Random Silver Linings

Have you seen the movie "Silver Linings Playbook?"  
It was great...you know every cloud has a...
Like even though I would like to redesign this fireplace, 
it's great to turn it on on only cold mornings 
...and when I have a few minutes...hop back into bed with my laptop.

Although I am a breast cancer survivor for almost 
18 years (yay!), I often forget to do self checks...
this app is a funny reminder.
Warning: Do not click HERE if you are offended 
by hot guys with their shirts off.

Do you need more vitamin C?
My friend, Nancy, created this 
Orange Blossom Cocktail
Being the light weight that I am...I decided to add some 
of the ice back into the drink.  Tasty.
Nancy recommends using the leftover orange
infused simple syrup on salad.  It is also great in hot or iced tea.

This book, Katie Ridder Rooms is awesome.

I will refer to it often.
Her interiors feel like they represent the owners' unique personalities.
And she uses color joyfully.
How about the green dishes with with green window,
wall and paisley beyond?

Karen from Home Sweet Hollywood just wrote 
a great post on e-design.  
Right now, I am collaborating with her sister on her
living room via e-design.
Lauren from The Cottage Mix helped Karen with her dining room...
Pretty!  Karen lays out the way e-design works...check it out HERE.

 We celebrated my friend, Claire's birthday.  
Debbie wrapped her present.  Here is the back and
here is the front.  Nice job, right?   

The azaleas were a gift yesterday from a new friend.  Aren't they amazing?

I hope that even if you have clouds,
 you see lots of silver linings.


  1. Yes, we did see that movie and loved it. So glad you shared the other blogger's post. That led me to two new blogs to follow.

  2. I have the Katie Ridder book, too, and LOVE it! She's so talented and the way she uses color is incredible!

  3. I have got to get her book...it looks amazing! Congrats on being Cancer free for all these years....

  4. love this post... something for everyone!

  5. You have such wonderful silver linings in your life, Mary Ann... being a cancer survivor, having an amazing career that you love, many friends both old and new... you deserve all of these blessings and so much more! Thanks for brightening my day with your lovely post!
    ~ Wendi xo

  6. Thanks for sharing your Random Silver Linings...have a great weekend!

  7. Mary Ann,
    New follower and glad to have found you! Congrats on your 18 year milestone!! Here's to another 18 and many more posts!!

  8. That was such a cheery post! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  9. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  10. Hi Mary Ann,
    Reading your blog posts always give my day a silver lining! You share little inspiring tidbits to brighten our day. You're the best! Could you please tell me the name of the girl that does your fabulous pillows that sells them on Etsy? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks,
    xo Gail

  11. Hi again! I found her name.....Woody Liana! I'm madly in love with Schumacher's Sinhala in Bittersweet fabric and want a couple
    of pillows for my living room for spring. But the fabric is SO $$ I thought it might not pay for me to make them and maybe get them from her instead!

    1. That's her and she is awesome...she is going to do something for me for the One Room Challenge...tell her I sent you.
      You are so so great, Gail.

  12. I am always looking for the silver linings behind the clouds. Having just lost my brother to a very fast moving cancer the clouds are looking a little dark right now. I am sure the time will come when the ray of Light behind those clouds guides me happier moments. This is a beautiful post- full of color and beauty- xo Diana

  13. Congratulations on beating cancer. That must have been a very scary time when your children must have been very little.

    The azalea is beautiful and a much needed reminder of spring.

  14. Wow, first Mary Ann major congrats on beating breast cancer! That is awesome. We have the breast cancer gene in our family...ask Linee about it. So, yay for you!!!

    Second, thank you so much for the shout out...you rock as usual!! Appreciate it so much!

    Love your post today...Katie Ridder book looks great...always looking for good design books...love the green window...awesome wrapping job by Debbie...loved Silver Linings Playbook...Bradley Cooper, yowza!

  15. Congrats on being a survivor...that's wonderful! I haven't seen that design book but the pic is great! I'll have to look for that! I also haven't seen the movie yet....maybe I will before it goes to video...I so much more like them on the big screen.

  16. congratulations on being an 18 year BC survivor! I went thru it with my sister this year, and it's no fun! I pray it stays away from you for the rest of your life!!!! I saw that movie and it was great. We are all more blessed than we even realize. Love your recap and your azaleas... what a refreshing glimpse of spring around the corner.
    xo Nancy

  17. So much information to digest........inspiration with design and inspiration from you. Fighting BC is a nightmare. Bisous

  18. Great pictures! Great new blogs to peruse. I love that kitchen with the green window trim.
    Congratulations on your 18 years and here's to many, many more!

    Take care,

  19. Your bedroom looks beautiful Mary Ann and congratulations for beating cancer! I wish you many more years of happiness. What a wonderful new friend you have to give you a touch of spring.


  20. Loved that video. I don't need a reminder, because I am all over them...if you know what I mean. But I may need to watch it a few more times....if you know what I mean. Loved the e-design article. That gift wrap is to die for.

  21. LOL! That video was soooooo funny! hahaha!! My husband is wondering why I'm laughing so early!! Great reminder! I do check mine often and I'm so glad that you are a survivor! Love you!!!! These sliver linings were awesome!!

  22. Great post! Happy you are good and well:) Loved the Sunday musings...now I need my coffee!

  23. Mary Ann,
    Congratulations on 18 years! I loved the video...so funny. I saw Karen's e-design post and thought of you even before I got to your name. I love seeing your home and courtyard...just lovely as always!

  24. Thanks so much for reminding us to look for those silver linings. It has been a rough week, but the reminder that my family is healthy today is my silver lining. Love your bits of inspiration from sunny Southern California where we enjoyed exploring last summer!

  25. Hi Mary Ann,

    I forget that you are a breast cancer survivor...and congratulations on beating it!

    I too try to sneak a few minutes in bed first thing in the a.m. with my coffee and a magazine...now if I only had a fireplace!

    My husband saw Katie Ridder's book at the library and checked it out for me. I loved it so much I bought a copy. Have you seen Barclay Butera's new book "Living on the Coast"? I had to get that one too, I believe most of the homes featured are in Southern Cal. (especially the Newport Area)

    Linda in S.D.

  26. Thanks for the inspiration to see the silver around us. Have a blessed day. Ginger

  27. That cocktail looks so good. I have a whole routine where i give myself about 30 min in bed every morning. I get my cup of coffee grab the paper and put my timer on, its the most relaxing part of my day and my family knows its "my time".

  28. Great post! Everyone needs some silver linings! You are so fortunate to have a fireplace in your bedroom. How cozy! Love the azalea topiary, it screams spring! I think I'll have to go search for one today.
    The video was fun too! Congrats from one survivor to another! :-) I had colon cancer almost 4 years ago. Just got the good news again from my doc a month ago. Cancer free! Life is good!

    Happy Sunday, Mary Ann! Enjoy the beautiful weather. We are off to my son's first little league practice.

  29. AWESOME video! Had to post on FB. Blushed and giggled through the whole thing. Thank you for sharing your success beating BC. Congratulations and blessings to you!

    Oh, and that Katie Ridder kitchen? One of the first photos I ever pinned on Pinterest. One of my all time favorites.

  30. I didn't know you were a breast cancer survivor - yay for you is right. That app was too funny. I'm not the most consistent either and I should be given that my mother has had breast cancer three times (and is also in remission). I do try and remember for the 7th of every month (the date of my birthday), but I don't always remember.

  31. We just bought those same counter chairs for our kitchen island...now if my kitchen just looked like this one, I would be a happy woman!

  32. Hi Mary Ann your post great as usual...and always looking for the "silver linings behind the clouds"...La Silla Chic

  33. Mary Ann-
    Congratulations on 18 years! You really have a lot going on here.
    I really want this book. Such a talent.
    Happy Monday.

  34. Nice silver linings especially your personal news!! The Katie Ridder was my favorite design book last year. And I keep meaning to tell you that my #2 son's girlfriend is from Newport Beach and her mother is a decorator - wonder if you know each other!

  35. Dear Mary Ann -
    Congratulations!! I didn't know you had breast cancer. Thank you for always keeping it so positive! I love that about you and your blog.
    PS - My brothers and me in that video....glad you liked us ;)

  36. Love that you have a fireplace in your bedroom, it great addition during cold days. Absolutely swooning over Katie Ridder's work, the green window trim is a fabulous idea. I like your azaleas, too. Nice post!


  37. Loved your random-ness, feels like a conversation with girlfriends, bouncing from one topic to another! That book has been on my radar, read the great E-design post and Congrats!!!

  38. Really nice read today! I'm sitting in a ski lodge freezing as I blog in the Berkshires will my teenage girls are out skiing. Silver lining? I'm with my kids and not in the office dealing with design issues!! :)

  39. Congratulations on 18 years! The world is a better place with you in it :)

  40. Life certainly is about the silver linings -such a wonderful post and great reminder to us all. Happy Tuesday!!


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