Hello From Our Home By The Bay!

Last night was the second night of using my 
to counter the steel wheels on rails
 and "ding, ding, ding" starting at 
5:45 am until 1:30 am
(Darn cable cars, I love you and I hate you).

Thanks to our daughter, 
Alie and my husband
(and King/Allied Van Lines)...
these boxes are mostly gone.

I selected the fabric for the One Room Challenge
(thanks so much for all the great comments, by the way)
and Liana gave these pillows to me
as a going away present.

So, before we left, I had my dining room tree 
delivered to her workshop...
It has a cool irrigation system pot that controls the watering.

Then, a few days ago, when Alie and I were walking 
Chief on Polk Street, someone said to us 
..."you must take your puppy around the 
corner to meet the puppy at The Plant Warehouse."

So we did...
Say hello to Gizmo.
(by the way, people are really friendly here and having
 a six month old puppy works like magic).
That's me selecting a new tree...yay!

It's so hard to find a good rental apartment
 in San Francisco.
That's common knowledge here...
everyone complains about it.  
In fact, we had pay to have the place painted
since it was rented "as is".
Here are some photos before we painted and moved in. 
 These cabinets were stained sort of a yellowy pink...ick.
I was astonished when my sweet husband said, "let's paint them"
and the property manager said ok.
 Everything in here was peachy yellow including the
ceiling and bookcases.
I thought about keeping the red in the dining
room but it made 
the place feel chopped up.
 The views and the wood floors make the apartment!
Before we moved in, we had painters paint all
the walls BM White Dove and the
 kitchen cabinets BM Revere Pewter.
So, with the paint and moving investment...
I just need to adjust to the cable car noise.
It's nice to look out on all this blue.  
In fact, every room has a partial bay view.
I will have more shots of the rooms once I get things in place.

And here is the new plant delivered right 
to our new dining room.
City conveniences!

Can you see what is in the background 
in the view from our dining room?

Take a closer look...
 Free public courts (only during day light hours)
with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
(Tommy, YOU will be that guy when you come home to visit from school)!

 I like these narrow bay windows, too.

Back to the Marpac Dohm white noise machine...
this might be the key to my happiness here, I hope.
It's like sleeping with a hairdryer on the medium setting.
Which really bugged me the first night...
but the second night, not so much, so by the seventh night...
I may just love it here!


  1. OMG! It's fantastic. I love the floors and the view! I hope you enjoy living in SF. I'm looking forward to seeing how your new home comes together.

  2. You moved already? wow. that was fasssst! Enjoy and what a view!!

  3. What beautiful views you have! Do you think you'll get used to the bells and not hear them after awhile?

    I'm eager to see your cabinets. Revere Pewter is one of the colors I'm considering for mine.

    1. It's a good color as we have white Corian countertops, which i was afraid would look dingy if we tried a whiter shade.

  4. Mary Ann, What a beautiful home and view! I know your new house will be decorated beautifully.

  5. What a stunning apartment and the views are amazing. Pretty soon you won't even notice the cable cars.Looking forward to your working your magic on the apartment.
    Enjoy SFO.
    Looks like your dog has a friend already.

  6. Simply gorgeous views! What a wonderful location!

  7. Beautiful views! Can't wait to see how the kitchen turned out. Best wishes on a new chapter!

  8. Wow - you are there! Gorgeous views! Congrats on the new place!

  9. Wow Mary Ann your views are stunning! So excited for you! How sweet of Liana to give you the pillows and how sweet of you to give her your tree. Love the pillows by the way. Can't wait to see and hear more about your new apartment. Glad you're settling in. :)

  10. Enjoy your new adventure! I look forward to seeing your progress on the apartment (I'm envious of those baseboards!) and hearing about all of your new discoveries in San Francisco. :)

  11. Welcome to Northern Calif. Mary Ann! Wow what a wonderful view of the bay and the bridge. You are going to have so much fun exploring the city, so much to do, see and eat!! Hope you get settled really soon and adjust to your new city life. It will be a real adventure!!
    xo Kathysue

  12. The view, the view, the view. It's everything! Don't worry about anything else. Just enjoy being there.

  13. What a fantastic apartment!! Totally worth it. I lived in an apt on a super busy street when I first got married and the traffic used to keep me up at night and wake me up in the morning. It took about a year for me to get accustomed to the noise. But I still preferred silence. I however did not have a spectacular bay view to make up for the noise.
    Have so much fun, I know you will!!

  14. This really is a beautiful place and you've done lots to make it as stylish as you can...I really love it. Are you here to stay? I may have missed some posts. The view is beautiful!


  15. Mary Ann, "People are really friendly here", because you are so warm and happy! Your bay and people watching views are going to be great entertainment.

    "As is", but the landlord said yes to all your paint ideas - heaven. My husband travels for work and swears by ear plugs. The trick is to learn the proper insert technique for maximum sound muffle. Good luck with the noise... I once supervised a group of 8th grade girls on that cable line and their screams of excitement as we crested the hill... oh, I'm sure it's only happened that once.

    Cheers to you! :-)

  16. Wow Mary Ann you work fast and don't mess around. I can already envision how GORGEOUS its going to look once you work your magic. That view is to die for......so excited for you! Cannot wait to see more and just keep that white noise machine cranked up and you will I am sure be happy as a clam. Best of luck as to start making it a home:)

  17. Welcome to Northern CA Maryanne! Incredible views! I think you may live in my niece's old apartment builing! That view looks very familiar!!

  18. Fantastic view! Here's a hint for masking noise if you can't get the Marpac Dohm, - try the app White Noise by TM Soft! They have a free trial version for cell phones, that I use when traveling. Just select the type of noise from the catalog of choices, or even make your own "blend".

  19. Looks like a great apartment! It's nice that walking your puppy has the added benefit of helping you meet new friends. What a great adventure. Very much looking forward to following along.

    Sonoma has a great home store with lots of goodies to make a beautiful thanksgiving table.

  20. Be still my heart, I am loving all of this. I can't believe that you had to pay for all the painting. It has been a while sine I have rented, so maybe this is the new normal? I can't wait to see that kitchen with the gray cabinets. Love, love, love the view. I would love to know more about the planter you gave to your friend. The watering system is something I would like to investigate more. Beautiful pillow, of course. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

  21. Mary Ann-
    You will have this place looking like a million dollars in no time!! Great apartment, and that view!!!
    Add in tennis courts, I'm game.

  22. Mary Ann, that apartment is dreamy!!!! What a location and view! I'm so excited for you and know this will be a wonderful adventure for you and your hubby. Enjoy settling into your new home.

  23. Hi Mary Ann: Good luck with the noise machine: I really hope it works for you. And of course it all just takes time….We can get used to almost anything (I've learned, as I get older!) I lived up on Pacific for two years with views like yours and oh that wonderful light! Can we ask: how long will you be there? Or do you even know?? Look forward to seeing more!

  24. Congratulations on a successful move dear!!! looks like your plan is in action. The view from your apartment is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! That's enough to make you feel inspired everyday!!!! Have to have that irrigation pot, got the spa pot for my fiddle leafs, yours might be better. Anyway, enjoy your new home and we'll be on the look out for more of your decorating goodness!

  25. Wow, what views you have...just beautiful. I just can picture it when you have finished decorating, it will be amazing. Have to say I'm a little jealous. :)

    Thank goodness that the property manager said O.K. to the painting because I know how much those
    cabinets would have bothered you. My old entertainment center from the 90's was the same wood, and I wanted a new one for a long time. Right after we replaced it I was attending a brunch at someone's house and the hostess had the exact same (old) piece. It made me realize how much I REALLY had not liked it and how happy I was to have the new one! :)

    That is the same noise machine we have, it does take some adjusting. My husband can't sleep without it now.

    My fiddle leaf is pretty healthy and by a southwest facing window but it stopped growing over a year ago, even after putting it in a bigger pot. I'm curious about your watering system!

    Linda in S.D.

  26. Have you stopped in yet to The Candy Store in your hood? It's on Valejo off Polk. Awesome unusual selection of candy and run by a lovely couple. You are going to have so much fun here, I count my blessings every day (I'm a transplant of 25 years now) that I get to live in SF. -Caitlin

  27. Yeah!!! I'm so excited about your new place!!! God bless you my dear friend! take a ton of pictures for all of us! XOXOXO

  28. Mary Ann, I see lots of potential there too! The views couldn't be better. Doesn't look like its even in the city!
    A great store to visit there is B'ellochio {not sure of spelling}. It is charming also NEST, of course Boulevard for dining! Enjoy I 'm sure it already feels like home.... P.S. LOVE the marble fireplace! xo

  29. Amazing. All those boxes are gone already? Can I have some of your vitamins? How about your daughter? Sigh. I am moving so slow with my own boxes sometimes I think I'm going in reverse hahaha...Oh course we're selling our house so I still don't know where we're going to be living yet, first things first.
    But back to you. I'm so happy that you found a place with such fantastic views, I can only imagine waking up and having coffee in that place. And it's so amazing how a fresh coat of paint changes everything. I can't wait to see what you do with your new home.

  30. I am so looking forward to experiencing another city through your eyes. Keep the views and doggie pics coming! Best of luck.

  31. Paint was definitely in order. I'm sure you'll make your new place spectacular! You have the most amazing views and the most interesting city in the U.S. to explore!

  32. Mary Ann what a find! Your views make it all worth while. I can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets, I love that color. Enjoy settling in!

  33. The views from your new place are wonderful! Love the wood floors...and I can't believe you have artwork hung already! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the space. Elle

  34. I was feeling somewhat envious of you, getting to move to San Fran, but seeing all those boxes to unpack, made me think twice about wanting to move!! I love that you could paint out the kitchen cabinets and bring in the light with BM's Dove White. It's going to be beautiful and I can hardly wait to see it all pulled together. That is one BIG, beautiful Fiddle Leaf you got! So nice that they delivered it for you.

    I remember being in Zurich at my nieces house and hearing the tower bells chiming ALL the time, thinking I could never get used to them. We live in an extremely quiet neighborhood and I know Lido was the same way. However, with stunning views like the ones you get to enjoy, I think I might be able to learn to love those cable cars ding...ding...dinging away!!

  35. Mary Ann...Ive been sleeping with a noise machine for years...between the dog and the hubby snoring its the only way I get a good night sleep! The apartment looks charming...you will have it looking beautiful in no time...

  36. Gorgeous. Your apartment is going to look fantastic painted and decorated with that view as the focal point.

    By the way, we sleep with a fan on to block the noise and love it. I think you will get used to it pretty quickly.

  37. Mary Ann,
    The apartment looks great and that view...oh my! I could tolerate a lot of ambient noise with that view! Can't wait to see your lovely furniture situated in your new home.

  38. Oh- What a wonderful place, Mary Ann. It is just gorgeous! I have used BM's White Dove in three of my last homes- In a historical house that I renovated I used 72 GALLONS of White Dove on the woodwork. It is my go-to color. Hope you are having fun getting settled in- Diana

  39. What a glorious view and fun advenure, Mary Ann! I know you'll have your place gorgeous and feeling like home in no time, I even have a feeling you'll come to like the sound of the cable cars! :)

  40. Such gorgeous views. Can't wait to see the painted kitchen cabinets!!

  41. Love the new blog header with the golden gate bridge - yeah! I love San Fran and have a dear friend who lives on the east bay in a cute town called Moraga. I am a tad bit jealous for your adventure in such a great city with an apartment with a view and a husband who let you paint the cabinets of a rental. Complete winning combination! Can't wait to follow along....waiting to see the kitchen :)

  42. Mary Ann, Welcome Home. You make every home beautiful. Love your vision! We are box fan sleepers, all 7 of us! When we go somewhere, we stop at the local hardware store, buy a box fan and sleep. If the noise is too much ( fireworks on a beach every night) we double up and make a box fan sandwich . XOXO. Can't wait to see updates (esp cabinets)

  43. I am so jealous! You apartment looks fabulous (after u had to paint it!!! @$#$%) What a great location and the views!!! Congrats and enjoy!

  44. Congrats, May Ann! You're in the most amazing city! I'm a Boston girl through and through but if I could live in one other city it would be SF. Incredible views from your windows!!! Can't wait to see what you do with your city apartment!

  45. Oh love this new adventure with you ... what a glorious view ... I'd probably be okay with the original paint colors and just look out the window all the time!! xo

  46. Oh Mary Ann, I loved this post...I almost feel all caught up with your new adventure. It's great to see your new home with little parts (pillows, etc) from your NB home. I can't wait to see more! What a view!

  47. and i love your new logo with the Golden Gate Bridge!

  48. Hi Mary Ann,
    Welcome to San Francisco! I'm so happy for you! Your apartment looks amazing with the San Francisco views, especially the Golden Gate!
    I live just south in San Mateo, but am planning on selling the big house in the spring and downsizing. We want to move to San Francisco and are looking at apartments, etc. but I know how hard it is to find a decent one. My daughter lives and works in North Beach and my son works in the Presidio and can't find an apartment in the Marina that's affordable. Anyway, welcome to SF. I would love to get together sometime...

  49. Wow Mary Ann where have I been? I had no idea that you were moving. What a fun adventure for you and your husband. I would have to have that machine as well, I need complete quiet to sleep, I am glad it is working well for you. Loved your son's one room challenge, can't wait to see how you challenge yourself to get your new apartment to your liking! A puppy is always a conversation starter :)

  50. Lucky girl! I lived in the Bay Area for about 4 years (in Oakland) when I was a poor post college girl. How I'd love to move back to an apartment in Russian Hill with such a beautiful view. I'm thrilled to be able to live vicariously through you on this adventure. Can't wait to see the pictures of your space newly painted.

  51. Wow what great views. I miss the time I lived in SF. I lived in Cole Valley, and if you are looking for a brunch place you must try Zazzies. (Just be prepared to wait.) My first night I couldn't sleep because the muni ran right by our place and the apartment shook. It took some time to get used to it. However, It turned out to be a blessing because we never had to wait outside in the rain or cold for the muni. We felt the apartment shake and we booked in down the flat. I think I almost gave my mom a heart attack when she visited and I would yell "go, go, go" the moment I felt the shake to get to the train in time. Ahh enjoy!

  52. What a stunning apartment and those views! It really is beautiful and you will make it magazine worthy! Best wishes in your new home! Sleep tight!
    Xo Nancy

  53. What a stunning apartment and those views! It really is beautiful and you will make it magazine worthy! Best wishes in your new home! Sleep tight!
    Xo Nancy

  54. Well, at least you have incredible views and an amazing new home to help with the adjustment!! It's going to be to die for when you get through, we all know that. Continued good luck with the transition.


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