Quick Changes, Chocolate Tart and SF at Night

Jackie wanted to "freshen up" her 
master bedroom on a budget.  
After visiting her home, I gave Jackie and
her husband some direction
 to carry out the project themselves. 
Here are photos that she sent to me recently...
I recommended recovering her chair with tufting 
and in this subtle stripe that I found at 
Dorell Discount fabric (about $10/yd).  
All their bedroom furniture was "matched."
Since they needed more storage, 
we ordered two of these from 
This was the major investment.  
They were relieved that I
 didn't suggest changing everything.  
Jackie got the mercury lamps at Home Goods.

In this before photo below, I suggested spray painting the botanical frames black and rehanging them to frame the mirror.

I, also recommended painting the walls 
Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper.

We have enough of the coordinating 
discount paisley fabric (on the pillow)
 to have a tailored bedskirt made in the near future. 

Here is another quick before and after for a different client who only wanted to replace her powder room's faded wallpaper.

We also grabbed a different mirror from the hall
and installed this beautiful 
(wish you could see it in person)
Phillip Jeffries Moroccan Metallic Gold 
on Ivory Hemp Wallpaper.

My client just sent this photo to me via her telephone.
The scale of this mirror feels slightly too large 
for the base but the price was right :)
I won this book from the wonderful blog,
Thanks, Karena!

It's displayed without the cover 
(showing the neutral cane cover) on our coffee table.

Yesterday, I made this 
to take to our friends' dinner party... 
few blocks down the street…
They have an amazing view of the 
Golden Gate Bridge 
from their rooftop deck.
(thanks, Dwight, for taking these photos)
This is a view back towards Russian Hill on the right, 
where we live…and see the shooting star?
Next time... a tour, of our compact but 
efficient and relatively spacious, galley kitchen.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh, I love the recommended changes for your client. Smart ideas and money well spent. I'm looking forward to seeing the bed skirt made to see it all pulled together. Excellent looking tart. I can taste it just by looking at it!

  2. Love the changes to the bedroom, it looks beautiful and I really like the pic of the bathroom redo too. The photos of SF are amazing, and that tart look sooooooooooooooooooooo good. I am having a Holiday Baking Party on the 20th, I would love for you to link up the recipe and any of your other favorites. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love the changes you suggested for both of your clients! So fun to see people take your advice and then share the finished product, bravo! The tart looks yummy and I can't wait to see your galley kitchen!!!

  4. Looks like you are fitting right in.....yum that tart! I love the after especially the bathroom...you are impressive in how much you get done.

  5. Great makeovers, Mary Ann! I have two of those identical channel back chairs that used to belong to my hubby's grandmother. I had them recovered with a beautiful floral several years ago and I still love them.

    That color Glass Slipper looks great in their bedroom. I have looked at that color several times. It is really prettier on the wall than it is in the sample.

    Hope you have a wonderful week., Diana ps, You are right-that mirror is a bit heavy for the base in the bathroom-but LOVE the wallpaper.

  6. OMG, I love the way that chair came out! I have seen several chairs like in the before picture and liked the size, arms and legs, but not the shelled back. I need two chairs and will look at that before style differently now. Great idea! That pie looks delicious too.

  7. Hi Mary Ann,
    You make excellent suggestions to your clients. Love the chair update, what a difference!
    I am so happy you are enjoying the Tom's book, I love the cane cover as well!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Wonderful suggestions for your clients, Mary Ann! Can't believe that's the same chair. And what a view - fabulous!

  9. Wow! You've been busy since arriving in SF! Your client's bedroom looks great.
    Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  10. Mary Ann, you're doing a terrific job of moving, redecorating, and adapting! I love the photos of your San Francisco view from Russian Hill. I visited SF last week, and I imagine the beautiful weather I enjoyed was tempting you away from your computer, moving boxes, and clients!
    I can't help myself: I'm a proud mom, a dog lover, and a fan of yours, so I want to suggest a super San Francisco service for your darling little pup. My son founded "small club SF" for just such lively, small dogs who live in the city, but need regular outdoor activity to keep them happy and healthy. He picks them up and takes them places where they can sniff, explore, and run. They love it -- and he loves his work. Now he's expanding to a limited number of boarders for those times you need to be out of town. If he might be a part of making your new life in SF even better, I hope you'll look him up at http://www.smallclubsf.com/blog!
    Looking forward to seeing the new color on your kitchen cabinets,

    1. Thanks, Sue...I'm sure this will be helpful. So, far my husband and I have been taking Chief out a lot but there may be a time when we can't. I will book mark your son's blog.

  11. I love your banner. My blog partner/daughter used to live in SF so I'm having fun watching you get settled in. She lived in Cole Valley right after college for two years. It was a great place for me to visit.

  12. Your clients must be thrilled! It's amazing how just a few updates can make such a difference. Oh, that view is just beautiful! I have only been to San Francisco once but now I really want to go back. It sounds like you are settling in nicely! Cheers! - Shelley

  13. gorgeous rooms...and that view of the bridge is amazing.......

  14. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.I'm impressed. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.
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  15. Love the makeovers, especially Jackie's chair. It looks like you are enjoying San Francisco. I am coming out to visit my daughter in a few weeks and I'm so excited. Love SF.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love your recommendations on the bedroom. I love the pictures framing the mirror and the plans for the bedskirt. I have the same bed and made a bedskirt for it. Please take a look here and tell me what you think.http://savannahgranny.blogspot.com/2011/08/bedskirt-tutorial.html
    Congrats on the win, your table arrangement looks beautiful, love the candleholder.

  17. Love the upholstered chair. I inherited a lovely settee with a fan back. I want to have it reupholstered with a tufted back. I'm nervous because I don't know any upholsterers. Can you recommend any in the S.F. area? I live in Walnut Creek.
    Thank you, Jan

  18. What a difference a few little changes can make. Love the new nightstands and color changes. And great change in that bathroom….SOOOO much better! And I've never seen a book with a cane covering! I remember years ago recanting an old chair…..and not the sheet kind either! I wove it all by hand. Boy…never again. Your views are spectacular and I can hardly wait to see how you put your magic to work on your place.

    And now….I'm ready for my slice of that Chocolate Nut Tart! YUM!! Looks delicious!

  19. Wow...just a few changes make such a difference...looks great Mary Ann! So does that tart...I would love the recipe...it looks yummy!

  20. I love the quick but oh-so-effective changes in these rooms. They look fantastic!


  21. Hi Mary Ann. Love the choice of the black nightstands for you client's bedroom. And the chair turned out beautifully! Can't wait to see the tour of your kitchen. Hope you are staying dry!

  22. Great changes to your client's bedroom...and relatively simple! It's very relaxing, restful, and beautiful to boot! ;)


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