My Friend's Cool New Coastal Restaurant

I've said it before, 
I'm blown away by my friend, Debbie's talent!
She invited us up to Westlake Village, California to visit the
Lure Fish House that she designed
for her sister and brother-in-law.  
This is the second restaurant 
This is the reception area.  
I was with Debbie when she bought the artwork.
Her father created the coral/bottle melded piece in the alcove.
Another cute waiting spot.
Debbie had the challenge of making the huge bar that was 
there previously feel intimate...
notice how she used six large iron pendant lights 
to bring it to scale?
And she mentioned "look at the ceiling treatment."

We had Debbie's birthday lunch in the corner booth.
I love the blue green ocean colors and the blown glass sconces from Cleveland Art.
Friendly waitstaff! 

Debbie created cozy nooks for two with these custom chairs.
Nice board and batten.  
See the wine racks?
On the other side is a private dining room...

Fishing lure diagrams were hand drawn on the chairs.

On the way to the restrooms...
It feels a bit like you are under water...

Notice the wide mitered edges on the marble...

And this vignette below is my favorite.  
The floor lamp....wow!
They had an artist custom draw the sea life on the wall.
We had a magnificent lunch at Lure Westlake Village 
and then went 
outlet shopping in Camarillo. 

Afterwards, Debbie suggested that we 
have dinner at the third, 
recently completed, Lure restaurant in Ventura.
Oh, hell yeah!
Isn't this cool night time lighting???
Another custom mural...

Here are some happy, well fed girlfriends.
The birthday girl is in the center.
If you are ANYWHERE in Southern California, 
you need to go to one of the Lure Fish Houses!


  1. Wow, it does look amazing! You really have to bring it in a large commercial space like that. She did an amazing job!

  2. OMG, how over the top nice is that? Never been to a restaurant that nice.

  3. This looks like a big restaurant. But the decor, seating groups, and dining areas all suggest cozy, stylish, homey, and really fabulous!!! I'd totally eat and hang-out there ;) Your friend is very talented, indeed.

  4. I would live in that restaurant. Seriously. Its beyond beautiful...perfection.

  5. beautiful design! wish I lived closer!

  6. This is GORGEOUS! Makes me want to hop on a plane just to visit this restaurant. I love the vibe..my favorite feeling, its casual but chic and so inviting. Looks like it has great energy too....and seafood is my favorite!! I know we will be in Cali some time this year and when we do, I am absolutely visiting one of these!! GORGEOUS!

  7. What a beautiful restaurant! Well done, Debbie! I am adding it to my CA list. The overall design and the small intimate details- all gorgeous!

  8. Love the look of these restaurants! I am crazy about that floor lamp too, and those handpainted murals are so cool.

  9. Wow! I adore all of those gorgeous details! Everything is amazing, from the colors to the littlest details. Nothing was overlooked. Next time I'm in town, let's go! You and your friends are all gorgeous!

  10. Every single detail is genius. My favorite has to be the lighting choices... Amazing! You look gorgeous in last picture ( frame ASAP) . PS is the octopus picture in last pic upside down ? ;)))

  11. You have some of the most talented friends. Wow, I would love to have dinner in that atmosphere. It looks very Jeffrey Allan Marks....and I love him.

  12. Wow! What a gorgeous place to eat! Love everything about it! Their designer did a fab job! XO

  13. what a super duper place!
    it's done in such a sophisticated color scheme.
    the lighting is divine.
    love the industrial touch.


  14. Mary Ann, I am in love with the large lights over the bar and the lure diagrams on the chairs are wonderful! Both restaurants are decorated beautifully.

  15. oh WOW. i love the look and feel. just love. i love that its not true literal translation colors like bright blue and turquoise. well done!!!

  16. Dang, you are not kidding, your friend is UBER talented.
    Those restaurants are nothing short of stunning.
    I will definitely be going to one of them soon :)
    Wow, thanks for sharing!!!!
    You all look great too

  17. The decor is amazing...what a superb job! I'd love to have lunch or dinner here, even drinks at that awesome bar. Love it!


  18. This is just beautiful. Love her style!

  19. Wow, this place is gorgeous! Debbie didn't miss a thing. Those big iron pendants are fantastic, as are all the beautiful colors and details. Fantastic!

  20. P.S. You and your girlfriends all look gorgeous as well :)

  21. I can't believe how much that restaurant feels like a home. It's a stunning place, I especially like the art and murals.

  22. Oh my...I LOVE it!!! There is nothing better than an upscale seafood restaurant.


  23. Holy moly!!! It's beautiful. I love the custom seating for two, and where are the metal pendants from on the other side of the bar? (not the cage ones but the other ones) The lighting is fantastic!

  24. I have been there...love the decor and their food is so good! I'm so glad you took pictures....I'm going to keep them for reference......she did a fabulous job! I live 10 minutes away...their happy hour is great! A little loud, but food is excellent!

  25. Love everything about it! Not only are you incredibly talented....so are your friends! I'm thinking I need to get over there and have some dinner right now.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. And I can truly say...it is even more fabulous in person! Having been to the Camarillo Lure, my friend and I were much anticipating the opening of the new Lure in Westlake Village and we went with our hubbies the first weekend they opened. We usually would never go to a new restaurant just days after they opened, but we were totally blown away with not only the beautiful interior but the service and food was excellent, that of a well established restaurant. Debbie....your sister and bro-in-law sure are lucky to have such a talented designer in the family. Every wall, every corner, every detail is perfect! Good thing we go to Oxnard often so we can go to ALL of the Lure restaurants!

  27. Hi Mary Ann! I live two miles from Lure and I'm so happy to have it in my neighborhood! The food has everyone talking.....it's really good. I'm glad you were up in this part of town.

  28. I was just at the Lure in Camarillo and it was fantastic. I was told that all the decor came from RH? I could not believe how nice it was, love love!! I really liked the tree in the center of Lure, maybe it was a fiddle leaf, I don't remember, but it had sea shells in the basket covering the dirt. beautiful and unique decor at every turn. Loved the bathroom too. I like by the WLV one but haven't been there yet.

  29. I love how she incorporated so many Noir items...those fixtures look fabulous above that bar! A talented lady indeed!!

  30. Your friend Debbie has real talent she kept the theme of the restaurant without it looking gimmicky. Looks like a place I would love to go too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  31. These restaurants are so beautifully decorated! I love how unique the lighting and vignettes are over key seating areas, and that private dining room looks like it could be on someone's home...magnificent! boy what a fun outing with your gf's! Have a great weekend Mary Anne.ado
    xo Nancy

  32. Wow - I wish I could LIVE in one of those restaurants! The colors and textures are just gorgeous!! I am love with so many elements….the lighting, the artwork, the whitewashed wood tones, and the maps on the walls! I have been trying to think of something interesting for the walls of my basement - the teen hangout area - that is not breakable - flying balls are frequent down there - and a huge nautical map painted on the wall would be perfect! Every single time I come over here I find something inspiration to pin - thank you Mary Ann!!

  33. Absolutely stunning, Debbie! Now I understand why Mary Ann's been so excited to share this!


  34. Here's a message from Debbie who's on vacation... "Oh boy, your photos are great! Thank you for the super sweet post. Here are some answers to the nice comments. No the octopus are not upside down, they actually swim up and down and sideways:-). We thought they were upside down too but they are signed at the bottom, they are very similar to one of 4 that we bought and we needed all four. We tried to use RH sparingly so only the clock mirror and the round optic mirror are RH (but we do love RH). The lights over oyster bar are antique German factory lights that we rewired with iron and wood pulleys."

  35. Hi Mary Ann,

    Westlake Village is where I grew up (and had my babies there!) My family (and my husband's family) still reside in that area. I'm due to visit and will make sure to have lunch at your friends place:) I was supposed to go last week but couldn't arrange the flight with my work schedule.

    Have a nice weekend!


  36. Hi! I just got back form Santa Barbara area, We ate at Lure in Camarillo! We had a great meal and I mentioned to my hubby how I loved the decor! Great job!

  37. What a nice catch with three great locations too. All three are within my area nice to know there are new places to go for family gatherings. Great spaces, coastal feel and decor colors, wood, stone and lighting. Great work Debbie! Great group of girlfriends too MaryAnn! Fun, fun fun!

  38. This is hands down the most amazing restaurant I've ever seen! I had to go over the photos many times just to soak u all the details. My favorite parts are the amazing piece of art and all the fish prints. And the oversized pendants, and the fish print on the chairs.. AND all the amazing seating possibilities! If I'm ever in the area, this is a place I must visit.

    xox Linda

  39. Beautiful and classic, Mary Ann! I LOVE the chair covers and the muted colors. Just perfect!
    Happy Sunday.

  40. Oh baby....that is gorgeous! I can't believe all of the interesting details....amazing!

  41. This place look looks amazing. What I wouldn't do for those custom chairs and bench. Amazing the talent she and her dad have. Thanks for posting so we can all see and admire -- especially us folks on the east coast!

  42. Stunning! The seating is all so interesting...

  43. What a beautiful restaurant! Next time I'm in the area I'll definitely check it out!



  44. Now that is a wow restaurant, Mary Ann. I am obsessed with all of the lighting and the artwork and the color...stunning. Truly amazing attention to detail!!

  45. Absolutely gorgeous, space -- I will check it out when I'm in the area!

  46. That's it... I'm coming to visit and we are going there!!!

  47. I love the fish decoration :)


  48. Taking my Westlake friend there next week! Can't wait!
    xoxo, Chris

  49. WOW - Debbie sure has a gift! That is one of the nicest restaurant fit outs I've ever seen, anywhere! It's stunning. She's so talented.


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