Easy Breezy Lunch and MOVING SALE

My client (now friend) Lisa wanted to see my home, so I invited her and another client/new friend for lunch. 
 It felt good to stop in the middle of the day and relax for an hour
with a few laughs and an easy lunch...
very French way of stopping for déjeuner.
In fact, we started with a glass of French Champagne!
I bought "Pasadena Chicken Salads" from Trader Joe's but made my own salad dressing. 
 The iced tea was half Tazo from the bottle and half low calorie lemonade. 
 And I just baked Trader Joe's Tarte aux Champignons on the side.
Bon appétit!

Since we will be moving to San Francisco 
next month, we need to downsize.
If you are local, near Newport Beach, Ca. and can pick-up
my loss is YOUR gain!

I'm selling this pretty shell mirror (notice how the shells form flowers) for $180  
and the hand painted plates for just $4 each.
 This tufted chair is $45.
This custom raffia cloth ottoman with nailheads is $350.
Snap up these comfortable bergere chairs for $80 each.

On Sunday, October 20 (from 9 am to 1 pm), we will have a moving sale at my home and I'm clearing out the closets with items like these...and lots more...bargains!
Vintage copper trays

French grain sack, velvet and linen
designer pillows...lots of pillows!

Email me at madamepickett@msn.com if you would 
like to come and I'll give you directions.


  1. HUGE DEALS-WOW!!!! love that raffia ottoman!! good luck with the move. i know its probably super stressful-ugh!

  2. Those are huge bargains!!! Wished I lived nearby. Congrats on the move too.

  3. Damn....big bargains I agree....would love some of that stuff now that I have cleared so much out:)

  4. Love your beautiful al fresco lunch.....so elegant! Looks like someone is going to make out like a bandit with your talented eye!! So funny my friend, a Trader Joe regular and power shopper:) loves that mushroom tart! I have to try it:)

  5. Mary Ann,
    I want the bergere chair pair. can you email me ?? I am in Ventura County but will come get them! Marcy :)

  6. Mary Ann,
    I want the bergere chair pair. can you email me ?? I am in Ventura County but will come get them! Marcy :)

  7. Oh Mary Ann, I know you all will have great adventures in SF but will surely miss the beach! I would LOVE that ottoman, but shipping would be as much as the piece itself I am sure. You have great 'stuff', I know it wont last long. What a perfectly simple but yummy lunch and of course your table is fab! xo

  8. Love your impromptu lunch....looks like you spent hours planning! And don't you just love the Trader Joe's Tarte aux Champignons? Perfect match with any salad! WOW....what great stuff you're selling....I'd love to take it ALL home with me....I'll bring my truck!!!! What fun, but you must be slightly crazed having to move in a matter of weeks! xo

  9. Oh, I wish I lived close by! Love the Bergere chairs.

  10. Too bad we are on opposite coasts!!! Love the pillows and copper trays!!!

  11. OMG, how I wish I lived close by, love those chairs!

  12. Kill me now!! the shell mirror, the ottoman ,the blue & white chair. oh yes, that's right, I'm in Australia.

  13. Hi Mary Ann. I might just swing by if just to say hello before you leave. If those small lumbar orange and pink Jonsathan Alder (if I remember correctly) are tagged for sale, please keep me in mind.

    1. Ummm....no way Marilyn! If those bad boys are for sale, I'll arm wrestle you for them! ;)

      P.S. I think they are Vervain if memory serves me right. Hope to see you this Sunday!

  14. Dang that auto-fill - Jonathan Adler . You knew what I meant. :)

  15. Oh how I wish I could go to your sale! What great stuff!!

  16. Lots of gorgeous things at crazy prices! I would take it all, in a heartbeat! Get there, if you're close, ladies!
    And yes, Trader Joe's is one of my dearest friends! Ha!
    Take care, Barbara

  17. Oh if I can get up there next Sunday that would be wonderful...you have such beautiful things. Will see if it fits in with our schedule!

    Linda in S.D.

  18. Mary Ann~ Please contact me about the chairs :) Marcy

  19. I'll buy all 3 chairs if you can tell me how to get them shipped to birmingham, Al. Very serious.

  20. My sister Karen and I are coming to your sale! We're so excited to finally get to meet you and shop all of your beautiful things at your sale. See you Saturday!

  21. wish I loved closer...i'd be there in a heartbeat for your moving sale :)

    I nominated you for a blogger sunshine award...


    cant wait to see your ORC update next week!


  22. Well shoot, it looks like Linee and I will be getting up early on Sunday and heading your way Mary Ann. Save me some pillows please! #pillowaddict :)

  23. What amazing bargains. You will see everything within an hour. Good luck.

  24. I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could. Love your chairs and cushions. Good for you for decluttering now - not easy to do, but necessary.

  25. Wow, how exciting you are moving up to the city! You will love it! I wish I could go to your sale! Mary Ann, your lunch is inspiring. I need to do this kind of thing more. It's so much more enjoyable than a restaurant and really a treat for your guest. And how about Trader Joes? Great stuff and with your gorgeous china and linens who knows the difference? Love it!
    I'll be checking to read more about your move! Good luck! xxKim

  26. Oh man... wish I lived closer! LOVE those Bergere chairs!! I'm sure everything went quickly :)


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