Stylish Places in Tampa and Sarasota, Florida

Hello from Florida!
We had lunch in this cool restored warehouse and stables.
I love black and white painted brick.
 Its called the Oxford Exchange in Tampa.
 There is a book store as you enter (great floors).

 We ate lunch in the solarium.
 The freshly brewed iced tea is cooled in martini shakers.
 I liked the patterns in the restroom.
 Then we went to Gainesville, 
hugged my boy a lot and got him a haircut.
And watched the Gators win!
Now we are in Sarasota at the Ritz Carlton...
on vacation and milking my birthday week.

I love this flower arrangement in the lobby. 
 Cool vase.
Last night we ate in the hotel at...
 Delicious food and fun interior.

 The wood sculpture on the ceiling could be a 
net or sea gulls...either way, 
it is nautical for a seafood restaurant on the water.

 Great light fixtures in the private dining room.

 The dishes are earthen pottery 
and recycled wine bottles.
 Isn't this a great salt and pepper fossil marble server?
I bought one for my husband in the gift shop.
 Notice the fish silverware and the simple craft paper
place mat with a stamp.
 Love the details.
It rained :( most of the day...but I am headed to the pool now.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. We go to Sarasota (Siesta Key) every year and I love it. You will have the best time! Make sure to take advantage of some of the great antique stores!

  2. Well I see birthday wishes are due - happy birthday Mary Ann! What a great way to celebrate, by visiting your son and visiting all these swanky spots! Enjoy!

  3. i LOVE sarasota!!!!! but not sure about the gator part (im a georgia bulldog-haha) actually, the florida football coach was at georgia when i was there!!! glad they won for y'all!!

  4. Happy Birthday sweetie pie! Have fun in Florida!!! XOXOXO

  5. What a fun trip! I love how you made us feel like we are almost there with you. And Happy Birthday, wishing you many happy days ahead full of laughter, lots of decorating and good times!

  6. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! What a great trip you saw some beautiful spots and go to see your son! lucky gal!!

  7. Happy Birthday! What a fun week. I love all the details you captured. So glad you got to see and hug your son. Enjoy the pool, I'm jealous.

  8. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! It looks like you are having an amazing birthday get-away, seeing and doing some really fun things, especially seeing Tommy. You always find the greatest places like Jack Dusty, with such a wonderful coastal flavor design! Have a great rest of your trip and may this next year bring you happiness and good health.

    XO Gail

  9. Happy Birthday, Mary Ann! Hope the rest of the vacation is great!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! What a great hotel...love the gallery wall...so creative....have a fun trip!

  11. What a great trip. Happy Birthday!

  12. It looks like you are having a great time! Have a Happy Happy birthday! Love that salt and pepper server and all the beautiful architecture! Enjoy the rest of your birthday vacation!

  13. I always enjoy your blog, Mary Ann. I have lived in the Sarasota area for 31 years. I write the social column for a local glossy magazine and I blog at www.thecivilizedlifeinsarasota.blogspot.com - a little about my life, but mostly about events in Sarasota. The Ritz is beautiful here and a special place to enjoy. Hope you are able to take in some of the spectacular arts organizations while here, especially the Ringling Museum of Art.

    1. Thanks! we will try to go to the museum tomorrow. Having a great time.

  14. I haven't been to Florida in years so fun to see all of these places!

  15. Happy Birthday Mary Ann. I love when birthdays last a week or so....... Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Love the restaurants and all the beautiful decorations they have. The fish silverware is great.
    Have a terrific vacation.

  16. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! I live in the Sarasota area so you are in my neck of the woods. While you are here you might want to see the "Icons of Style" exhibit at the Ringling Museum (just a few miles north of the Ritz). They have displayed several designer gowns, many worn by actresses for red carpet events. It is supposed to be wonderful. We are a family of UF gators so we welcome your son to the "Gator Nation".

  17. Wonderful tour thank you and Happy Birthday Mary Ann.

  18. wow! you found some amazing things! i really like the black paneled hall with light herringbone floors and the arched coffered ceiling...its like a gorgeousness overload! hope you are having a grand time!


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