Classically Modern on Balboa Island

Claire invited us over for wine and appetizers
at her lovely Balboa Island, California home.
 There are lots of mirrors reflecting the light 
and the water just outside.
 Claire's light fixture here inspired my 
One Room Challenge pendant.

This is a pretty vignette.
All these mirrors...I couldn't get out of the shots!

I like how the Greek key motif is repeated on the candle and table.

Sorry my photos aren't better but I was more
interested in just having fun with my friends.
Claire took the photo below...I will miss these guys
when I'm living in San Francisco!

Come back Wednesday for the 
One Room Challenge finale.


  1. I'm drooling on my keyboard over your friend's home...I die for all the coral and sea fans :) Cant wait til the big ORC reveal of your son's room :)

  2. Gorgeous home!! I can't wait to see the reveal, Mary Ann!

  3. Such a pretty house! Love all of the coral pieces.

  4. Black, white and tan with lots of texture....possibly my favorites of all time. This beautiful home has it all....not to mention a sensational location on Balboa.

    Hope you will get on Instagram so we can keep up with your big move! So excited for you. xo

  5. Your friend has a beautiful home. Sounds like you and your friends had a great time. When are you moving?
    Have a great week.
    By the way I tried the Pasadena Salad and the pizza you recommended and I love them. Have two in the freezer. Took lunch over to a friends and she loved it also. Thank you.

  6. Your friend's home is so cosy. Beautiful!

  7. The view! OMG.... I remember going to Balboa when I was a child. I would dream of what it would be like to live there! I think it should be mandatory for every house to offer guests Balboa Bars! Her home is enchanting. I can imagine the fire on in the evening with the doors open....
    Thank you, and her, for sharing.

  8. So pretty...I can't imagine having that view morning noon and night, its almost like shes in the water..its fabulous!

  9. Gorgeous place to live...I would love to wake up to that view...I bet your going to miss them very much..

  10. My parents lived on the Island in the 40's, and as a child, I spent many happy hours playing on the beach there. I remember wishing that I could live in one of those charming little cottages with the cute picket fences and tiny patios when I got older. It still is one of my favorite places to visit. Claire's house is wonderful and to have that view of the bay would be D-ivine! xoxo

  11. dying over the club chair fabric! LOVE it all!!!

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