Our Galley Kitchen Before and After

 Hello!  My name is Chief Pickett, 
formerly of Hemet and Newport Beach, California.
And now "Man About Town" in San Francisco.
I will be guest posting for for my mom, Mary Ann, 
today about our kitchen re-do 
(I mean, "make do" in our 1920's rental apartment).

Here are some "before photos."

I know.  Linoleum.

Hmmm.   Dated (1980's?) cabinets.

But, there is a dog park out the window 
to the left of the tennis courts.

The walls have been painted BM White Dove 
(like we requested for the whole apartment before we moved in)
since the counter tops are older white Corian, 
we wanted a bit of a contrast on the cabinets 
so that they would not look dingy.
And look what we have now...

No backsplash.  
So Mom put a tray and platter behind the faucet.
The butcher block is a great deal from IKEA at around $10.
My Aunt TC prolongs the life of her herbs by placing them 
in water on the counter...like with this parsley.
Isn't that a fun painting done by Mom's friend, Clair?

This carpet feels warmer...it's indoor/outdoor, 
so it's easy to clean.
We are glad the landlords put in new, 
stainless steel appliances.
Mom thinks they should have spray painted the cabinets 
instead of brushed them for a smoother finish,
but still thinks they are an improvement.

Coming from a much larger kitchen, 
we are finding that the storage is good here.

The iron hooks to hang the copper pots 
came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Wait a minute.  My French is not so good, 
but do you see dog treats on the list?

Out the kitchen window, it's cold and rainy day today.  
Good time to stay indoors.
Here comes the cable car.
For the record, their noise doesn't bother me a bit...
except the driver said I couldn't get on without a muzzle (how rude) 
and they don't make them for my compact nose.  
But I CAN hitch a ride in Mom's tote bag.

And here we have my favorite part of the kitchen...
My dishes came from Home Goods.

Ahhhh, San Francisco!
What we lack for in space, is made up for by the beautiful walks (just not today),  gorgeous views, awesome food, stately architecture, friendly dogs and people, just to name a few things.

Thanks for reading my mom's blog.

PS.  Sunny skies ahead...


  1. Tell your mom she did a bang up job on making that kitchen her own! I especially love the grocery list, even if my French is rather rusty as well. Love the space and the views!

  2. Chief Pickett, your momma did a fabulous job! I especially love the trio of copper pots - they add such warmth, and are handy when needed. And all the other accessories are wonderful. Enjoy your new home!

  3. So glad that you like it there and can go on great walks with your mom. The kitchen looks so much better since the landlord made some changes. The weather is a little different that So CA but you will love the crisp walks.
    Nothing special here except we did get some rain, but Lili and I do not like to go outside when the grass is wet. Lili is such a Diva.
    Well so glad to like SFO.
    Waldo and Lili

  4. Chief is the CUTEST. thanks for the tour, buddy! i love your dog bowsl and that you have a nice park nearby.

    Mary Ann - I love the changes and how that darn ikea butcher book looks so great. And that pic behind the sink - PERFECT! how did you do the paint on the cabinets? oil based? i am scared to start, but i need to hide my ugly 80s oak :/

  5. Cute post Chief! The kitchen looks great, and the views are just amazing!

  6. Sir Chief,

    Misty and Riley here in Glendale, writing this for our mom! Even though we usually don't get along with doggies, we have to admit that you're a cute, handsome fellow and it must be such fun to live in a new place with new smells and lots of new places to explore!

    Our mom told us that when she first saw the kitchen in your SF rental, she wasn't sure if it could ever look nice. But then she said, if anyone could make it look good, it was your mom! Boy, it sure looks amazing! And it really was wonderful of the landlord to change out those outdated appliances and faucet, it has such a nice clean updated look! You are so lucky to have such a talented mom….ours is pretty talented too!!

    It's raining here today too, so we will just sit in the window all day and look out at the lush greenery and birds. But then that's what we do everyday! Tell you mom…."Great Job"!
    Purrs and Hisses….Misty and Riley

  7. Love that transformation. Your landlord will be thanking you - you've just brought there place up to the times. Oh - and the narrator of this post is adorable!

  8. Great post, Chief. I'd say Mom can laze around all day and let you write her blogs for her- you are THAT good. Muzzle you? HA! Not on OUR watch!
    I love all the changes-and the view is spectacular. What a fun venture this has been so far! xo Diana

  9. Chief -- you are so adorable! So happy there is a dog park for you nearby. Your new digs look great -- don't you have a nice Mom! :)

  10. Easy to see why you are called Chief - you are a born leader. By the Way Chief, your Momma has loads of flair and talent.

  11. THIS is the most adorable post from any blog that I have ever read! The kitchen looks FABULOUS! Those are great paint color choices. Your furbaby is so gorgeous and made my heart melt!

  12. Wow, what an improvement, sure is impressive. Chief, while I don't see dog treats on the list, there is always jambon.

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  14. Wow, MaryAnn what a makeover! My bathroom cabinets are Revere Pewter, too. Such a great color. Hmmm, may need to go get some iron hooks from BB&B. I love that grocery list thingy.

  15. Dear Chief, Your mom did a really great job making your new apartment look like "home". That was really rude of the cable car driver but I'm glad you get to travel in a tote. Tell your mom that my mom loves Dash and Albert rugs too and especially loves that it is a company that loves dogs! It is raining today here too so I am just hanging out in my mom's office reading blogs and sleeping. Have a great day! Milo Cassara

  16. The kitchen looks great and I'm in love with Chief Pickett!

  17. Well this is just lovely! The power of paint! I've been considering Revere Pewter for my bathroom (vanity and trim, paired with white walls) and this may have sealed the deal. It has green undertones, yes? I really love it. And the copper pots are perfect! So much warmth. The dreary view out your window makes me long for a cozy day at home :)

    So nice of Chief to give us a tour. I had a Boston (named Bugsy) growing up. Boy does that first picture make me miss him.

  18. Sadly, dog treats are not on that list in French...

  19. Lol! This was so cute and I love how your Mama can make a home feel so warm wherever she goes! You are one blessed pup!

  20. Looks FABULOUS...what a transformation! And your dog is ADORABLE!!!

  21. Adorable! Chief and the kitchen. You made it chic and practical. Chief is such a little cutie!

  22. Such a cute post. Your kitchen is looking great.

  23. I love how the kitchen turned out! Revere Pewter is one of my favorite colors that I plan to use in my home at some point. Chief is darling and such a good tour guide!

  24. Great post Chief! Love the transformation and sounds like everyone is settling into your new town wonderfully. Can't wait to see more.

  25. Cute post, I wonder what Mr. Lincoln our {saint Bernard} or Miss Chloe our {Tibetan Mastiff} would say! Probably something like...YO Chief... we're impressed your allowed in the kitchen!!!
    Looks like you have made it a cozy space! Chief is adorable! Don't tell him in those words maybe say "Handsome"... xo

  26. What a nice change! It's no surprise that you can make even a rental look lovely.
    That is a great view too! And adorable dog. :)


  27. Chief, now you know what to get your Mom for Christmas: Rain gear and waterproof shoes! Well done on the report. :-)

  28. Chief, the kitchen reno is simply mah-velous! Your landlord is thanking his lucky stars right about now!! Can't wait to see what's next on your momma's plate!

  29. Well hello, Chief! Aren't you adorable! I don't blame you for being offended about the muzzle comment. I can tell you are a sweet boy and don't need such a contraption.

    Mary Ann, I think your kitchen remodel looks wonderful. It's quite a nice kitchen for an apartment. You've made it feel very fresh and homey.

  30. The kitchen looks great. I think the Revere Pewter is a really good color for stainless steel appliances. I love the copper accents too. Such a nice improvement over the original colors.

  31. Mary Ann your kitchen looks so nice! You never disappoint! Always make a beautiful space!

  32. Hi Chief Pickett! I loved your post and your mom's kitchen!

  33. Chief is the cutest blogger ever....and the kitchen looks fantastic!

  34. Mary Ann! I love all of your touches to make the new rental kitchen feel like home. Superb views and what an adorable dog ! Obsessed!

  35. What a change - it looks fantastic. The colour you chose is perfect and all the little touches make it so homey. Great painting, by the way.

  36. Sir Chief,
    You and your mom are so fortunate the landlords let you paint the cabinets...I know you will leave it much better than when you got it. You and my Erma could surely be pals as you are cut out of similar cloth.
    Keep your mom in line and forget that ole trolly car driver, have fun!

  37. So cute. And a great job by the amazing Boston Terrier, telling us all about it. :-)

  38. Looks so cozy,
    My friend saw you the other day at Pottery Barn in Emeryville.
    You were pretty close to me. Call me next time you are in the east bay!
    Would love to meet up!!!

    1. I wasn't with her or I would have tackled you with a big bear hug!!!!

  39. Mary Ann, Chief and your new kitchen are the best! Adore all of your special touches.
    It sounds like you are enjoying San Francisco so far!
    The Arts by Karena

  40. I like what you did, it is pretty dramatic what paint can do and the pretty accsessories. I like the addition of the copper pieces.

  41. What an amazing difference with a coat of paint and of course, accessories make it your own. Just love the hanging copper pots and the IKEA cutting board adds such warmth Great job!!

  42. You are so good! And faster than anyone I know..this would have taken me months to do and you did it in hours! I am always amazed at what great taste, an imagination to visualize and a bucket of paint can do! Wonderful Mary Ann and so happy Chief approves!

  43. Great job in the kitchen, Mary Ann! Your landlord should count his lucky stars that he has you for a tenant!

    Chief - Nice job on being a guest blogger. You did such a great job that I think you might consider starting your own blog...you could call it Classic-Casual-Chief !!! Looking forward to your adventures in NorCal!

  44. It's the rug/runner that I love! They always add so much warmth to any kitchen and yours is just the right shape!
    Nice job, Chief, of writing and posting. Hope we'll see more of you!

  45. You're one lucky dog Chief. I'm thinking (and my boys are thinking the same thing) that we need a dog just like you in our family. BTW- your mom can do no wrong. Your new digs look amazing!

  46. Lucky Dog!!!! Love the new place!

  47. I have a boston Terrier too and even though i know she wouldnt bite, i always wondered where i could even find one for her nonexistent muzzle

  48. Nicely done! I like those copper pots and all the other warm touches scattered about. The Terrier is darling!

  49. So much for counting on Janis to keep me up to date on your news! I am catching up on older posts, and excited for your new home in SF; great change from SoCal for awhile! Love the copper of course, and the paint work, and Chief is super adorable. And if you need any baskets for grocery shopping, you know who to ask. all best~ A

  50. Oh my goodness Mary Ann you did wonders with that kitchen! You are in a great neighborhood! Love Chief's little anecdotes! San Francisco does love their dogs thank goodness. I can't believe they asked you to put a muzzle on him....

  51. This post is so cute, love Chief's narration. A friend of mine has two Bostons!

    You transformed this kitchen into something that doesn't even resemble it's former self. Digging the rug and the copper pots.

    So glad you are loving it there!

    Linda in S.D.

  52. How did I miss your move to the Bay Area?! Welcome neighbor! I love what you did to cozy up that kitchen! The sun is back out just in time for the weekend - yay! Have a great one!

  53. So cute Mary Ann. You know we love dogs and yours is so adorable. What a great size for an apartment. The kitchen looks amazingly better with just paint. Love the rug and your styling. You've been busy! Hope it's all falling into place for you and you can 'bloom where you're planted'! It looks like it already!
    xo Nancy

  54. What a great apartment and that view! You're one lucky dog, great parents and a pretty nice life.

  55. Hi Chief Pickett, First, you are adorable and did a wonderful job hosting for your mom. The kitchen transformation is wonderful.

  56. What a super cute and fun post to read Mr.Pickett!! I enjoyed taking a tour of your updated and now beautiful kitchen!

  57. Looks fantastic, you did wonders!! And your dog is just the cutest. I love the colors and the rug, and have been totally crushing on copper lately. Your pots look great on the wall.

  58. So fun reading and seeing an update from Chief's point of view! Your kitchen looks beautiful....amazing what paint and your touches make Mary Ann! I love how you hung your copper pots...perfect for that space. Love the berry baskets and herbs and of course your coffee station! Perfection!

  59. Too cute, I think I'll let my Oliver write my next post! haha!

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