ORC: Week 5, Rug Love, Linens & Nail Heads

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge,
where 20 bloggers make over one room in six weeks.
I'm doing the guest room.
This week I added two 3 x 5' Camden Striped Rugs 
on either side of the bed.
They are on sale at West Elm.  Only the smaller sizes are left.  
I love the look of the rug so much we are using it in a 
client's son's bathroom and in another client's kitchen sink area.
As a recap, I have been doing this on a budget:
• already had the bed and light fixtures
Stenciled the wall for about $35
the curtain fabric was $10/yd
painted an old mirror I already had
• the white quilt is from Target's Shabby Chic line
• the blue quilt is from a Ralph Lauren outlet about five years ago
• the hemmed stitched sheets are from Garnet Hill 
(on sale--not on their website now)

With a little mallet, I added French nailheads to a 
stool from Wisteria to give it a little more oomph.
It was a little too cramped in the bedroom 
so it's been moved to the adjacent bathroom...
which reminds me--that room could use some blue touches to coordinate with the bedroom.

(And I have to figure out how to stretch this out a couple more weeks to the "Reveal").
This is basically the closest I've ever done to a strip tease.  
I have these swatches up my sleeve.

I'm writing this from the Design Blogger's Conference 
in Los Angeles.  Windsor Smith, Charlotte Moss and Barbara Barry among others gave inspirational talks.  
There was a central theme for bloggers to 
speak with your own, unique, distinctive voice.
Also, the designers and traditional media stressed the ethical importance of sourcing photographs (Pinterest is not a source, trace back to the origin of the photo).

I bought this amazing book, 
Around Beauty by Barbara Barry and she signed it.

Check out what these other ladies have done in the last week...


  1. I love your new rug. I bet it looks great in your client's son's bathroom too. Hope you are having fun at the conference.

  2. I am loving this more and more. You did a fantastic job on getting your nailheads straight. I love those designers you heard speak. I have read that, too....speaking in your own voice is key. I can't wait to read more about the conference. Sourcing images is so hard. I understand how important giving credit is. We should really try harder to make that happen.

  3. I love that room more and more each time I see it! Enjoy the conference!

  4. Your guest bedroom is coming together beautifully, Mary Ann. It looks like a finished room to me. You did a great job!

    Regarding photo sourcing, I absolutely agree with giving credit to the original owner of the photo instead of writing "via Pinterest" which isn't really saying much. Yes, sometimes you will need to click a few times to get to the origin of the pictures but I think it's the right thing to do.

    Have a good day!


  5. It's all coming together wonderfully and I'm sure you will find some fabulous finishing touches for the big reveal! The rugs are perfect and those nail heads just make that, already great stool, SO much more interesting! Hope you had fun at the bloggers conference. Love those little swatches you have up your sleeve!!

  6. I'm loving what I see. Sounds like a fabulous conference. I always have to link to the original source on my blog for Blogher or delete the post.

  7. So pretty - I feel relaxed just looking at it. Those swatches are killer. I like!!

  8. Love the nail heads - they really make that pretty stool even more special. And I've always thought it felt weird just to credit the pinner for photos. Designers can/should protect themselves by adding their names or logos to images


  9. The best taste EVER in this room, Mary Anne!I love the striped rugs and all your combinations, it is truly beautiful. Lucky you to be at that conference.. can't wait to hear more.
    xo Nancy

  10. I can't imagine this getting any better!! Those nailheads are the perfect addition, and doesn't West Elm have a great collection of rugs? I have a few of them I testing1 :) Have fun!

  11. I've enjoyed seeing your room come together. And I've also seen some great info coming out of the DBC. I might be a little anal but I only try to pin original images from the original source. Sometimes I'll even go as far as to find the original link before pinning. I think it's a good practice.

  12. The nailheads look fab on the bench! What a great idea! Would love to hear more about the conference too...


  13. Fun bench! I love nailheads, they make everything look better ;)

  14. This room is really beautiful! I love blue and white. I think your guests will feel right at home here! They might want to move in though, ha.

  15. Bahaha! Strip tease;0 I love your fabric swatches. I could just transport this whole room to my house. Great Job!

  16. LOVE IT. And you comment about the strip tease made me laugh out loud. This room is downright dreamy!!! I can't wait for my visit:)
    Love every inch...keep up the great work and enjoy the conference!!

  17. It's looking great! SO glad we met last night at the party Mary Ann. We must stay in touch since we live so close to one another.

  18. I love those West Elm rugs....nice to bring some dark blue down to the floor. I was going to include my bath in the challenge but just couldn't get it together :) Sounds like everyone had a great time in LA!

  19. You are incredibly talented - it's awesome!!!

  20. Those WE rugs are fantastic! Love how your room is looking!

    Thought of you every day looking out my office window (I look at the Hilton)....wishing so much I could sneak in there to here the amazing Barbara Berry. I have admired her work for so long....before there was even internet...haha! So jealous!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

  21. Oops! My comment never went through! I love this!!! I am dying to find out what those somethin', somethin' s are!!

  22. What? you stenciled that gorgeous wall??? clearly i missed something! The room is so incredibly gorgeous. I've been having such a thing for classic blue and white lately, and your room is like a happy dance.

  23. Fabulous ... and who can turn away from a good striptease!!! Love what you are learning/seeing at the DBC!! xo

  24. The room is beautiful, Mary Anne! I love blue and white so of course I love this room.
    xx, Sherry

  25. The rugs look GORGEOUS! The color is perfect in your room. Are you sure you want the guest room to be so pretty? You might have some extended stays : )

  26. I LOVE this room! As a fan of blue and white, this room rocks!

  27. I absolutely love what you have done with the ORC! I love that stenciled wall!! Sounds like you are having so much fun at the blogger's conference.

  28. The room looks fabulous, Mary Ann! I love that blue quilt. Can't wait to hear all about the blogging conference. It used to be so much easier to find the original source of photos through Pinterest.

  29. can't wait to see the finished room! love your attention to detail!

  30. Loving the nailheads, great option! and the mix of patterns really work well for me...someone who is not a pattern or color person.... Looking forward to reading more about the conference.

  31. I love what you're doing! I really love the railheads you added to the stool!
    House on the Way

  32. It is looking great...I love the rugs you added. Please tell us more about the conference...I wanted to go but I had to much going on..

  33. I am really loving your room.
    It looks perfect right now.
    So fresh!!!

  34. I cant believe how reasonable everything here is. You did such a great job.

  35. can't wait to see the finished room! love your attention to detail!

  36. The room is looking fabulous! I have always loved that little stool from Wisteria...love the addition of the nails!!

  37. Absolutley a perfect choice with the rugs, the bedding, the stencil, just everything!! I could move right in or better yet move the room to my house!

  38. Everything looks so beautiful. You are so clever designing such a lovely room. And I can't tell you how jealous I am. Would so love to at at the bloggers conference.

  39. Blue and white rooms are so peaceful. Your room is lovely. I have a large leather ottoman that I want to add detail with nail heads. I'm kind of dreading doing it. Your stool is encouraging me to have a go at it.

  40. Absolutely beautiful Mary Ann - the room is absolutely lovely - it's amazing to me how you were able to put this together for such an unbelievably small amount of money - the lessons here are terrific for anyone wanted to re do a room on a budget.

  41. Looking good Girl! Love your touches and look forward to the final reveal. Lucky you for being able to go to the Design Blogger's Conference...wish there was one in ATL!

  42. I want to come and stay..... Such a pretty and inviting room! X Sharon


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