A Favorite Stop for Inspiration

Bliss Home and Design has a beautiful retail store 
in Corona del Mar, California, 
as well as an online store. 
This vignette uses a mix of crystal and mirrored glass.

There is a sign "no photography allowed" 
but I asked about putting them on my blog and they agreed.  
These were just taken with my little camera.

They are just blocks from the Pacific Ocean and you can
 feel the coastal influence. 

They have lovely linens and lighting.
I like the carved screens that mimic windows.

 They do the same here with mirrors.  
 Lots of coral and sea colors.
 Cool framed indigo cloth.  Notice the pillow details.
 More coral and you can't go wrong with chunky candle sticks.
 Symmetry with the shell mirrors and lamps
The geode in the center is lit from behind 
and would be pretty at night.

when you are in Newport Beach.
You will be inspired! 


  1. Gorgeous store!! I can almost smell the Pacific ocean and love the sophisticated and elegant coastal vibe...beautiful!!

  2. That is the kind of store where I need to leave my money at home so I won't be tempted!!!! So many pretty things.

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! I want a geode so badly!

  4. Gorgeous vignettes! That beautiful store looks SO dangerous!

  5. What a gorgeous store!!! LOVE that anchor made from starfish and those to die for seashell mirrors!!! Must check this store out next time I'm up North!

  6. Those geodes are gorgeous! We're hoping to be out in your area next summer. Before we go I'll need to get a list of shops to visit from you! :)

  7. Mary Ann I adore this shop, the styling of the special accessories. The geode lit from behind is so perfect as a night light, what ambiance.

    2013 Authors Series
    "Love Where You Live"

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm falling all over myself looking at these pictures! Take my breath away!

  9. What beautiful images - those mirrors are just gorgeous!!!

  10. Next time I go down South I will have to stop at Bliss, beautiful shop, thank you for sharing,

  11. Oh my goodness, I MUST have some of that coral and those geodes. What a beautiful store!

  12. Gorgeous spot to do a little shopping! Love those chunky candle sticks. I just popped over to their in line store and I will be doing a little shopping and get on their mailing list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. A definite "must" see next time I'm in CdM!!! I see quite a few things that make my heart flutter! Of course, I'm sure I couldn't afford anything so like you...it would be just for inspiration!

  14. This store was on my list to visit when we were up in Laguna/CDM recently, but we ran out of time After seeing your beautiful photos I'm sorry I missed it. We made a point to stop at the Crystal Cove Promenade on the way home to find the Pacific Whey Cafe closed for good and Juxtaposition Home was open by appt. only on Sundays! :(

    Linda in S.D.

  15. Another dangerous place for me! The chest has me swooning!
    Thank you for sharing, Mary Ann!

  16. What a beautiful store! We need a place like that around here!

  17. Oh my that first Venetian mirror is leaving me weak. I love that. Beautiful shop.
    xo Nancy

  18. Love that venetian mirror too!! Its so beautiful and glam....

  19. Wow!!! What a beautiful and impressive images. Love those shell mirrors and lamps which looks very creative. All images are looks so stylish and beautiful as well. It looks like a dream.


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