New Office and Bed Curtains

Honestly, I don't enjoy organizing but I like to 
find things easily and have an uncluttered look.   
Our daughter recently helped me move into my office
...so that it's organized (she's good at that).
One small thing, is that I am changing out the hardware
for these inexpensive but crisp, sturdy handles from IKEA
The new one is on the left.

Not a big deal 
($35 for the whole already built-in office)
...but our son noticed instantly that the new 
handles were on the top cabinets.
The office is small but this is the view from my desk today.
I'm working on making the room prettier 
to show you in my next post.

Tommy's bed from The One Room Challenge 
in Newport Beach is now in our 
San Francisco master bedroom.  
Liana and I have been discussing how to 
make the room more feminine.
 This arrived from her a couple of days ago
(she wraps things so beautifully).
Here are the new bed curtains made from 
cotton pin striped fabric 
with a flat linen welt (all in the details).
The fabric "ties" actually have rings for the curtain panel hooks.

Liana enclosed these heavy papers to
wrap around to make cylinders
 to create a "goblet" effect like in the pleat on the left.
There is more to show you of my bedroom 
but it's feeling homier already.

Chief is starting to be a familiar "local" at the nearby dog park.
And I cannot get over the view every time I take him there!

I'm getting excited for 2014...are you?


  1. Funny that Tommy noticed the hardware. Your changes look great Mary Ann. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Your view is stunning! I would never get any work done. Happy New Year!

  3. Well done with the child training - one with organization ability and the other has an eye for design detail!

    Come to think of it, our Daughter and #1 Son are the same pair. And "training" had nothing to do with their aptitude - they came that way! :-)

    Is there social pressure for Chief to bring treats for the other dogs, or have them over for individual play dates? (jk) Happy New Year my NoCal friend!

  4. Well….I do think that "organization" is a key factor to happiness! And how fun to have Alie help with that chore! Funny how a little thing like new handles can really make a difference….but it's that view from your desk that has me spellbound!!! I wouldn't get a thing done!

    I can hardly wait to see your bedroom! I so loved Tommy's room for the One Room Challenge, that I was sad that you were going to change things up a bit. But I can tell from the peeks here, that it's going to be gorgeous and sophisticated. Shame on me…I should NEVER have a doubt as to anything you would do!! It's always perfect!

    Have a very Happy New Year! Give Chief a hug for me.
    xo Gail

  5. Your views are so stunning Mary Ann! I can see why you are in love with them....me too!

    Liana's packages are so pretty, you just feel bad opening them. She's such a peach. Can't wait to see your rooms all prettied up :)

    All the best in the New Year! xo


  7. What a big difference the handles made! Can't wait to see more of your office Mary Ann and your master bedroom! Love all the details, didn't know about goblet effect until now, very pretty! CHEERS to 2014 dear!

  8. wow! looks amazing so far Mary Ann - love the curtains and the new hardware.

  9. Your room was one of my favorites from the ORC - I know it is going to look stunning - can't wait to see what you add/edit to give a "master bedroom" take. Happy New Year! M.

  10. Can't wait to see the office since I LOVE everything you do! Happy New Year!! xo

  11. Oh, I love the details of those. I wish Bailey had a dog park close by to go to. Happy New Year!

  12. Gosh I love your view! I'm an organization nut and can't function without everything having a place. My own neurosis for sure! :) I'm very much looking forward to 2014, it's going to be a great year.
    Blessings to you!

  13. Love that your using Holyhock.....you know it's one of my favorite:). Liana makes such pretty things....I wish she still had an Etsy shop. Looks like your settling into the new place!

  14. Looking good- San Francisco life seems to agree with you! Loved seeing chief find his place in the local dog park! Wishing you all great things in 2014!!
    Enjoying the beautiful California weather:)

  15. What a view! and looks like you are adjusting to life in SF:)

    Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy New Year ahead!

  16. It's shaping up beautifully with all your little details!! Those Ikea pulls are the best inexpensive hardware! Happy New Year, Mary Ann!

  17. I can't wait to see it all and your view is wonderful. Wishing you all the best in 2014!!

  18. Love the curtains and the goblet detail! Can't wait to see the whole room!

  19. The views are amazing! I tried to reach Liana about pillows using her etsy account. I never heard back from her. Can you suggest another way to reach her? Thanks!

  20. Happy New Year to you, Mary Ann!! Lovewhat you are doing here. Look forward to what you have going on in 2014.
    I can tell you are loving your new home.

  21. Mary Ann...I love the goblet effect...what a great idea to use the inserts....cant wait to see the whole room!


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