International and Antique Finds

On the first Sunday of the month,
The Groves Antique Market in Irvine, California takes place.
It opens at 7 am...not so fun on a Sunday morning.
This gentleman and his father were selling beads 
from Ghana, Nigeria and Ethiopia and 
dyed cloths from Mali.
I bought one of these hand dyed indigo cloths and 
some green glass beads to mix with my turquoise ones.

My daughter, Alie, bought some copper and 
turquoise beads to make bracelets 
for her friends still living in New York (she misses them).
This vendor also goes to the Long Beach, California flea market.  Good to know when I need antique prints.  These can also be found at Barnaby Rudge Booksellers in Laguna Beach, Ca.
The old door knobs caught my eye.
These guys were enjoying the scenery.
Makes me miss my little departed dog, Rocky.
(NO one ever acted happier to see me, even if I was just gone for a half hour).
Is it time to get another dog?

And what's a southern California flea market without a bunch of
vintage Aloha shirts?  I may be able to get my husband and son 
to come next time after they see this photo.

Next to the antiques market is a farmer's market 
with local produce and about ten gourmet food trucks.  
My daughter is familiar with these kinds of food trucks having lived in 
New York city and now, Santa Monica...but I was blown away.

And hungry!  How to decide where to eat?

Alie and I split a fusion Korean/Mexican quesadilla and a Vietnamese iced coffee.  
We are world travelers without even leaving Orange County!

local produce...

Cute vintage clothing shop in a restored trailer...

On our way to the car, we spotted these 
carved stone Foo dogs from China.
I paid $40 for both.  They are heavy!
We also saw this restored toy car.  
Wouldn't this be cute in a little girl's room?

Back at home...
I'll decide where to display my international 
purchases and show you soon.

Look what's been decorating our dining room table.

Our son is taking a summer accounting course.   Cringe.

But take a look at the roses from our garden...
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I had absolutely no idea that this market existed! Have bookmarked it for August and cannot WAIT to go! Love your finds!!!

  2. oh wow - this looks like the MOST fun!! and ps - those dogs are adorable. i was just telling Mom the other day - there's never been anyone happier to see me than Wilma and Seamus. Its a nice feeling.

    I wanna come out there to go to this market! And have some korean food truck junk :)

  3. I do love a market. They are such fun you never know what you might find.

  4. That looks similar to Scott's in Atlanta, but they don't have all the fresh veggies. I think I would love shopping there!

  5. Definitely will have to check it out sometime...what cool stuff!

    I don't blame you for picking up those Foo dogs...what a great deal! I would have bought them too. I'm currently looking for a concrete one to put outside by our front door.

    And I would say it is probably time to get another dog. After our Roxy passed away I couldn't even think about it for a long time...we waited 2 months which ended up being the perfect amount of time to wait.

    Linda in S.D.

  6. Hi Mary Ann,
    That looks like a great flea market! What a fun day shopping and eating with your daughter. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us. Love the indigo hand dyed cloth. I'm sure we will see it in one of your beautiful patio tablescapes soon.

  7. Thanks for the fabulous tour, it is almost as good as being there :-)


  8. Sunday shopping and food?? Nice!!! Love your stone foo dogs - awesome buy! For you or client?

  9. Lovely goings on! Wish I was there with you, and YES IT"S A GOOD IDEA TO GET ANOTHER DOG! Im biased, of course, but honestly, no one loves their human more than a dog. Who doesn't need that kind of love? Enjoy your daughter and I know about son's messes, but when theyre gone you really miss those messes!
    xo Nancy

  10. The flea market looks like so much fun!! Oy - accounting - I could use a refresher course.

  11. I vote dog! What are you waiting for? :-)

    Thanks for the lead on the Flea Market - I love the one in Long Beach. Cheers!

  12. oh I'd so love to visit there....love the caravan store.
    Bec x

  13. What a fun place to spend a sunday morning....even at 7 in the morning!! Those beautiful glass beads and other great finds would have my heart pumping and eye wide open in a flash!! Sure wish it was closer! And those cute Boston Terriers in the wagon....your heart must have skipped a beat! Think it's time! You always thank us for visiting, but you are the one to be thanked, my day is so much brighter when I see a new post from you! Can't wait to see what you do with your new treasures.

  14. Oh those strawberries!! They look soooo delicious!! nothing better than a flea market with great fresh fruit and veggies! I have three dogs. I fuss about them daily, but then at night ... like right now, they are cuddled in with me and I couldn't be happier!! Go for it!! xo

  15. One of my favorite things to do...I'm going to have to check it out next time I go down there...

  16. Looks like a fabulous market! I love the indigo cloth- such a pretty color.
    Mimi @ A House Romance

  17. Wow! Thanks for the tour. What a great way to spend a Sunday AM. Love your Foo Dogs. So many wonderful items to look at and consider.

  18. I had no idea - thanks for the tip! I am excited to hear about this - It sounds like a great time (even if I have to lose a little sleep)! I LOVE food trucks too and a Farmer's Market just makes it the perfect day.
    And .... YES!!! Time for a new pup! :D

  19. Amazing Blog.

    Thanks for Sharing!


  20. How fun!!!!!! I love it, those antiqued dyed cloths are gorgeous ditto the beads and of course a farmers market is like the crowning touch! Fun day....love all the food trucks too, lucky you!

  21. Yes its time for another pup! Save a life, and bring joy and happiness into your own but adopting a rescue dog:)


  22. I love all the global trinkets. Your Foo dogs are perfect. We love the gourmet food trucks, too. Crazy to think about a food truck that way. Many of them are on twitter and tweet about where they will be parked for the day.

  23. Mary Ann what a fun way to spend a Sunday morning! I love the Foo Dogs!

    Art by Karena
    Giveaway from Splendid Sass

  24. what a great market! I would have bought the place clean! Thanks for your kind comment on todays post :)
    have a great day!

  25. I loved walking through that flea market with you
    I seen a few things I wanted , like all of those beads LOL

  26. wow! what an amazing place! i am dying over the glass beads (so soft and delicate!) and the vintage prints. i would LOVE to spend a few hours trolling around and looking at all the goodies and getting some yummy food. thanks so much for sharing. makes me jealous...there is nothing like that here in SLC!

  27. That looks like a fabulous flea market! Had you been before? Our Alameda Flea Market is wonderful...but not any of that interesting food!!

  28. Fun post, Mary Ann! And yes, definitely consider adding a dog to your family if you're missing your dear Rocky ... just think about all the dogs, young and old, mixed and purebred, in the shelters just waiting for a loving home like yours!

  29. Right in my own backyard if I take the 133 from the 241 head north on the 405' get off at Culver.... ;)

  30. Aren't flea markets the best:). Loving all of those beads...we have a couple of vendors who sell them at Scott's. I need to get some other colors to use in my ever changing decor right?

  31. It is like a mini wonderland. I love it. I love all of the different jewelry that is displayed. I really want to go searching through that basket of knobs; I can see the creative wheels start to whirl in my head. I love this.

    Split-Site PhD by Annie

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