Relaxed Elegance With Modern Flair

Last month, I visited 
my buddy Netta in her 
light filled Winter Park, Florida home.
I only had my pocket camera with me so just imagine 
that her home is much prettier in person...
Netta and I are old friends and I can 
tell you that she had her zebra skin waaay 
before their surge in popularity.
Love this pecky cypress curved, beveled glass door.  
Netta had it stained the muted beige.
The home creates a neutral background for their art collection.

I'm crazy about the red accents here and the mix of antique and modern.

SUCH a great idea to use the over-sized mirror 
from Restoration Hardware instead of a mantel.
And the Louis Ghost chairs and lucite table keep 
the room feeling open.

Love the birch logs…why doesn't Duraflame 
(we can use them in our SF fireplace) 
cover their logs in birch bark paper???  Isn't that a good idea?
Oh, I love this little leather stool.

Netta's husband is an artist and he creates these 
sculptures by pouring metal into fire ant nests.

This room, with beautiful windows and pillars, 
was just added on and serves
as nice spot to read near their master bedroom.

Here is my favorite part of her home…
the kitchen, which is an elegant
mix of clean modern lines and antiques.

I love the traditional subway tiles without upper cabinets and
the streamlined cabinetry opposite.

The door below leads to their center courtyard...
with an outdoor kitchen…so useful, practically year-round in Florida.
Netta and I have the same Staub cast iron pumpkin pot...
hers in Florida and mine in California.

Thank you, Netta and Spot 
for the tour of your stylish home.

Please pray for the victims of the Philippines.  
And thank you for visiting.


  1. I love the mirror in the kitchen! and I die for the doors! you have the most chic friends!

  2. oh my dear god - this is STUNNING. and id like to see more of spot too :)

  3. You are probably going to think I'm weird for saying this but I can't imagine that pouring metal into fire ant nests is very good for the soil. Beautiful house though.

    1. Megan, I don't think that it is harmful as the metal comes from the earth...and have you ever been bitten by a fire ant?

  4. Wow, love her edited style... it speaks to me!
    The kitchen is my fave!!!

  5. What a beautiful home. I love her front door and her kitchen is amazing!

  6. Dear Lord that home is a stunner! LOVE the clean lined, modern kitchen....wow.

    Also in love with the lucite coffee table and the black leather modern chair....what are those called? Bauhaus? Not sure, but love those!! So much to admire about this home.

  7. Oh how beautiful! What a treat! I agree with you about the RH mirror!

  8. Another beautiful home!! It's all gorgeous, but the sitting room addition is my favorite. I was just pinning kitchens without uppers, as I contemplate a kitchen remodel. I'll have to add Netta's kitchen to my board :)

  9. Stunning! The metal sculptures are amazing, does he sell them?

  10. Great home...you sure do have some stylish friends!! I love how open and airy it is and those high ceilings really help. Hope your move and unpacking are going well!

  11. You hang with some pretty talented ladies! What a stunning and unique home!

  12. Mary Ann, Beautiful home! Our oldest son lives in Winter Park and there are some fabulous homes in the area.

  13. Gorgeous, I love their collection of art and pottery! Thanks to them for allowing us a peek! :)

  14. Netta has a damn cool crib! I love the mix of modern, vintage and eclectic throughout the home!

  15. As Sherry Hart just said…what a "cool crib" indeed! Uber sophisticated style and so timeless. Such a beautiful, calming way to live. Boy….you're friends have the most fabulous homes!! Thanks for sharing Netta's amazing home!

  16. Wish I was Netta's friend and could visit that fab house ;)

  17. netta has awesome taste! i especially love her over scaled art-major wow factor. thx for the tour!!

  18. Really, really, really cool house. And not only the house....I love the artwork. Especially the abstract next to the secretary. The sculptures are really beautiful too; what an interesting idea. I wonder if the sconces were also handmade. I notice they look similar to the sculpture bases. I'm so glad they let you share their home!

  19. Wow! Her house is gorgeous. She has a great eye and I love everything about it starting with the front door! Thanks for sharing that here with all of us. (does she know?;>) I am praying for those poor souls in the Philippines. it is just devastating the news that we are hearing- xo Diana

  20. That's a beautiful home and there are quite a few pieces in there I wouldn't mind myself. Love the ornate mirror on the modern fireplace, it works so well. It's light-filled and airy which is I guess is a good thing in Florida. xo

  21. An absolutely stunning home and what a style maker she is! She could have a whole book about this home. Gorgeous!
    Xo Nancy

  22. The whole fire ant thing - consider my mind blown! Too good. M.

  23. What talented friends you have! This is a stunning home!

  24. Netta's home is the quintessential Winter Park abode. It's both modern and timeless

  25. How about we pray for the poor fire ants!

  26. Yes. The Philippines, such heartache there.
    Your friend's home is AMAZING. I am crazy about her mix. The mirror on the fireplace is a fantastic look and that secretary is just to die for. Thanks for sharing it all, she's one lucky girl ;-)

  27. So many wonderful beautiful things...art, furniture and that glass cook top surface (jealous) and then the out door cooking area...I used to live in Central Florida and sooooooooooo miss that part of living.

  28. Beautiful!! My parents live in Winter Park and I love that whole area!

  29. Winter Park is amazing. My wife's family is from there. They obviously bought their home years ago but nowadays it's very expensive to get in there. Just do a Google search on Florida new homes in Winter Park and your head will spin with the prices.

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