Another Try

Sorry to all you email subscribers.  I did a test this morning of a partial email...and it was dumb...
didn't even come with any photos.  So, I won't do it again but if you want to go to my blog site, you can just click on the title.  
Here's a recap of the weekend...
I could have just gone to Staples for more printer ink 
but I knew there might be some deep in there.

What do you do when you need motivation 
to organize a cupboard?  
You head to... 
I was just going to get clear plastic boxes, 
but these were cuter.

One giant trash bag later...
One more pitiful before...
 These wire and plastic rattan baskets are see-through 
and I organized fabric samples by color.
 The wire French Marché baskets are also 
light weight and see-through.
There's the printer ink.
I will just leave the cupboard door wide open for a 
few days to admire my organizational skills.

 My brother, Joe asked for some decorating help.
While I was waiting for him  at Crate & Barrel, 
I spotted this in the floor sample sale section.
As I was measuring and inspecting it, 
another couple started circling.
 Final, final, FINAL sale (originally $699).  
I hadn't done Joe's floor plan yet.
It was heavy, well made and in great shape 
(perfect, actually, with a little Old English 
rubbed on it, I'll make it work).

The other couple was moving in for the kill.
I boxed out my elbows 
and announced, "we'll take it."  
Good thing Joe agreed. 
You'll see this table in a future post after his apartment re-do.

Time to put my feet up and enjoy the view in my 
sister's backyard in San Diego.
The sun is starting to set and that means time for
A Fresh Grapefruit Cocktail
(developed by Alie)
4 ounces fresh grapefruit juice
1 ounce Cointreau (orange liqueur)
1.5 ounces vodka
Shake in a martini shaker over ice.  Pour into chilled martini glasses and add a bit of crushed ice and thin grapefruit slices.
I could drink a million of them.
 So Alie made my third one with straight grapefruit juice.
She's a very wise 25 year old.

The grapefruits were given to me by a new client, 
freshly picked from her garden.

Clean cupboards and fruity cocktails...
feels like Spring.

Are you enjoying Spring so far?


  1. That fruity cocktails sounds lovely, especially if being consumed outside! What a pretty view from your sister's back yard. Enjoy.

  2. Mary Ann, I love the container store, my son works part time there and I have so much fun every time I go in there! I am starting to get the bug to clean out and purge my closet, in fact tomorrows post is on a couple of tips I do that help me out when trying to keep my closet organized. Enjoy San Diego, it is so beautiful there, talk about perfect weather!!

  3. Your spring looks a lot better than mine! Fresh grapefruit cocktails by that gorgeous view...yes please!!!

  4. You are a really busy girl....closet cleaning and cocktail making! My kind of a weekend

    Cheers, Kelley

  5. At first I was so impressed because of your organizing...then the stories just kept getting better! However, the grand finale did it for me; who doesn't like a good cocktail?! Great post!!!

  6. Grapefruit Cocktail....where do I sign up? That sounds soooo good! I love getting organized, puts a little pep in my step. And love the container store..I can go seriously nuts in there!
    Thanks for the reminder that I many closets left to organize:)

  7. Don't you just love that feeling after accomplishing a "much dreaded" task like cleaning out and organizing? After I always think...."Now that wasn't so bad, why did I wait so long to do it?"!!! And I love any excuse to hit the Container Store!! That table you got for Joe is fabulous....and that price! You stole that thing. You have good hovering tactics when you're zeroed in on something like that....boxed elbows works great!

  8. I always do that too when I organize something - or I visit that cupboard/room obsessively for a few days. Great find on the coffee table for your brother.

  9. I love your new organized closet! And yes, I too can relate to enjoying it like you Grace (above) Open that cabinet door and breathe....might need a few of those crates. Love your sisters views!

  10. No need to apologize...lots of bloggers do that with their email posts. Love your organizational skills...I could use some, right after I make one of those cocktails! ;)

  11. Please help! I have kind of an odd question. I have a 911 design dilema. We are renovating our new home. The bathrooms are getting tiled this week. I'm hoping you can share the grout color that you used with your carrera tile??? Our tile guy grouted the main bath today with a light grey, Frost. I'm not in love with it. I can live with it for now, & my husband assures me we can possibly change it. I need to decide on a new grout color by tomorrow for our master bath. I can't decide. My tile is a white ceramic that looks like carrera with a carrera mosaic for the detail band, shower floor & floor. I am thinking white or platinum, but I just need a second opinion. Loving your closet organization & boy could I use that cocktail right now! thecorsoncottage@gmail.com Thanks ~ Carrie

  12. Mary Ann,

    Your closet reorganizing makes me want to go down to the Container Store right away... our office closet is a mess. I have so many home projects I don't know where to start. :/

    Great score on the coffee table!

    Our Spring has been busy but we are off to San Francisco for 5 days next week for a little R&R.

    Linda in S.D.

  13. I was still stuck on how pretty your martini looked in the first image so glad you shared as I will be trying it this week. BTW thanks to you I had purchased your Nepresso maker as a gift for a close friend and it makes the best cappuccino so I just ordered one for myself...THANK YOU FROM A CAPPUCCINO JUNKIE!..;) Love how organized you are!


  14. Our daffodils are just opening, yay! I am a grapefruit cocktail kind of girl, thanks Alie and Mary Ann, going to put the Cointreau to use this weekend. I love the see though baskets. Organizing closets is one of my favorite things to do lately-spring fever!

  15. You had a very successful day....I think you deserved that martini...it looks delicious! I'm going to have to try it....

  16. Ooh! I'm inspired to go organize something! I have a million things I should organize! Really wish I were in San Diego too :)

  17. I love the container store and whenever i visit my parents, always go as there's one right near them. I have several organization to do's on my list and that store is a great place to get started.

  18. great closet organization Mary Anne! Have a wonderful time with your sister!
    xo Nancy

  19. Spring has sprung here but I am concerned that summer is not too far off. What a lucky girl you are to be enjoying SD!!
    Great organizing...I'm working on my office now!

  20. what are you doing this weekend? My sample closet is hopeless--but you've given me some needed inspiration! Have a great weekend,
    xo Barbara

  21. I love the baskets and the cupboard looks great. Now keep those fabric samples neat. Oh, another thought, did you find the printer ink? Should I have asked that before the grapefruit cocktails?
    xo Ginger


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