Seven Tips to Update Your Look

Earlier I showed you how we updated

Now, on to her family room!

Here are some before photos....
There was a lot going on on the far wall with the 
fireplace mantel and television and shelves. 
Tip One:  simplify the accessories.  
We had too much furniture in here.  
The striped sofa needed to go.  Since the living room 
needed a smaller sofa, we moved the white sofa in there.  
Tip Two: do not touch the husband's beloved leather chair.
It makes the decorating much smoother.
This vignette needed a little more love.

And after...
We used the living room sofa
 and re-accessorized the tables and shelves.
Jeanne painted the artwork on the mantel...
we stole it from her bedroom.

Here's this vignette with another painting and a taller lamp.
Tip Three:  change out dated or worn lamp shades.
Tip Four: Slipcovers. 
These club chairs were slipcovered in Belgian linen. 

Tip Five:  New accent pillows.
We added lumbar pillows using 
Lee Jofa Hakan in Indigo.

 We didn't do anything to the adjacent kitchen 
Tip Six: A fresh, new accent rug 
from West Elm was purchased.

Jeanne's husband still gets a nice view of the television.
Tip Seven:  Use what you have in new ways.
This black pedestal table was added 
(it came from one of the bedrooms).
We played with Jeanne's accessories...
The lamp was Jeanne's mother's 
(it's on books to raise it).

The sea fans that were over the mantel 
are now in the next room...

Jeanne said that her friends who were 
gathered at her recent 
book club meeting were impressed 
(and we really did not spend much for the new look).

Is it time for a "Spring Freshen Up" at your house?
(It is at mine).

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  1. fabulous spring renewal Mary Ann! Where did you get the various throw pillows?
    Art by Karena

  2. I love how you change up a space by moving furniture, editing accessories, and bringing in new pillows!

  3. Looks beautiful and i know she was thrilled!! Have a wonderful weekend!xo

  4. Excellent post! One of the secrets people OFTEN forget is to decorate from your own house! So much can be done simply by changing things around! Magazines and TV often aren't realistic....there's ALWAYS a man chair and you HAVE to work with it! Great job!

  5. Always love your touch MaryAnn!!
    Happy Friday

  6. You're good, Mary Ann! What a nice, fresh new look. Great kitchen too.

  7. The updated look is so nice and fresh, thanks for sharing great tips - have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Looks sooo great! I love the after, so clean, fresh, inviting and elegant too. You always have such great ideas, Mary Ann! Thanks and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I always learn so much from reading your posts Mary Ann... it really is amazing what a little re arranging and "shopping" from other parts of the house can accomplish!

  10. Such a difference - it looks so much more pulled together!! Looks wonderful!

  11. I love it. YOu have such an eye for styling vignettes. I love the simplified mantel and the two pictures above the table against the wall.

  12. I love moving things around. It's amazing how a home can be reinvented with a few changes! It looks so very current! Spot on!

  13. Hi, Mary Ann -
    As usual, great tips! Especially the new lamp shade and accent rug. Thanks for sharing more from this project.

  14. Hi, Mary Ann! I love that you not only talk about how to change or add to a space...you tell it like it is as far as what is not working, such as too much furniture. I didn't spot that right away so it helps us see that we need to look at the negatives very closely. This is a wonderful transformation and I love that so many pieces were found right in the home!


  15. Fantastic Mary Ann, everyone needs an objective eye to help them keep it fresh, and most times it's not one's own 'eye' but an outsider-or preferably a design professional! Great job in simplifying and adding contrast and beautiful styling!
    xo Nancy

  16. So pretty and fresh! Love all the switcheroos. Those sea fans really shine in their new home.

  17. Another reason to use a professional! She must be so very pleased.

  18. Mary Ann,
    It looks fantastic....just a few changes and it's like a completely different pulled together room. Wow! I need your eye!

  19. Beautiful transformation and wonderful tips! Thank you!!~~Angela

  20. Wow.....I'm singing your praises...."What a difference Mary Ann makes"!! Jeanne is so talented and has a beautiful home with lots of wonderful things in it, but it was hard to appreciate everything. Enter Mary Ann and her magic wand and "Poof" it's a gorgeous showcase of style and beauty! You have such a special knack for moving things around, reusing and editing that most of us don't have. Great job!

  21. Wow - impressive what a little bit or re-arranging can do, even with the leather chair!

  22. Smart women don't move the husband's beloved leather chair! :)

  23. Hi Mary Ann,

    Great job! It's amazing what a few new additions will do to change up the look. Everything looks so fresh and summery. Have a nice weekend!


  24. Mary Ann, As soon as I saw the after, I said to myself, now I can breathe!! You opened up her space and gave everything breathing room. It now looks like a cohesive design! Absoultely nailed it!! Kudos to you and congratulations to Jeanne for hiring YOU!!
    xo Kathysue

  25. Mary Ann you really have a way...looks fantastic now.

    The changes you made just make so much sense...you make it look easy but it sure isn't. Great job :)

  26. Wish you lived near me so that you could come freshen my house for spring. I was in your neck of the woods last summer before I had discovered your website. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Something that I didn't mention, is that I took measurements and did an optimal floor plan for both rooms...so that all we had to do was move the furniture in to place. With the floor plan, I could see the rooms empty (on paper) and then position the furniture.


  28. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when I read the comment about "the husbands chair"!!! I gave away my husbands recliner 5 years ago, and I have yet to hear the end of it. Guess what? I have ordered it's replacement! At least the new one has gorgeous fabric. Live and learn...sigh...May Ann you shared great lessons and your work is marvellous. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  29. Love all the Changes Mary Ann! Super smart and simple adjustments combined with your great sense of style - it looks fantastic!

  30. Wow the make over looks wonderful! I can't believe what a differance you made by making a few simple changes. I'm so going to have to rethink a few things in our living room.


  31. Great tips Mary Ann and her home looks beautiful....great job!

  32. Looks lovely Mary Ann! Using fewer pieces really opened up the space and just by re purposing some things it made a huge difference.

    Her kitchen is beautiful!

    Linda in S.D.

  33. I love how fresh and clean and uncluttered the after feels. Wonderful job.

  34. I always love how you work your magic in a space! You made subtle changes here but with HUGE impact. Great work! I would love to have this space as my own. ;-)

  35. Mary Ann-
    This room has been reborn and I know that your friend is thrilled with the results. So beautiful and comfortable.
    Happy Sunday.

  36. Beautiful job, Mary Ann. What a difference!! She must be thrilled with what you did. Lauren

  37. Great transformation. I particularly like the blue and white cushions. No wonder everyone likes the result!

  38. My friend... YOU'RE GOOD!!!! :-)

    You always impress me every time I drop by! I love how you design... it's comfy, relaxed, yet tailored.

    Have a blessed week, Mary Ann.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  39. It looks beautiful! That Lee Jofa fabric is perfect in there and is gorgeous!!

  40. What beautiful changes! It looks ready for a magazine shoot!

  41. What a difference! I love the slipcovers and that Lee Jofa fabric is beautiful. Great job!

  42. Great job, looks much better! Love the pillows and the new vignettes


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