Floridian Villa and Paint Test Tip

My sister and I had fun visiting our friend, Lisa at her new home in Winter Park, Florida.
 Even though it was working trip to get some decorating done. 
 I thought this was interesting... an arborist was removing
much of the Spanish moss from the super tall oak trees.
 Apparently, if it gets too heavy, it can choke the tree.
 This made me think about using some of the silvery green 
and warm gray shades inside.

The home is surrounded by lakes and every room has a view.

We are going to "de-glam" the interiors and give it the soothing feel of a home in Provence with linen slipcovers, comfortable leather seating, a trestle kitchen table 
and shades of white and beige.

Speaking of which, have you seen this paint test tool?
 It's like contact paper that you paint on the other side,
It's great as it peels off and you can try it in different places.
 And see how it looks in different lighting.
It's from Paint Appeal.
I'm going to look for this in my local store.
 Most of the furniture and painting won't be done until 
next month. 
Hopefully, I will be able to give you some updates then.
Look at these peacocks that freely roam Lisa's neighborhood!


  1. Those peacocks..OMG! How gorgeous everything is, Spanish moss included!! Love it all....Florida looks so luscious and green:)

  2. Peacocks are beautiful...makes me homesick for Florida. I would love to have some of that moss...I went to the lake here in Louisiana and the trees were covered...in the water!! I don't do small boats!!! lol. I'll look for your updates...
    Loretta xx

  3. Weren't you tempted to take some of that Spanish moss and make a wreath out of it or something. It looks so beautiful - I love that colour. Interesting that it chokes the trees. I guess a little is pretty, but a lot will do damage.

  4. I love the Spanish moss! I can't wait to see what you do. Why are peacocks so intriguing? Is it the freedom, the beauty? What ever it is she's lucky to have them roaming around!

  5. That swatch material from Paint Appeal is absolutely Brilliant!!! I will also be on the hunt for it since I'm changing the paint in my bedroom and master bath! I cannot wait to see the project and I know it is going to be drool worthy because... um, you are doing it!!!

  6. Love the swatch idea...much better than buying the small sample pots and having to actually paint the wall to test it out.

    Beautiful peacocks!

    Linda in S.D.

  7. Very interesting! Love the peacocks roaming freely, are you kidding me? That is awesome. Love the de-glam plan, sounds lovely and inviting. I had no idea spanish moss could choke trees. I thought it was so cool that I brought some home in my suitcase years ago, only to find a ton of bugs in my stuff when I opened it! bad idea!
    Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  8. That Paint Appeal is such a great tool, have a few painting projects I am working on so need to find that, the peacocks are beautiful.

  9. Sounds like a great trip...good friends and design...love it!

  10. What a beautiful view they have and I love the trees dripping with Spanish Moss. However, I can see how it could really strangle a tree! Hope you brought some of that moss home to top some potted plants with...it's so much prettier than what you buy in the package! Have to find the Paint Appeal sheets. What a great idea! I know her home will be gorgeous if you've had anything to do with it! Can't wait to see more. And the peacocks....I was at a friends yesterday and they have one lonely peacock in their neighborhood and the sounds that thing was making....boy, hope she has some earplugs!!!

  11. Love the spanish moss. I wonder how it gets up into the trees in the first place.

  12. Mary Ann, what a fun place to work. Such a good idea to get inspiration from the Spanish moss! Thanks for the peel and stick paper trick!

  13. Great tip! Nice colors, you're considering too! I lived in Savannah, as a young girl and thought the spanish moss was just beautiful, hanging from the trees. The humidity was another thing, that wasn't so wonderful! Hope you had a ton of fun and got lots of work done!

  14. Wow what a great tip! I have not seen that stuff! I like the colors you are experimenting with...can't wait to see what you choose!

  15. Seriously....why has no one thought of this before???? Good luck with the project and can't wait to see the progress....

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