Bright Bay Front Home--Before & After

Recently, my friend, Cindy completed the renovation
 of her sunny, Newport Beach bay front home.
There are classic nautical touches throughout.
These girls are enjoying their new home 
(who wouldn't?).
This is a before photo of the living room.
They stripped and stained the wood floors, added decorative treatment to the beams and painted the walls and ceiling a gleaming Benjamin Moore Super White.
Here is a before photo looking the other direction.
Here it is after they installed a wall and 
cabinet for the television.
You sense the family's personalities.  
Cindy's husband plays the guitar and piano 
and their daughter is an artist.
Cindy collects star fish (notice above the television); 
real, ceramic, metal, glass-blown, etc. on her travels.
The fireplace was awkward before and

and lovely after.
A charming window seat was added.
This is the kitchen before.
Great vision, Cindy!

Here it is after Adrian, the contractor, worked his magic.  
I love the elements that Cindy selected such as the 
straight edge on the white marble and the slate floor.  
The counter stools are from Restoration Hardware.
The glass cabinets reflect a lot of light.  
Cindy chose polished chrome for the finishes.

Aren't these cool hand blown pendants from Cleveland Art?
For a door handle, they installed a 
polished stainless steel boat cleat.
Well, I think I will just join Cindy and Debbie 
on the porch for coffee...and never leave.

There's more to show you of this home...stay tuned.

I'm going to the 
in Los Angeles starting tomorrow.  Anyone else?


  1. It always makes me happy when you have a new post to your blog. :)
    This is really beautiful...and inspiring!

  2. Is this Beacon Bay?? I used to live there and just installed on a home on the water:-) Yes, one of the rooms I am featuring in the ORC! I am going to the conference, too. We MUST meet!! xo

  3. Wow, wow and wow. What a great renovation. That kitchen is wonderful and look at the view.

  4. You and your stylish friends never disappoint!

  5. Beautiful transformation. Great reminder of the impact of dark floors too.

  6. Wow, wow, wow!!! Toogle? The light is amazing , it makes me happy!

  7. What a REALLY great transformation on the house-

  8. Wow! Love this home! The kitchen is beautiful!

  9. Lovely home in a beautiful spot.

  10. I love how your friend turned a blank canvas into a gorgeous home! Beautiful!


  11. Beautiful! I love getting new nautical ideas. The hardware is called a cleat :) Karen L.

  12. Mary Ann, I absolutely love this! Beautiful! I think my favorite room is the kitchen. I love the attention to detail on the cabinets. Do you know where the cabinets are from? I love that the doors are simple, yet the base has a little detail. Are they custom? The boat cleat is a nice touch too. ~ Carrie

  13. Wow!
    Nice location!
    I am sure I have walked by that house one time, I always wonder who is lucky enough to live there!
    Love it all especially the boat cleat.

  14. What a beautiful home! I love their colors, the floors, the kitchen and of course the location. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love all of the personal touches. This is so perfect, and exactly what I would want for a home on the water. I can't wait until you show us more.

  16. They have created a gorgeous home that looks out on a stunning view. I think it is interesting that they covered over one of their windows to put the built-in TV/shelving unit. I guess there were lots of other windows in the same room so they don't miss it.

  17. Wow- amazing! She had such great vision for this space. That doesn't even look like the same kitchen! I absolutely love the new fireplace, too. Thanks so much for sharing this! And I wish I could be there at the blog conference! It would be so much fun to finally meet you in person. Maybe one day. :)

  18. What a beautiful space Cindy created...I love it all, especially the kitchen!

    Can't wait to see the rest of her home. :)

    Linda in S.D.

  19. What an amazing home your friend has created. I am totally in love with that kitchen.
    I have no idea how I ended up on your blog lol but I'm glad i did - following now from Australia :) x

  20. ahhh now I know how I found you - from my friend Mel at Georgica Pond xx

  21. What an amazing job they did with this home and talk about vision...stunning!


  22. Crazy crazy gorgeous. What brilliant changes. Loving that kitchen floor.

  23. Such a beautiful home. Love the very dark floor against all the light, so lovely.

  24. What a beautiful waterfront home. Love the new fireplace, kitchen and that porch is to die for. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.


  25. Wow...perfect setting. I don't think I would ever leave. Love her kitchen!

  26. This is so gorgeous, and I love the location. I'd never leave as well. Love the fireplace and the kitchen reno- and the dark floors!
    xo Nancy

  27. I would say Cindy has the ideal set-up, oh my that view alone had me at first glimpse. Lovely interiors and she made so many great choices on her improvements. All I have to say is, when can I move in!!?

  28. The details are absolutely perfect!! Those hand blon lights -WOW! That is a home you could just relax and breath in . I love everything about it!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  29. You've done it again! Posted yet another home of my dreams. What a marvelous transformation, I love everything they've done and can't wait to see more. I love the homes on that little stretch of beach with their wonderful outside living areas right on the sand. And what a fabulous painting in the dining area and I adore her collection of blue and white porcelain in her gorgeous kitchen. I wouldn't want to leave either!!!

  30. Gorgeous! I love how fresh and inviting it feels but still beautiful and casual. The perfect embodiment of that laid back chic California style..the kitchen transformation ia amazing....great job!

  31. WOW, what a transformation!! I love it!
    As always, you share the best, Mary Ann!
    Happy Sunday.

  32. Oh so pretty and what an amazing view....I don't think I would ever leave either. I mean, why? Wish I were joining you at the blog conference...

  33. Gorgeous transformation!! I love walking along the waterfront in Newport...so beautiful!

  34. Beautiful! Amazing transformation, thanks for sharing!

  35. Absolutely gorgeous renovation - what at difference. Love all the black and white, with the blue and white china, the kitchen is to die for and all the furnishings and accessories just beautiful. I want your friends!

  36. PS the black console behind the sofa is exactly what I'm after - any idea where it came from?

  37. What a beautiful home Mary Ann. Amazing views.

    I will not be at the conference but I look out at the hotel from my office window. Have a great time! I'm so jealous of all the great speakers you'll get to hear!

  38. Truly stunning remodel! Their personal touches give the perfect dose of charm, what vision for the fireplace wall and that kitchen!

  39. Light, bright and beautiful! Everything a home on the water should be. Great job!


  40. This home is such a stunning tribute to the water around it. I'm still drooling.

    Thanks so much ~ Mary

  41. Pin. Pin. Pin. Every time I come here that's all I do! Another beautiful white kitchen for my design files - I love it! And oh, what a view!!! Thank you for sharing, Mary Ann. About 90% of my dream kitchen plans hail directly from your blog :)

  42. Amazing!!! I was wondering if she could share the style faucets she used in her bathrooms??? Thanks!

  43. Just realized how long I've been following your blog. I am inspired with every entry; thank you for sharing your talents and those of your friends. I do have one question though.... where did you and your friends find the slate used in your kitchens? I've looked and can only find slate that is not smooth on the surface.

  44. I can't decide what I like best ... the cabinets with their cute little feet, the thick marble counters, the art on the dining room wall, or the boat cleat handle. I have a boat cleat near my back door as a coat hook, so I love that touch in her waterside home!

  45. I am wondering if it might be possible for me to learn the name and model number of the built in microwave? I am building a home now, in landlocked Missouri, with a beach feel to it. Our kitchen has a range hood and we can't find a microwave we like. I come to your blog and wa-la! there's what we are looking for!! Thank you!


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