Projects With Beautiful Fabrics

This is the "after" of two wing chairs going into a 
master bedroom re-do that I will show you soon.
This is the "before."  As long as we were having them reupholstered, I asked the client if we could upgrade the cushions to be down wrapped.  She agreed...and they are more comfortable, especially with the lumbar pillows.
The fabric is 100% natural woven linen by Schumacher.
It's called Wight Linen Herringbone.  It has some natural little nubs and the upholsterer said he loved working with it.

On to me...
I washed my linen slipcovers on my bar stools 
in the kitchen...and they shrank, even wet (idiot!)
 I shouldn't have taken the chance that they were not pre-washed (that's why I like to pre-wash slipcover material when I have them made). 
Well, this is spurring on a tiny makeover in the kitchen using these.  More to come on this.

I'm excited about this living room
project... in Pacific Palisades, California.

We just selected the pillow and slipcover fabric 
(the tiny pinstripe swatch) below.  I will show you this room
when it's finished, too.

This Winter Park, Florida family room
 is getting pillows made from these linen 
fabrics for two 7 foot sofas.

Sometimes, its a good idea to buy retail 
(like if your kids, pets, husband trash the pillows--
buy from West Elm or Pottery Barn, etc.--especially on sale) 
or if you find something already made that is perfect for the space  like these pillows for a Corona del Mar, California family room.

Remember me telling my client, Lisa and her friend, 
Jeanne to "break in" the rarely used 
(before we re-decorated) living room?
Well, it looks like they are having a good time!

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  1. Your designs are always so fresh! Love it.

  2. That's one gorgeous chair! So sorry about your stool covers shrinking. Looks like you have some beautiful ideas in mind.

  3. I love the fabric on the chair, so pretty. I am a herringbone nut and this one is perfection. So subtle. Hugs, marty

  4. You always work the best kind of magic with your fabric choices, Mary Ann. All of the blue & white feels so fresh!

  5. i just love how the herringbone wingbacks turned out. and i am dying over the fasano leaf print and the quadrille salmon fabrics! hope you get to use them!!!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics in all of your boards, love every single combination. They have your name written all over them. Can't wait to see you kitchen and what you do with all the fabrics,
    Happy Monday,

  7. You have a lot of great projects happening. I love all your fabric choices.
    I'm not sure if you tried this for your slip covers but I did the same thing and I got them wet again and put them on the chairs pretty damp and then pulled & pulled and they went back to shape. I hope that works for you too.

  8. That linen herringbone fabric is gorgeous!!! Love the chairs. Karen

  9. Your fabrics are beautiful! Those prints make fabulous accents!! And I love the updated wingchair. x Loi

  10. Hi Maryanne

    So funny I am working on a project right now that I am using very similar fabrics that you are using in your kitchen makeover!! I was going to post on it...maybe later!!

  11. Thanks for the heads up on the pre-washing of slipcovers, I am just about to take fabric to my dressmaker for slipcovering our diningroom chairs...Guess a trip to the laundry room will be first.

  12. You have some great projects on the go Mary Ann. Your chair fabric looks gorgeous, I have a sofa being delivered next week and I think it's the same...I hope so!

  13. Oh no! Sorry about your slip covers. Beautiful fabric on the chairs!

  14. You always pick the best fabrics! Love your boards.

  15. LOVE the chair reupholstery job. Your selection looks fab with the exposed wood!

  16. Hello Mary Ann!

    I have been there and done that with slipcovers-several times, but the worst had to be when I bought them through an upholsterer who told me he had pre-shrunk the fabric which I painfully found out was not the case. Ever since then, I pre-wash the material myself. And Stacey is right about putting them back on wet- I usually tumble them on very low heat for a few minutes after washing just to fluff them a little and put them back on while they are still very damp- that seems to have solved the problem!

    Love the herringbone wing chairs- such a classic fabric.

    Mimi@A House Romance

  17. Hi Mary Ann,

    You have some wonderful project in the works and I can't wait to see how they turn out! From the little hints you've shown us, they will be fabulous, as usual! Love all the fabrics. Might have to try washing my stool covers in hopes that they shrink so I can do a "mini" kitchen update!

  18. Those chairs made an incredible makeover project - the new fabric looks so great! I took your advice from another post and had cushions recovered in white canvas with a nice weight. They came out great! I love that I can bleach them as needed (which will certainly be often in this house!) Thank you for the advice, Mary Ann!!

  19. I must be on facebook to much because I'm looking for the like button. You know the one.....it's the thumbs up.

  20. The winged chairs are gorgeous. Love your blue fabric selections. Can't wait to see how you pull them all together.

  21. You have some fun projects to work on. Sorry to hear about your bar stools. Are you driving to PP? That is a lovely drive, but long?

  22. Love a good post about fabric:) My friend has those same barstools and I told her to wash hers....they did fine so who knows! Anyway...a good excuse to redecorate right:) Loving all of you design plans you have going on!

  23. I LOVE THE FABRIC on the chairs, Mary Ann! Gorgeous!
    Been there with the shrinkage. Frustrating.
    You inspiration boards are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished rooms.

  24. Love all of those fabric choices...looks like you have some fun projects..

  25. Shrinking. I hate when that happens. My white canvas slipcover on my couch was prewashed and over the years it's still shrank/shrinked whatever. But now I'm so excited to be looking for a new couch for our family room and I'm thinking linen but I'm nervous about its durability. That's why I like to come here and see what's up.
    hope you're having a great summer.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  26. MaryAnn,

    Nothing wrong with a course correction...it's the root of a creative! Great fabric selections and some fun projects on schedule here. Looks like you're having a great time adding your designer magic...cheers!


  27. Wow you are a busy lady! I can't wait to see the final results of all the projects you are working on. I love your work, always inspiring!

  28. Wow you are a busy lady! I can't wait to see the final results of all the projects you are working on. I love your work, always inspiring!

  29. Love the fabric for the chair. Beautiful project. Evelyne.

  30. What a transformation on the wingbacks and love the pillow fabric too! Sometimes it's a good thing when something shrinks...you "have" to remodel!!

  31. Great fabrics! Love the little pop of orangey red in the PP home you're working on. Can't wait to see final pics!

  32. Beautiful fabrics and nice lines on the furniture equals a heavenly space! Thank you for stopping by The Charm of Home!


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