Fun Stops In Newport Beach

Last week, my friend, Joy and I popped 
into this popular spot on 
17th Street in Newport Beach, California.
 I had never been to Sidecar Doughnuts before...
and NOW, oh the temptation.  

Awesome doughnuts...
with a cool interior ...like the glazed ceramic tile flooring
and wallpaper and industrial lighting...
 These metallic glass pendants are fun.

Notice the brass towel bars used on the shelving.
From their website:  "Our doughnuts are made daily, from scratch, using simple recipes, and only the finest ingredients possible.  We use fresh, seasonal products, and never add preservatives or artificial flavors/colors. Fridays are GLUTEN-FREE* and Thursday's are VEGAN*.  In addition to our regular flavors, on these days we also feature a different gluten-free or vegan option".

 Here's a sampler.  I would like to try them all.

Down the street is... 
 You can make an arrangement with imitation succulents.
 They also carry earthy dishware.
 And furniture and pillows.

 Along with Matteo washed linens.

Definitely a worthwhile stop in Newport Beach.

Now if I could just stop dreaming about those doughnuts.


  1. Holy "Cannoli"!!!! I LOVE doughnuts and this place has it all goin' on!!! Their mix of industrial and elegant (that wallpaper) is wonderful and I'm so glad that it's just a bit too far away from me. Otherwise, I'd probably be there everyday, trying a different kind of doughnut and then waddling out of the store to my car!!! Gardenology is definitely on my list of places to see on my next trip to NB. Fab stuff!!! Thanks for sharing these cute finds....but now I want a doughnut!!!!!

  2. Oh that's just great Mary Ann! I'm never gonna kick my bad habits now knowing those places exist! Donuts and shopping? All in driving distance!!! Ahhhhhhh
    PS- went to Lure in Westlake Village last night. The fish was amazing, and the staff recommended the best wine. It will be a regular stop for dinner! Decor was perfection.....

  3. I miss donuts so much now that I'm gluten free...Duncan donuts is going to start making gluten free donuts...so excited...Gardenology looks like a great store...

  4. I think you have A LOT of people dreaming about those doughnuts...including me! What a perfect day!


  5. Although our doughnut eating days are long over, my husband and I might just have to treat ourselves to one at Sidecar (along with a good cup of coffee) when we are up that way in a couple weeks. Gardenology looks like a cool place too! Thanks for sharing.

    Linda in S.D.

    P.S. I want to check out R.J. Imports as well since we will be staying nearby. Thanks to you for mentioning it in a previous post!

  6. Finally! The Industrial Look comes to the O.C.. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, outer LA areas like Venice. Wonder how the donuts fare against Portland's Voodoo Doughnut? (you see people flying home with boxes from Voodoo)

    If they start to make the "cronut" I've seen in NYC - it's a cross between the donut and the croissant - I'll be in there in a "Newport minute"! :-)


  7. Wow, the donuts look amazing! The garden shop is also a lovely shop too! I bet you had a fun time!

  8. Fun trip! I would really love a donut! yummm!

  9. The donuts looked delicious. I love the pictures of Gardenology! What great looking stuff.

    Have a great day.

  10. Oh gosh, you tease this Cali girl so...I am not a doughnut girl but I think I would have to try! AND Gardenology...wow. I wanna come badly! I'll definitely be in Cali for my ??th year high school reunion up in PV...will have to jaunt down the coast and meet up with you!

  11. You live in such a great area! I love seeing individuality in shops like these. The doughnut with the berries looks heavenly and I love all those original pots at Gardenology. Fun, fun, fun!


  12. Oh sooo tempting! Especially with the gluten free. Now if they could make those great donuts sugar free I would be down there in a second! I am down there all the time - can't believe I have never seen either of those places ... will check our Gardenology the next time I head down there. You are so much fun! Thanks for sharing :D

  13. What a fun day..and what a neat spot with the donuts, though that could be dangerous, I have no willpower! I love the decor....enjoy your day!

  14. Oh yum, I love a good donut, and better yet a sampler of many tastes! that shop looks adorable. Love the succulent bar-great idea! Have a great day.
    xo Nancy

  15. Gourmet donuts! I'd need to frequent this spot:) Love the succulent garden and containers. Great spots to feature Mary Ann!

  16. love the 'make your own imitation succulents' concept!

  17. Donuts, garden supplies, home furnishings: wow. you've got it all! So now, how are you going to stay away from these donuts???

  18. As a young adult, I used to work in a little coffee shop in Newport Beach on Via Lido, back in the 70's. I loved all of the little shops surrounding it and would wander from shop to shop finding delight in each unique object that came my way. It looks as if Newport Beach is just as charming now as it was back then.

    1. Was that the Lido Diner? Now Woody's Diner...we go there all the time.

  19. Oh yes, the temptation - I would never have been able to resist. Love gardenoloy too!!

  20. Mary Ann,
    Just catching up on your blog posts! I miss you! I want to meet at Sidecar and have a doughnut and then shop all of my favorite stores along that strip. Looks like fun!

  21. I'm afraid I didn't see anything after the donuts. To die for. Need to go back now and re-read your nice post :)

  22. Mary Ann,

    I never made it past the donuts- my kryptonite!

    A House Romance

  23. what a fun day. The garden shop looks like fun but you have me wanting donuts. My favorite is the old fashioned glazed hot off the line, like the Krispy Kreme we have here. Oh, I have to go get a spoon full of sugar. Thanks for sharing you great day.xo Ginger

  24. Gardenology looks like a fun place! It reminds me of Botanik in Summerland! Love that place!

  25. I'll have to remember this place when we visit Michael. I feel like I never got to really know Newport Beach very well when I lived in LA. And thanks for the warning on those donuts. :)


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