ORC Week 4: Wall Décor

 These frames blend with the end tables in the bedroom 
I'm redoing for the One Room Challenge 
(where 20 bloggers make over one room in six weeks).
"My Babies"
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 Even though I bought the frames at Pottery Barn a few years ago
...they feel special as they are no longer available.  
I printed the 8 x 10" black and white photos on my printer.

 We had this iron Crate & Barrel mirror when we lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL and then in Mammoth Lakes...and now
in Newport Beach, CA.
The "leaf pattern" goes with my theme, 
but the color needed lightening.
So, I painted it with Annie Sloan Pure White Paint 
and clear wax.
I wanted it to be subtle, because as you will see, 
I have a lot going on in this little room.  But it needs to be restful and welcoming.
You can read about the new curtains HERE and the stencil HERE.

Just outside the door is the stairwell...
and since there is so much light today, 
it looks like a good opportunity to retake/show my staircase.

 (I still want a runner--ha!  Would this qualify for
another One Room Challenge?  Not much to do).
It's coming along...  
Next week...the floor and customizing with nail heads..
Please come back!

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Simple Details 

PS.  I've been carrying around this swatch everywhere.

Participating in The Charm of Home


Gallery Ledges

Framed photographs, placed on a ledge, 
look great on display.
Before my clients moved into their new home, there were second story book shelves filled with impossible to reach dusty books.  So, we spaced the shelves more uniformly and painted the backs.
For this once awkward space, we have started a collection of black and white photographs of their family and travels.

When we moved into our mountain condo, I unpacked photographs and placed them on the window ledge...
and added a few others that I already had.  
We are in Mammoth now...look at all the snow.  
(My sister and I are going skiing soon).
These aren't on a ledge but I wanted to show you this nice gallery in my friend, Cindy's recently remodeled beach house.  I will be showing you before and after shots of her pretty home next week.


ORC Week 3: Custom Curtains

Hello, this is week three of the One Room Challenge, 
where 20 bloggers are making over one  room in six weeks.  
I'm redoing our guest room.
The blue and white leafy cotton fabric is from Dorell Discount Fabrics.  It was only $10/yard and the ball trim was only $3/yard.  When I need a lot of fabric, I make it a point to check discount places first. 
Thank you for the nice comments about my 
stenciled wall last week.
Here are the newly made curtains in the spotless workshop.
Locally, you can visit their store Creative Window Designs for help with the design and installation curtains.

My representative, Barbara, is hiding from the camera.
I had showed her a photo of the two pleat design (that they call "Soldier Pleats") and they copied it beautifully.  Their drapes have nice linings and weights.
I love this light fixture from Circa Lighting.  
It has a warm brass finish that is
similar to this curtain rod from Pottery Barn 
(which may be discontinued in the brass finish...I'm not sure why).
The ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper.

I like to paint ceilings a soft contrasting color, 
especially in bedrooms.
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore White Dove.

The new lampshades provide a brighter look.  
I tried to paint the previous raffia shades white 
but the first one got all "gloppy" and still looked dinghy 
(I can't show you the outcome, it ruins the mystique of my stencil paint job).   
These white silk shades from Restoration Hardware 
are a bit smaller and fit better on the small tables.

This week, I want to paint a mirror that I already have and do some wall accessorizing...please come back!  
(and I am excited about bed linens in the works).

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Random Silver Linings

Have you seen the movie "Silver Linings Playbook?"  
It was great...you know every cloud has a...
Like even though I would like to redesign this fireplace, 
it's great to turn it on on only cold mornings 
...and when I have a few minutes...hop back into bed with my laptop.

Although I am a breast cancer survivor for almost 
18 years (yay!), I often forget to do self checks...
this app is a funny reminder.
Warning: Do not click HERE if you are offended 
by hot guys with their shirts off.

Do you need more vitamin C?
My friend, Nancy, created this 
Orange Blossom Cocktail
Being the light weight that I am...I decided to add some 
of the ice back into the drink.  Tasty.
Nancy recommends using the leftover orange
infused simple syrup on salad.  It is also great in hot or iced tea.

This book, Katie Ridder Rooms is awesome.

I will refer to it often.
Her interiors feel like they represent the owners' unique personalities.
And she uses color joyfully.
How about the green dishes with with green window,
wall and paisley beyond?

Karen from Home Sweet Hollywood just wrote 
a great post on e-design.  
Right now, I am collaborating with her sister on her
living room via e-design.
Lauren from The Cottage Mix helped Karen with her dining room...
Pretty!  Karen lays out the way e-design works...check it out HERE.

 We celebrated my friend, Claire's birthday.  
Debbie wrapped her present.  Here is the back and
here is the front.  Nice job, right?   

The azaleas were a gift yesterday from a new friend.  Aren't they amazing?

I hope that even if you have clouds,
 you see lots of silver linings.


ORC Week 2: Blue and White Paisley Wall

Last week, I told you I was going to redecorate our guest room.  This is for the One Room in Six Weeks Challenge 
involving twenty bloggers.
In the past week, I bought two 
100% linen European shams from Pottery Barn.
They have a nice feel and are on sale!
The blue and white ticking bed 
(that I already had) is a starting point.
hand blocked wallpaper from India.
Source: Schumacher
But to install it just on the bed head wall 
would cost over $550.
Which got me thinking...why not hand block 
it myself with a paisley stencil?
I researched stencils online and found this one

Let me just say that I am not a DIYer, and I mean NOT.  
So, this little project had me terrified.
As soon as the $29 stencil and stencil brush arrived, I went to Michaels to buy the $.89 acrylic paint in a denim blue.
I did a practice run on some cardboard.
Not bad...now to tackle the WHOLE wall.
I drew a grid on graph paper and then
translated it to the wall with painter's tape.
This was NOT fun at all. 
 I made a couple copies of the print so I could get a feel for the scale.
I messed up one stencil (smudges--but I can fix it with the wall paint and a little brush).  It was nerve racking each time I pulled the stencil off.  The trick is to not get too much paint on the brush and to blot the paint brush on paper towels frequently.

Also, I wanted it to look hand blocked so I varied the concentration of paint a bit.  
You'll see the finished product next Wednesday.

And guess what?  
I spent less than $45 for the whole wall!
It only took one little tube of paint.  We are going to use the stencil next in a friend's bathroom...it's reusable.
I'm going to be doing something with this next.

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Create Your Own Coffee/Tea Station

With colder weather, or when watching Downton Abbey,
it's nice to have a "spot of tea."  And I really look forward to
a cappuccino  in the morning.
Espresso?  Cappuccino?
Wine?  Perrier?


 The machine with frother costs about $300 (an investment, but less than many espresso/capuccino machines) and the coffee capsules are about $.55 each.  Good bye Starbucks.  It's convenient and saves money in the long run.
The tray was painted with Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue.
It's hiding the annoying electrical outlet and cord.
The metal tray is an old tool carrier.

On either side of the coffee cups are glasses 
half-hidden behind antiqued glass. 
The back of the cabinet is painted the same color as our island in Benjamin Moore's Fieldstone.

I love my Portmeirion mugs...I have had them for years.
They have modern look and are reasonably priced.  You can buy them in either color.

Rough cut, French brown sugar cubes are a little luxury...but they make me feel as if I am having a café creme in Paris. 
(I like to buy an extra box for my mom). 

This non-fat organic milk makes a great froth.  
I put hot water in the cup from the insta-hot tap to warm the cup (much like the British do with their tea pots) and empty it just before I make the single serve coffee.
Have a biscotti and join me.