Master Suite Before and Now

A reader asked me to stop showing  
"after" photos before "before" photos
 as it ruins the surprise.   
So, this time I am starting with all the BEFORE photos.
But I wrote to her that the reason 
I sometimes show one after photo first, 
is that the first photo I show often displays 
on other blogs sidebars.

If it's not an interesting photo, viewers might
not click over to see more.

Please give me your opinion?  
 Linda told her husband that all she wanted for
Mother's Day, their anniversary, her birthday
and Christmas was a 
restful, elegant and fresh master retreat.
That sweet husband told her to call me.

Some of the things on the counter top were mine....like the papers, cup and little pouch.
Linda bought the painting below as it reminded 
her of happy times in her 
grandmother's rose garden.  
They live in Riverside, California, 
where citrus and roses scent the air.

Linda is soft spoken and graceful.
She's also a great cook and
the kind of person who enriches your life.

Isn't this embroidered linen lovely?
The brick was white washed  to tone down the red.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails.

The chairs were reupholstered in Schumacher linen 
and the graphic lumbar pillows are by Thibaut.
The new grass shades are from Smith and Noble in Fiji Ivory.

The Belgium Linen and Greek Key bed skirt was 
fabricated by WoodyLiana.  The crystal lamps 
are from Restoration Hardware.
The nightstands I recommended were from Horchow but Linda found them for an even better price at her local furniture store. 
They have a feature where if you tap the band running along side the back, 
it dims or turns off the lamp. 

This is Linda's side of the bathroom now with her own vanity.
The cabinets are painted Benjamin Moore Fieldstone and the countertops are Carrara marble. Linda took the leftover Thibaut fabric and covered the stool herself.

Remember it before?

Here is her husband's side with more elbow room created by extending the counter.  The sconces are in polished nickel from Circa Lighting, the well-priced mirrors are from Wisteria.  The knobs are from Restoration Hardware.

The tub is from Restoration Hardware 
and so is the chandelier.

Linda's husband is happy about the outcome...
sitting with his feet up in the refurbished wing chair
 he remarked "my life is good."  
I think so too!

This is their pool bath down the hall.
Linda designed this herself.  The cool hammered sink 
is from Overstock. com!

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  1. Such a beautiful and peaceful retreat.

  2. Mary Ann, This is a stunning makeover. I love the feeling of serenity and softness in the master and even in the bath!
    Bravo I am sure she loves it as much as her husband!

    Feature: Entrepreneur Sigal Sasson

  3. Oh yes and I like to see Befores first and then After pics!


  4. Mary Ann, you did a great job! Love every detail! I struggle with which pictures to show first as well. It was nice to be surprised this time :).

  5. What an amazing job!! That bathroom is a totally different space. So luxurious. And I love how serene the bedroom is. Well done!

  6. That is a fantastic makeover, from the paint to the washed brick and everywhere in between!! I think that the "after" photo is a better choice for the first photo because like you said, it ends up in a sidebar! Marcy

  7. So pretty! Looks soothing and restful. You are so great at pulling it all together and showing the clients personality. Love your work!

  8. Gorgeous makeovers. Some say put your best pic first, but I usually don't. It is easier for me to do a post and lead up to the reveal. You can show the reveal pic and then show what led up to it. I think either way works.

  9. Stunning transformation!! I love it:)


  10. Hi Happy Autumn! I too like the before pics first,however for blog thumbnail purposes that before pic isn't pretty! Maybe if you type a big " BEFORE" on it they will get that its a design project! When I saw the dreaded corner sink in the before pic I was worried! Hoping for your sake the budget was going to allow for new layout... Looks like it did, it is gorgeous Mary Ann!
    Thank you for sharing your work...

  11. Gorgeous transformation! Love everything about it. I used Vapor Trails in our last kitchen and it's still one of my favorite BM colors. GREAT job!!!

  12. Ohhh La La--I have so many compliments for you that it would take a volume to type them. The spaces look FANTASTIC. Your taste is excellent and the creativity in the bathroom leaves in in awe. Yes, you have to put the AFTER pictures first to get folks excited to open your blog and read it. The reader is going to have to scroll down and contain herself.

  13. You are correct, put one after first. I always tell people it's because I would eat dessert first, if I could. This makeover is fantastic and the other Linda must be thrilled. So, I am sure her husband is happy, too.

  14. Wow, Mary Ann. It's just gorgeous! Such soothing and relaxing-looking spaces. A job well done!

  15. Now this is what I call a makeover!! Absolutely amazing. Love how fresh, airy and elegant it is ..hard to believe its the same room. Great job!!

  16. Hi. I was stopping by blogs in hopes of getting some help on a Martha Stewart Contest....I've been nominated and I was trying to get Votes to help Win...if you have time I would love to see you come by my blog, Vote and also enter in a giveaway for your support!! Your able to vote 6 times in a row daily until Sept. 13th!! I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks so much!

  17. She should be jumping for joy about now.

  18. The bathroom transformation is truly inspired!
    Great job Maryann!

  19. Absolutely beautiful...the bathroom is just amazing! I love the vanity area created in the bathroom and the colors are so soothing and tranquil. I am in desperate need of a master bed and bath makeover...you have given me some great ideas!

  20. Beautiful, Mary Ann and Linda!!!!!!

  21. Mary Ann, this is sublimely beautiful! The colors, the feel ... what a wonderful treat!! xo

  22. So gorgeous and timeless! They will enjoy this space for years to come. In love with that bed skirt!

  23. Such a lovely transformation. Love the bed skirt that WoodyLiana made for you. I wish she would open her shop on Etsy again as she does beautiful work.

  24. It was nice before, even though some things were dated. Now it is FABULOUS and REFRESHING, but I must say I loved that pink tub with the tile!

  25. That bathroom transformation is fabulous. I completely understand about not wanting to post before pictures first, for the same reason you mentioned. Sometimes I use a side by side image of the before and after just so people don't think my before picture is an after! Great job on this project!

  26. Such a beautiful space for your clients! Love the wash on the fireplace to soften it!

  27. What a great transformation, especially the bathroom! Fabulous. I agree with your reader (I prefer the Before photos first) but understand your hesitation to show it first ... however, as long as you include "Before & After" in the name of your post, people WILL be interested. We love Before & Afters! Also, you have loyal followers who would not expect a disappointing post from you!

  28. Another beautiful design, Mary Ann! Love your work. Serene, soft and pulled together, I bet your clients are loving their bedroom and bathroom now!!

  29. Mary Ann...I would open anything that had your name attached! :) (But I see your point about the picture in other blogs' sidebars.) BTW I really like the rectangle shape of the bathroom sinks.

  30. What an amazing make over!! It is REALLY a transformation! I love the soothing colors. The bathroom is TDF!!! I have bathroom envy now:)

  31. You did an excellent job, my friend! I absolutely love everything. And I agree, the first picture should be lovely...it shows up on some blog's sidebars...sometimes something as small as a vignette from a post is a pretty tease!


  32. Wow! What a transformation! Love it all!

  33. I agree with you on putting the best photo that shows up, so readers will be interested. I understand about the surprise, but let's face it, we all click on a good photo. I have to say that the bathroom transformation was amazing. So beautifully done ......

  34. Mary Ann, what a great job you did! The transformation is beautiful. Love the marble and the cabinet color together. I agree with putting an after picture up first. Even though I see the results, I am curious to see the before.


  35. oh Mary Ann! Just beautiful! I love how you take some of the existing pieces and make them prettier than you could ever imagine! All the details are perfect! I understand why you use a after photo first for the reason you mentioned...but I do understand your readers wanting an "unveiling" of the after!

  36. I enjoyed this post very much! Personally, I like the before shots and after side by side so that I can compare the same angle shots. But, I much prefer to see the before first and then the after if given the only option of before first or after.

  37. Another fabulous make over! I love everything about it. What a wonderful, serene retreat they now have. The colors and the finishes are beautiful and the bathroom is amazing. Yes, you've done it again.....made me want to redo my entire upstairs! I'm showing this to my husband!

    As for the before and after....I do think that by posting the after first, it does catch your eye and make you want to see more. However, all of your loyal readers KNOW that whatever you post, is going to be fabulous and would look at the post even if there was a picture of a chicken!!! So...do what feels right to you!

    xo Gail

  38. It's all quite lovely. the sink from overstock is quite a surprise....do you happen to know about the faucet? It's beautiful!

    1. From Linda...
      All of the "fittings" are from the Delta "Cassidy" collection (it is a line with better "insides"- not sold at Home Depot.

  39. Really nice job! Was anything salvaged in the bathroom? Looks like all new cabinetry, tub, etc. The artwork with the painted frame updates it so well! Fantastic!

  40. Oh My Goodness! I think she got exactly what she wanted! It is absolutely beautiful. Serene, calming, relaxing. I am in love with the Restoration Hardware tub! I am always a step behind with paint colors. Loving the Greys. My daughter just painted her home Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I love the grey shade you used in her bedroom. I think I'm ready to move on from my Ralph Lauren, Sisal and Crabapple. Both khaki shades. I've loved them for years. It's time to move on.

  41. Great job! The colors are so soft and perfect for a master bedroom. Nice husband to give you a call:) I don't think it matters much how you post the pictures. Most of your readers will scroll through them regardless of order.. but I do understand the element of surprise:)

  42. Mary Ann you translated "soft spoken and graceful" into the surroundings perfectly. You channeled your client beautifully, not an easy task. Congratulations to you on a job well done, and to the husband who suggested you:)!!

  43. Mary Ann. Excelent job. Everything is sophisticated and lovely. Love your blog. Evelyne.

  44. Once again, you did an amazing job!! What a beautiful space you created!!!

  45. Love the whitewashed fireplace what a difference! And of course everything else is lovely as well!

  46. Beautiful!!! Love the transformation.

  47. Mary Ann, its just beautiful and stunning. The bedroom feels so relaxing and the bathroom is truly a huge change and is so pretty. I love all of the changes you made especially the mirror and sconces. Awesome!

  48. Mary Ann - Absolutely stunning! Your touch is so tasteful, eloquent, and understated. You never cease to amaze me and I always enjoy seeing your work. As far as the before and after pictures, I understand about putting an AFTER up first in your blog post. Actually, I think it's a good teaser to put a little bit of the AFTER prior to the BEFORE pictures. Thanks for sharing your amazing work with your readers.

  49. Beautiful! In my humble opinion one before shot at the beginning keeps me wanting to read the article. I find it a bit lacking without that first glimpse.

  50. Beautiful! In my humble opinion one before shot at the beginning keeps me wanting to read the article. I find it a bit lacking without that first glimpse.

  51. Gorgeous - love the soft colours and the shape of the mirrors in the en suite. What an ingenious idea to have a bar to shut off the lights on the bedside tables.

    By the way, I always put an 'after' photo first as well as I want it to show up on sidebars.

  52. I love the after! The paint color, the bathroom, sconces, marble and especially love the nightstands. For real...you touch the nightstand and it turns out the light. How cool is that.
    Thanks for sharing,

  53. Gorgeous makeover, love how the bath came out and the pretty soft colors are so perfect for a master suite.

  54. What a transformation! You made this couple's dreams come true! Congratulations!

  55. Love the marble in the bathroom...it made such a difference..everything looks great!

  56. Totally get why you want to put a pretty picture first...it's the one that appears on all the blogrolls. Heck, even Sarah Richardson shows you a quick look at the finished room at the beginning of her shows. :)

    As always, a beautifully transformed space Mary Ann. You are the master.

    Have a great weekend!


  57. As usual you did created a beautiful space to fit the personality of your clients. I love it. Also, I understand your dilemma about the first photo Mary Ann. I've struggled with that question too, and I swear I've noticed a difference in hits when I post a pretty 'after' photo first.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  58. Absolutely gorgeous. Restful, serene, relaxing, comfortable, pretty...oh! I could go on and on!

  59. Lucky Linda! Her master suite is definitely restful, elegant and fresh. Beautiful transformation, Mary Ann.

  60. This is simply stunning. The bedroom and bathroom are so beautiful and elegant. Fabulous transformation Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  61. Gorgeous bedroom and bath! You did a fabulous job on these rooms and I will be featuring your post at this weeks Open House party .

  62. Beautiful rooms!

    Maybe you could do a little tiny thumbnail at the beginning of the post - this is the one that the blogrolls will show. It is important to have a good picture first if a portion of your traffic comes from clicks on other blogs. After all, a lot of people who like design and decor are very visual!

  63. I love how this turned out -- just beautiful!

    I completely understand the reasons behind posting an "after" pic first, but it does kind of spoil the "before/after" scene. I do the same thing, but sometimes I try to make that first photo a bit of a "tease" and not show an entire space, just a taunt!

  64. Beautiful job and regarding photos...I dont really care what shows first, it is always fun to compare the before and after regardless of the order you see them. Sometimes seeing the after first produces a really WOW affect when the before is shown.

  65. Very soothing transformation! I love those shades from Smith and Noble. I have been eyeing that mirror, seeing it in their space seals the deal, I am going to order them for a client. I have wordpress, and I can choose a "feature image" for my posts, so that the best picture shows up. Maybe you have that option too? Great design Mary Ann, your a very talented designer.

  66. Girl...how did I miss this??? It is stunning. So calm and restful. I can not believe that is the same bathroom! You are so good!


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