Attention to Detail with Trim

I love the way trim finishes a look...
like on this simply upholstered chair.
Understated elegance.
Here, I used a braided cord on the coral pillow 
that has the sand color of the sofa to tie them together.
I've shown this before...but it's such a great idea to use some of the contrasting fabric on the solid pillow's flat welt.

This box edged flange from 
is a charming detail.
Here's a contrasting welt on my outdoor pillow 
that ties in the turquoise.

Look how many different 
trims are on these pillows...
 fun to mix it up.

Little Black Door has more examples of 
trim on furniture here.
Doesn't that flat contrasting welt make a statement?

These new appliqués from Mary McDonald's Schumacher 
line add a interesting element.
We used one in navy below...

I'm planning on making this for my
family Sunday night...
So easy from Iowa Girl Eats.

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend


  1. I love trimming my upholstered furniture, pillows, and window treatments with something contrasting or coordinating too. I just had some chairs covered and I used a grass green fabric with small white polka dots and did white trim on them and they just popped!

  2. Such beautiful pillows! The cords, flanges, etc. all add a special touch. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

  3. I'm drooling over all of these wonderful pillows! I totally agree, the trim makes all the difference!

  4. Yum that strawberry thing looks amazing! Oh and the pillow trims are nice too;)

  5. Love the trim you used. I notice these details too and love when an accent colour is used in the trim on a pillow.

    Enjoy your strawberry dessert and your long weekend.

  6. Designer pillows are a fav! Love your pictures. Details, details, details.

  7. Love your pillows and trims. I agree, trims really make a piece unique and special. Love those appliques from Mary MacDonald too. I'm using them on a job now. They are divine!

  8. There's nothing I like more than adding a special trim, braid, or special edging to really make a piece look custom. I can't resist buying trims and have a box full just waiting for the right project! I love Mary McDonald's appliqués and how you used them on those pillows!

    Let me know what time dessert will be served on Sunday so I can "drop" in for a taste! Yum! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I love that you highlighted trim! They add SO MUCH to the detail and the special custom feel of everything. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I always look forward to reading your posts, by the way :-)

  10. Happy Memorial Day to you too. Lovely photos of the pillows and yes the trim and welt on the pillows and upholstery do add the extra touches! Love them!

  11. Wow ,Mary Ann. So many gorgeous examples. It's inspiring!

  12. Those little details set a room apart....love the Mary McDonald trim...cant wait to use them!

  13. Love the braided trim by Rose Tarlow. And you've shown that it's the details that finish things off. I hope you're enjoying your long weekend Mary Ann.


  14. It's all in the details as they say! Loving that MM trim....can't wait to use it somewhere!

  15. I want everything trimmed out, now! I have never seen trim on a box pleat like that. How brilliant. We just came back from Florida, and your blue & white ticking is all the rage, there.

  16. You have made me want to throw out all my cushions and start again! x Sharon

  17. *** This is all SOOO VERY CHARMING, Mary Ann!!!

    I "experienced" the total joy of adding yummy trimming, sometimes costing almost as much as the pillow itself((!), several years ago... have been an "addict" to them ever SINCE... (It's kind of like "the cherry of top" of a great big Sundae (CALORIE FREE, OF COURSE! Grins!)...!!

    Big hugs,
    Linda in AZ

  18. Mary Ann, I really loved seeing the details on all these and the difference they make! I won't ever look at pillows or upholstery the same way again..

    Loving that chair at the top and your outdoor pillows with turquoise piping!



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