorations and making his farewell so special. It's kind of sad working on those kind of send-offs isn't it but it gives us a nice diversion to occupy our thoughts until they leave. Always an adjustment though. At least he'll be home for the summer. :). You're such a good mom, miss Mary Ann.

  32. Can't wait to try PorroVita! It looks amazing, along with that quote by Thomas Edison! Have fun in Mammoth...


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