Beautiful Designs at Thibaut and Anna French

Last week, Estate of Design held a presentation on
the latest happenings at Thibaut and Anna French.
Our small group of five designers had refreshments, 
as sales representative Karin Klein,
spread beautiful fabrics and colorful wallpapers 
across the table for us to touch and feel.
 I took special note of these reasonably priced, pre-washed, pre-shrunk, wrinkle-resistent linens from England.
You know how I love slipcovers.

 We enjoyed seeing Anna French's new book of wallpapers called "Zola."
 I learned that Thibaut owns Anna French.
Seems like a good fit.
 Then we reviewed the 
"Texture Resource Four" book from Thibaut.
Karin said that wallpaper has taken off again and comprises 
60% of her sales compared to 40% fabric.
Printed on a metallic parchment.
 There are cool textured wood papers that can be 
hung vertically or horizontally.

The damask pattern on seagrass paper is pretty.
 We also saw samples from the "Neutral Resource" book.
It's comprised of "easy on the eyes" neutrals.

 The colorful "Monterey" line is fun 
with matching wallpapers and fabrics.

Isn't this pretty?

 So much fun inspiration.
We are using this embroidered lattice pattern in a different color on a project now.

Look at the charming business card holder, 
notebook and pen that we received as favors.
I've been happy with Thibaut's quality 
and the service at Estate of Design.

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  1. Thibaut is one of my favorite wallpaper companies. They always have classic styled papers and they are a wonderful company to deal with as well. Thibaut wall coverings are always on my radar and I love Ann French's colorways and designs. Fun post!

  2. I love Thibaut!!! I have my eye on a few of their wallpapers for my powder room!!!

  3. What beautiful papers. I've been looking for some new designs for a bedroom project - I love these!

  4. What a fabulous line! They're all stunning. Thanks for the scoop! :)

  5. I have long been a fan of Thibaut AND wallpaper, even when wallpaper was not "in style"...love these new prints!

  6. I am simply enthralled! The very first image is divine!
    Thibaut and Anna French, a perfect combination!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  7. How fun to see all these fabulous fabrics and wallpaper designs! So much inspiration and wonderful designs and colors! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing such lovely inspirational photos! So pretty!

  9. What beautiful paper and designs. I could have flipped through the books like a great novel.

  10. These fabrics are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I've always loved the Thibaut prints. They always have something I love!

  12. Love everything they do! Gorgeous post.

  13. So..so pretty...love all of it!

  14. Beautiful...just today I picked up some Thibaut samples for a new client. Love love love!

  15. I absolutely love Anna French. I've had an Anna French sample that I've been hanging onto for years thinking I'd find a place for it somewhere. So very English.


  16. what a great post!! thanks for sharing these magnificent ideas!! I would like a rework on my bedroom!!

    art paintings

  17. Wow so much to love. Everything looks so fresh and pretty....love the line! Have a great weekend Mary Ann.

  18. The Thibaut notebook has the most beautiful birds on it! Would you please tell us the name of the wallpaper design (I assume it is part of one of their wallpaper designs)? Was poking around on their website but didn't find it. Thanks for such a beautiful post! Nancy

    1. From Estate of Design:
      The cover is Thibaut Wallpaper.
      Pattern: Augustine
      Color: White
      Collection: Gatehouse

      Augustine also comes in fabrics as well.

      In the inside of the cover:
      Pattern: Medina
      Color: Green
      Collection: Geometric

      Medina does not have a matching fabric

  19. So beautiful! Thank you for all the inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  20. Nancy, I used to have the Thibault bird print in one of my small bathrooms. I regret very much taking it down. Its quite old, about 1999-2000 timeframe. I loved the print, still do! I hope they still produce it. Karen Laszcz

  21. Love these prints! Thanks for sharing them!

  22. Mary Ann,
    What pretty papers they are coming out with. I loved the paper that resembled birch bark or some kind of wood.

  23. I love Anna French and haven't used any of her line lately. That linen book looks like one I need to grab! Love that damask paper...gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Gorgeous colors! Beautiful line Mary Ann.

    Have a nice weekend!

  25. How beautiful. Prewashed and wrinkle resistant linen. Oh, I need that next year for a slipcover.

  26. Sounds like a great way to spend the day! I love all of the beautiul wallpapers and that they have matching fabrics, too!

  27. I have loved Anna French for years... and this certainly does not disappoint! What gorgeous fabrics, paper...everything. I love the idea of wrinkle resistant linen for slipcovers; and yes, I like slipcovers so much! Thanks for showing us!!

  28. So glad wall paper is back! Makes me want to do my guest powder room over!


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