Modern Low Country Style in Tampa

My husband and I arrived in Tampa last night 
and are staying with dear friends, Dorothy and Carlos
before heading up to Gainesville to see our son at school.
This Cuban Tropical tile is on the path leading up to 
their home and the
greens and blues are repeated on the exterior.
Carlos is an architect and designed their home
as a modern interpretation of a low country house
 fifteen years ago.

I like the functional stainless steel counter top "fan."
 The kitchen is 14 years old but feels modern.
As you open this cabinet, it automatically pulls out shelving
 from the corner space...so cool.
The garden is lush with palms and 
this porte-cochere is one of my favorite features.

Notice the gate and column bases...
Carlos said he designed the balcony railing so that he could see out
but it still affords privacy.
What a beautiful start to our vacation!

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  1. Gorgeous home, I love it! Have fun on your trip visiting your son. Hugs,

  2. Beautiful double porch! Enjoy your stay and your son.

  3. Mary Ann, Their home is beautiful! I have always love the low country style. Have a great trip.

  4. Hi Mary Ann, Have nice vacation with your son, my daughter work for UF Gainesville here in Miami and also take class with Gainesville it is a very good University.
    Their home is so beautiful

  5. How picturesque, Mary Ann. Hope you have a wonderful time visiting your son and the Sunshine State!

  6. Beautiful home and I 'm so glad you get to spend time with your son. Enjoy!

  7. OOhh mary Ann ,you are in my neck of the woods.. I am 2 hrs north of Tampa and 45 minutes south of Gainesville. I wish you splendid weather while in the Sunshine State. Have fun with your friends and with your son.
    Beautiful home!!! Thanks for allowing us to peek in :-)
    Hugs, Gee

  8. Enjoy..sounds like a fun getaway. Beautiful home...so full of charm, enjoy the visit with your son!

  9. Beautiful start to your vacation....indeed! I love this home....so many wonderful details! Have a fun with your friends and visiting with Tommy in Gainesville! Can't wait to see more from there!

  10. Beautiful home with a nice tropical vibe. Enjoy the visit with your son and weekend getaway!

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful home! Thanks for showing us! It must be hard to have a son so far away. But my daughter is just three hours away and I hardly see her. AND...Dare I say it? Go Hogs-Beat Gators. (-: Sorry.
    I Enjoy your Blog.

  12. Mary Ann, this is a beautiful home. I love every element especially the stove and the corner shelves. I have a similar cabinet corner and priced out that "magic" shelf. Wow, pricey, way beyond my budget I sure love it.
    Have a great vacation, Ginger

  13. Such a beautiful home!....I so miss Florida....Go Gators!

  14. This is such beautiful home, Mary Ann! I love modern kitchen, and the pull out is such a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Sunday.

  15. Mary Ann...beautiful home...enjoy the time with your son...OK, vacations and ORC!

  16. Hi Mary Ann! This home is lovely. I always enjoy seeing great southern architecture. I would love to invite you to share this at Modern Cottage Monday at Curate | by Carrie Corson:)

  17. Once again, your friends are killing me with their amazing homes!! Beautiful!!

  18. Thanks for sharing this at Modern Cottage Monday Mary Ann!

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  20. Any chance you could find out the green color of the house?- it's so pretty!!


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