Pacific Palisades Living Room Before and After

After decorating her sister, Jeanne's home
Joanne asked if I could give her a hand.
She lives in the charming town of 
Pacific Palisades, just north of 
Santa Monica, California.
This is an after photo....I only had my small camera and don't know how the date got on there...
but you can see this was taken last Monday.

Here is a before photo...
The white carpeting and tile entry needed to go.
So much better with wood floors.  
I wanted to ditch the pine armoire. 
Joanne needed some convincing, 
but she is happy now with the Dovetail console.
Before...I didn't like this builder's grade banister/room
 divider either.  I recommended removing 
it when the floor went in
and using a plant in place of it.  
The club chairs were slipcovered 
and the was furniture rearranged.

Her sister Jeanne bought the good-looking fake tree 
from Gardenology and I delivered it.

I suggested replacing the hearth tiles with stone.

I should have take before photos of all her art 
and accessories grouped for me to "shop" last Monday.
I had fun accessorizing with what Joanne already had.  
See the orchid on the mantel?  
Joanne's sister bought that for her at my moving sale.

You can see where Liana worked her magic 
on Joanne's pretty new pillows.
Her kitty likes the new room, too.

Here is the mantel before...
And after...
We used heavy Belgian linen curtains 
from Restoration Hardware. 
In the moist ocean air the wrinkles will soften 
(they probably already have).  
The look and feel of the material is beautiful.

And now...
Thanks for visiting!


  1. What a nice clean update to the furnishings. The floors, fireplace and removing the banister room divider really bring the home up to date and add value too.

    Using decor items the client already owns is my favorite "to do" - well done! :-)

  2. So pretty....love the new fresher take on the room and agree exposing the pretty wood floors was a great idea!

  3. The new seating arrangement is so much more inviting. It feels so crisp and clean with the white furniture. Wow, are the details on that pillow georg.

  4. im OBSESSED with your orange pillows. and absolutely love the staffordshire dogs in the mix. white upholstery is so gorgeous! beautiful design and fantastic after!!!!

  5. WOW! I love how you created this fresh, new look and did so by using things she already owned. You introduced new pieces, but styled her room with the same chairs and accessories. To me, this is very important. I love to have fresh, new, etc but cannot afford the time out scouring and searching as I have a busy full-time job and an active family. I already own so many framed prints, candles, accessories, you name it, that I am often at a loss for what to do with them and how to make the room look different with the same things. I love this blog. Always full of inspiration.

  6. looks so pretty. It looks so fresh crisp and clean now. I really love it! You are a true master with great vision!

  7. A beautiful update! All decisions were spot on, especially removing the bannister (at first I thought there were stairs there). The fireplace makeover is dramatic too.

  8. You do no wrong in my book. Such a beautiful space. And what a sweet sister. I think I would have kept the orchid for myself. :)

  9. I'm so impressed you convinced her to get rid of that armoire. I have a client who refuses to ditch hers, no matter how much I try to convince her otherwise. :)

  10. Wow. I keep scrolling up and down trying to analyze what you did. That's an amazing transformation. I wish you lived closer; I'd have you give me a hand with my tiny living room! I have made a lot of progress in the past few years but some fresh eyes would be a big help. I've combined my style (Ikea white loveseat, cream lamp from Williamsburg, cream candle-lamp) with the stuff I inherited (some well-made, lovely cherry tables that my dad made, a cream-colored painted tv cabinet much like the one you've got in this room) and I'm so close to getting it the way I like it but you obviously have a knack.

  11. I love the softness to the room. Such pretty new colors and such a calm, pretty room.
    Well done, as usual!


  12. The change is beautiful. I love the off white colors and so much better with the wood floors and no banister. Hugs, marty

  13. Once again, Mary Ann waves her magic wand and an amazing transformation appears! It's just beautiful and I love that you used lots of her own pieces. The room is so much better without that room divider and the odd fireplace is now pretty a focal point with the mantle being a real star in the room now. Liana's pillows are gorgeous, the drapes and light flooring add a warm casual elegance and I love the cabinet under the TV. Wonderful job!

  14. Beautiful job and what a difference, I am sure you client is thrilled. All very good choices!!!

  15. Dear Mary Ann,
    Bravo, a great job! You made some terrific choices for them; what a difference!

    2013 Designer Series

  16. Great job! I love how you used her things and changed it around. Your choices are the best.

  17. Love the new look and love the slip covered chairs. I have chairs that would be a great candidate for slip covers...is that an easy process (slip covering)? Do you need to have someone come out to measure, take the chairs in for measuring, or were the slip covers purchased?

    1. Joanne's were taken to a professional slipcoverer for fabrication.

  18. Love the new more open feel in the room (Cat approved). It does open it up with monochromatic colors. Really lovely.

  19. Gorgeous transformation! Just beautiful! xo

  20. Love the changes...wood floors make such a difference!

  21. Great job as always, Mary Ann! I love the new wood floors and the slipcovered furniture. All of your suggestions were spot on. :)

  22. Great job, Mary Ann! Love the color scheme.

  23. Mary Anne, I would like the same pillows...where did you find(or have them made)...I have been looking for moe than a year??? Help!

  24. Mary Ann=
    I feel like a broken record when I visit here, but I just love your Work! Amazing design, friend!!

  25. You've made some great changes, Mary Ann. It's always amazing to me how much fabric updates a space, and the wood floor was a wonderful improvement!

  26. Amazing transformation, looks so awesome, love the color scheme.online bed sale UK

  27. That was a hard room design.....and you did it so right. I'm talking about furniture placement....it looks so good. The changes you made were spot on. I am sure she is thrilled with her space now!

  28. Such a lovely room, even more beautiful after receiving your touch!!


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