Alfresco Dining in San Diego

While visiting my mother and sister in San Diego, 
we tried out a fun restaurant in San Diego called Lazy Dog.
The decor was all "canine."
The ceiling.
We sat on the patio...where dogs are allowed, 
although we didn't bring ours.

I liked this novel idea of little mason jar samplers of sangria.  I think the Pomegranate Red was my favorite.
The food was good and look at the 
mints that were offered as we left.
As my sister was setting the table for an alfresco dinner 
by her fire pit
(using my favorite vintage wine glasses),
I looked up in the sky and saw a colorful hot air balloon.

Soon there were three in the sky as the sun was setting and
we began our first course of arugula, tomatoes and shaved parmesan with
Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
3 tbs. fresh lemon juice
1 tbs. minced shallot
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp. grated lemon peel
1/2 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. sea salt

Stir and let sit for 1/2 hour and then shake well and drizzle on salad before serving.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. How cute! I have to send a few of those ideas to my sister who owns a restaurant. She has doggy dining on her patio.

  2. Glad you enjoyed my home town. You were lucky to get a seat at Lazy Dog as the wait is usually a half hour or more...just enough time to drop into DSW at the other end of the mall!

  3. What a fun place! I like its casual and creative style. And that salad looks dee-lish!!
    x Loi

  4. The mason jar sampler is a great idea and those doggy bone mints are so fun. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your sister and what a view! .. complete with hit air balloons:)

  5. I love the leather belts in the restaurant! Where in SD? I got my first dog, Taco, at a rescue shelter in Del Mar.

  6. Mary Ann - We are having friends over for a rib dinner next weekend and your vinaigrette will be perfect for a green salad side dish.


  7. Wow - what a lovely way to dine al fresco, with hot air balloons floating by!! Amazing!!

  8. What a fun spot to dine al fresco!

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  9. What a fun restaurant! Too bad you didn't have Chief with you. He would have been the cutest dog there!! And how beautiful to have an alfresco dinner with that blue sky dotted with colorful hot air balloons! It couldn't have been better if she'd planned it! Will definitely give the dressing a try. Sounds delicious! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  10. I would love this place. The belt detail on the mirror is so creative. Watching hot air balloons can be fun, we have done that here in NJ. Your sister sets a beautiufl table, too. Must run in the family.

  11. Mary Ann what a darling restaurant!! The theme is so fun . Were you near Delmar. That is where I remember the hot air balloons going up! Beautiful!

    Featuring:Artist Anne Harwell

  12. What a cute restaurant and I have seen hot air balloons around here in years past. So pretty to watch them just floating along in the blue sky. I love an arugula salad with a lemon dressing. yum

  13. There is something to be said for that California lifestyle!! Life looks awfully good over there and you find the coolest neatest restaurants!!

    Love the alfresco setting too and with the balloons as a backdrop on a beautiful summer day, can't imagine a more wonderful afternoon!

  14. What a nice visit you had with your mom and sister! That restaurant is adorable. Your sister's table setting near the fire pit is so charming. I love seeing hot air balloons. When I lived in upstate NY we used to see (and hear) them all the time.

  15. Mary Ann, love that restaurant and love San Diego. Those mints are hilarious sounds like a great time and I really can't thank you enough for adding me to your blog roll -- I'm so grateful and beyond thankful. I'm already seeing a big bump in readership. thanks for your support and being so generous! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxo:)!!!

  16. We have a Lazy Dog near us too...the decor is so cute! That salad sounds yummy...Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Funny, here I live in San Diego and have never even heard of that restaurant. Was the food good? I love looking out my backyard and seeing the hot air balloons in Del Mar. Enjoy your stay!

  18. This sounds like a great restaurant! I hope the food was doggone good!! ;-D

    I have to keep this salad dressing, it sounds so fresh and delicious!


  19. Hi Mary Ann!

    You always seem to find the most exciting places and things to do- maybe it is that California living!

    Mimi@ A House Romance

  20. Hi, Mary Ann-
    I love your blog as I lived in Newport after school.
    What a cute restaurant! We must be your sister's neighbors as we live in Santaluz and enjoy the same view of the balloons!
    Thanks for your inspirations! Jenn

  21. My husband and I were just talking about Lazy Dog the other day. The interior is so cute, thanks for sharing the photos. We might just have to take our dog there very soon, hopefully she would behave! We picked a vacation in Carmel years ago because so many of the establishments catered to dogs, including the hotels. :) We are so lucky to live in California don't you think?

    Linda in S.D.

  22. Hi Mary Ann,

    Great restaurant, so creative with the belts and all of the doggy decor. I live in the midwest and there is nothing like that around here. California is so dog friendly. Love visiting with my pup.


  23. What a neat concept for a restaurant, and why not?! Who isn't gaga these days about pets? Very cool.

    I was born in Long Beach & spent over half my childhood living four hours from San Diego. It's a beautiful place, & I miss it, especially the weather.

    I'll definitely be trying the dressing recipe. I'm not a big fan of store bought salad dressing. Thank you!


  24. Mary Ann! I love this place. You always find the best.I would be a great sangria tester.

  25. What a fun restaurant. My best friend is moving to San Diego in October so I cannot wait to share this post with her, looks like a fun place.

  26. My dad used to live in San Diego and he said they always had the best weather! Love this restaurant!

  27. cute restaurant!!

    where are those green ikat plates from?? I love them!


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