Gallery Ledges

Framed photographs, placed on a ledge, 
look great on display.
Before my clients moved into their new home, there were second story book shelves filled with impossible to reach dusty books.  So, we spaced the shelves more uniformly and painted the backs.
For this once awkward space, we have started a collection of black and white photographs of their family and travels.

When we moved into our mountain condo, I unpacked photographs and placed them on the window ledge...
and added a few others that I already had.  
We are in Mammoth now...look at all the snow.  
(My sister and I are going skiing soon).
These aren't on a ledge but I wanted to show you this nice gallery in my friend, Cindy's recently remodeled beach house.  I will be showing you before and after shots of her pretty home next week.


  1. Love all the black and white photos. Perfect. Great galleries. Hugs, Marty

  2. I am really liking black and white photos lately...especially in rooms with a lot of color.

    Great idea replacing the books with photos in the first shot....much more interesting to look at. I like your photos leaned in the window in Mammoth condo...great idea for me in my rental since I told the landlord I wouldn't make holes in the wall since I am only here temporarily.

    Have fun skiing!

  3. Wow, nice solution to the bookshelf problem. I love the idea of black and white photos.
    Enjoy that snow! We've been slammed again and now have almost 3 feet in our backyard! I can't wait till spring. :)


  4. I have gotten some great ideas here. I have a lot of family pictures but wasnt' sure what to do, now I have some great new ideas. Thanks.

  5. Wonderful examples all the way around- Diana

  6. It's hard to believe someone would make bookcases up so high with no way to get to the books! Very strange indeed!
    Anyway, I love your idea of the photo gallery. Thanks for the sneak peak of Cindy's hallway gallery! I can hardly wait to see more. Have a wonderful ski day!

    1. Yes...I did not like the book shelves there. They cannot be removed as the home is being rented....so we tried to make the best of a bad situation.

  7. These are great ways to display pictures, Mary Ann. I like that you did yours on the window ledge. I don't have the space, but if I were to do a gallery wall, I'd use the ledges like in the first photo.

    Have fun skiing today, lucky girl!


  8. It looks like your solution to the bookcases made the best of a bad situation. I am confused as to why anyone would put bookcases up there in the first place even if they had the ladder to climb up there and get them. We had a plant ledge that was difficult to deal with and ended up placing a wreath and some collectible bird houses with some miniature birds perched on the wreaths. Again it made the best of an unusual design. I really like the photographs going down your friends hall. Can never go wrong with black and white. Have a great day! - Tonya

  9. Mary Ann...you turned a weird book-shelve into an interesting gallery wall... great idea!

  10. What a terrible design idea with those bookcases! Builders should not try to be designers. They never understand 'form follows function'. You managed a good solution though!

  11. Such a great idea. I love the way the first picture looks. Simple and like it was mean to be that way.

  12. Great use of space. I have seen that unreachable ledge in other homes, and often wondered what people do with it....now I know.

  13. Mary Ann,

    That was a great idea to replace books with photos on those shelves. What a weird design concept!

    I started a black and white photo gallery in my hallway very similar to Cindy's and it took me a few years to complete because I kept adding and adding...it's one of my favorite things in my home.

    Have a great time in Mammoth and I am looking forward to the post on Cindy's beach house! (liking what I see so far)

    Linda in S.D.

  14. Love a photo gallery with great black and whites! So dramatic against a light wall. Nice pics! I'm planning to do a smiliar post on my blog as well!


  15. All of the galleries are fabulous, Mary Ann! I love the ledge idea.
    Happy Monday.

  16. Looks great! I used picture ledges for my children's books in their play room.

  17. Such a great way to display photos! I love having a theme....black and whites, similar frames, related subject matters, etc.

  18. Mary Ann,
    You always have great ideas. I love ledges because you can kind of layer photos/art against one another. I love your view into the woods. Have fun skiing with your sister...what fun to be together! Enjoy!

    ps...why can I not leave a message through Name/URL? I've noticed a few bloggers have changed the options. What am I missing?

    1. I have been flooded with spam. Google screens it, but it all still lands in my MSN box. So, I took anonymous comments off. It's either that or do word verification. Which is worse?

  19. I love the wall gallery and I love how you place the photos on the ledge - the backdrop of the window makes a nice setting. xo

  20. I love a good wall gallery and you rocked it on the "Floating" Shelves!! Mammoth is beautiful ... used to live in LA a lifetime ago and loved skiing there!! xo

  21. Your gallery is fantastic. No one will dislike this. Your all pictures in gallery are fabulous. online furniture store

  22. Photos look great!! They can easily be junky and you make them look smashing:-) xo


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