Fresh Plants to Replace Your Holiday Décor

During this colder time of year, 
when the holiday décor comes down 
and the pine needles are swept away, 
it's nice to have fresh foliage inside.
Recently, my husband agreed to accompany me on an 
exploratory mission to the San Francisco Flower Mart.
Nice of him, but it meant I couldn't meander.
It is supplied by locally owned growers 
and allows non-wholesale buyers after 10 am.
We showed up around 10:30 am 
and the inventory seemed good.
There are floral supplies there, too, 
like ribbons and containers.
I was looking for topiaries for the mantel.
I bought two ivy plants, moss, twigs, and terracotta pots.
I like to add branches and 
moss for a more organic look.
The Anastasia Mirror was purchased from Anthropologie.
It has a nice patina and fits the space
and 1920's architecture.
I put moss in the saucers, too.
(This is the room before we moved in and 
painted the walls Benjamin Moore White Dove).
We bought that antique screen 
in the south of France years ago.
It's has been versatile 
(it was in our bedroom in Newport).

I also bought two orchid plants.  
It's nice when they have more than one branch.
And here they are in our dining room...

These long living ranunculus  
were also purchased at the flower mart.

Off topic, but before Tommy went back to school (sob), 
he and his girlfriend, Olivia taught me more about Instagram...
including how to do a photo collage like 
this one on Pic Stitch.
Elizabeth from TMC Designs is going to put an Instagram button on my
blog site but for now you can just search classiccasualhome.  
House plants can freshen your décor 
and help clean the air.  Enjoy your time indoors!

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  1. I love all your pretty touches Mary Ann! Your home looks lovely!

  2. Very pretty!!
    And thx for the tip on Pic Stitch!

  3. Love live plants in the home also. Your topiaries are beautiful!

  4. Your house is already so pretty & found your instagram! :)

  5. Love fresh plants, and luckily, the ones which survive in my home are pretty sturdy such as the orchids and I have them all over! Love it Mary Ann!

  6. never met a topiary I didn't like or want :) good tip about the moss in the saucer. never would have thought of that. and please do a tutorial when you figure out instagram. I've been wondering what it is. that and "rstyleme" - i'm old what can I say? :)


  7. Another beautiful mantel, Mary Ann! I too, have never met a topiary I didn't love! And I love how you added the moss and twigs and put in simple terra cotta pots. Orchids are also a fav of mine and I love that they last so long! It's all coming together perfectly! The flower mart reminds me a lot of the L.A. flower mart and also reminds me I haven't been for a long time! I must put that on my New Year's To-Do list. I agree with Nancy about an Instagram tutorial! I an "old" person too! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!

  8. love what you did to your ivy topiaries! do you find that the shiny spray helps with spider mites?? or any tips?

  9. The plants and flowers look gorgeous!! I'm gonna copy your twigs in a topiary idea :) xo

  10. STOP IT! Everything is so awesome! Your home is lovely and I love your taste! I wish I lived on the West Coast because I'd have you over to my house on a heartbeat! I love your new topiaries. I purchased 2 of them at Trader Joes before Christmas to include in my fresh, green, decor scheme this year, and I love that they are still looking good. I need to learn to prune them properly so that they maintain their shape.
    Also, GREAT that you are on Instagram. As a social media manager (I do this for a living for a major corporation), I can tell you it's really the place to be. I follow all of my favorite blogger's instagram accounts because you get to see sneak peeks, little glimpses, and exclusive photos you will not see elsewhere. I am going to follow your account! #Excited!

  11. as usual, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! this is a great post…our house always looks way too empty after christmas…the greenery really warms it up and a great way to lift the spirits thru a cold winter!

  12. Argghhhh! I need to get more instagram savvy...Glad you made it to the flower mart...

  13. I am completely inspired by your orchids on the dining table in the white pottery. Love it!! But does your container have holes in the bottom? I'm not great with plants, and I always assume there have to be holes.

    1. It is a soup tureen and doesn't have holes…but I just spray it once a week and water it lightly.

  14. Thank you for this!! I was just thinking about how my holiday decor makes my home feel so "homey" and how I could make that happen the rest of the year. I really like the detail you've included in the topiaries...moss and branches. Not sure what I'll be able to find in arctic Wisconsin, but I'm going to try.

  15. I love orchids but I am so bad at looking after them that they never seem to last long.

  16. Your new pad is looking lovely, Mary Ann! I think it's amazing what plants do for decor. Fresh greens are a must. I've had a lot of trial and error over the years and have found some I can actually keep alive! I gave my girlfriends orchids for Christmas (the color of yours is so pretty!!). They love them but are leary about keeping them alive. My mother says the trick is to find a spot the plant likes and then don't move it too frequently…and then feed it with 3 ice cubes a week.

  17. Welcome to Instagram! It's my favorite social media!! And yes, PicStitch is the one to use.

  18. LOVE that mirror…what a change from your mantel before! The topiaries look great. I bought a few at Scott's last month but while I was gone to the beach for 9 days…they took a turn for the worse. Not sure they can be revived:)

  19. Love the little touch of moss in the saucers...a signature of sorts. I think once the holiday trappings are safely packed away I will be heading out to our local garden center as well.

    Have a great 2014

  20. Your topiaries look great. That was nice of your husband to join you.

  21. Hi Mary Ann, The fresh green color is not only aesthetically pleasing it's also healthy for the air. We keep our window closed so much at this time of year. The house plants keep things fresh! Love your topiary!

  22. Happy New Years Mary Ann!
    Topiaries are always a favorite of mine.I absolutely love your new home! The iron fireplace screen is wonderful!
    The Arts by Karena

  23. Your topiaries look great! I'm envious that you have such a wonderful place to shop for plants and flowers. (My husband is not much for meandering either.)

  24. Flowers and plants always make me happy, amazing how they put a smile on my face! Hope you are well and that 2014 is off to a great start!

  25. I would die at that flower mart! I love your topiaries. From Loi's recent Southern Living article I learned that once they bite the dust you can't get them back and sadly mine died over the holidays.. I forgot to keep them moist. I hope yours flourish; they certainly are beautiful! See you on IG! xo Nancy

  26. Great flower mart! I love your topiaries. I've been training some tiny ficus trees into topiary form. It keeps some of the winter boredom away while there's 10 inches of snow on the ground.

    Happy New Year!


    p.s. See you over on Instagram!

  27. I missed going to the SF Flower Market in September for my son's wedding flowers and your post makes me really regret it. Maybe next time... I love how you mixed the orchids with the underlying ferny plant in the tureen. I definitely can do that; thanks for the inspiration!

  28. I am going to try to find these plants and be a copy-cat! I love what you have done in your rooms. That mirror is just perfect too.
    Happy Saturday, Mary Ann.

  29. looks amazing! I wish I lived by a flower market!!! jealous!

  30. Mary Ann - love the topiaries they add so much to your mantle. -- the mirror is amazing. love the shape --all together is looks so pretty and I need to get on instagram too!! xo

  31. Fantastic idea.. Really its nice.. All of these flowers are looks great and they are a right one to relive stress.

    interiors designers

  32. Love your topiaries and orchids. Have you been to Half Moon Bay yet Mary Ann? The first one when you get into town off to the left, is the Half Moon Bay nursery and they have some amazing plants, topiaries and the prices are fantastic. Great day trip when you have time. I always stock up on my ivys and topiaries when I am there!
    p.s. Will look for you on Instagram!

  33. Excellent! The picture says it all! Well done Mary Ann. Especially I love your topiary near mirror. They really give elegant look.


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