Step Into our 1920's Foyer

If you get this by email, I'm sorry about
the three consecutive posts in one email.
(thank you, Donna, for notifying me about the lack of 
email posts you were receiving).
I think it is fixed (the drain is unclogged:)
and you will see
one post every four or five days.
I've been playing with vignettes on top of our 
French Louis Philippe commode in our foyer.
I think this would also be a good place 
to set up a bar when we have a party.

This leaded glass window is just 
as you enter the front door.
Here is the room before we moved in.
In the 1920's, it was important to have a larger foyer 
(in relation to the apartment size)
for prestige sake.  I thought about 
putting a round table in here, 
but it would be tight due to the bump out on the left.
And there was only one place that the French commode would fit.
This room is actually darker most of the day, 
so I wanted a lighter rug to lighten it up.

With the money from our moving sale
(thank you to everyone who came)
I bought this...

On the bench, there is a new 
reversible linen pillow from Pottery Barn. 
On sale now ($30) in different colors...grab it!

The suzani pillow was in our daughter's former room.
Mirrors help expand the space and reflect the light.
Everything is landing in new places here.

People were celebrating Chinese New Year last weekend.  
As we walked through Chinatown, 
I noticed lots of bamboo shoots for sale 
and wondered about the significance.

According to Nations Online:
The word for bamboo shoots in Chinese also sounds like the phrase  
"wishing that everything would be well" 

So, I bought some.
These antique bottles were on the mantel.
The last time I posted about them, 
a reader commented that
the Napa Soda bottle was rare and valuable.

Our little angel/devil pumpkin puppy, 
Chief has been on vacation in Santa Monica 
with our daughter (aka Mom "B").
Sometimes, when I'm working at my desk,
he just leaps onto my lap,
which can be unnerving when I'm concentrating.
But I want that little guy BACK!

Happy Chinese New Year and

"Wishing that everything would be well" FOR YOU!

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  1. I need those pillows. and that dog! :) might just order the PB one :) do you mind sharing the name of the suzani fabric? it is so pretty.

    1. http://www.fschumacher.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?sku=173102

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous space! I love how you have everything styled. I've seen bamboo before, too but have been unsure how to display it. Love it in your old bottles....might have to recreate it!

    Have a great week!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. We almost named our new puppy Chief!! Everything looks lovely! Wishing everything be well with you too! marcy

  4. I love a large foyer and I adore your new rug. Everything looks great.

  5. Wow, that is a big foyer! Love 1920's architecture...that leaded glass window...awesome!

    You've decorated it so beautifully and it's so welcoming, Mary Ann...love it!

  6. Beautiful foyer, I came immediately to see it and the rug is perfect to clear it up. I have a pretty lucky bamboo too! Can you tell me where in Chinatown you went, as I am from NYC so I'm very familiar with ours there. I have a post with a Chinese table right now. The puppy is adorable with your lovely daughter.

  7. Your entry is gorgeous! I sure wish I had even 1/10th of that space in mine!! I love how you've used pieces you had, it looks like you bought them specifically for the area. And that rug……LOVE IT! I'm so happy you found something really special to get with your "garage sale" $$$. It's timeless and can go anywhere! It makes me want to see what's beyond the entry even more!!!! And what can I say about your gorgeous Ally and that little cutie Chief…….Squeeze!!!! He's so lucky to have 2 loving mommies!!!

    xoxo Gail

  8. I love how your foyer is like a room. Love all the pretty details.

  9. Mary Ann, I love everything about your fabulous foyer! Very chic!
    The Arts by Karena

  10. You did a great job. I love that it feels elegant but is really welcoming. That rug is great!

  11. What a beautiful space. It must be fun placing all your things in different places in the new home. Love that rug!

  12. What a very welcoming space! I'm glad to see how you used two different style mirrors together--that always throws me. (And if you ever need an extra "mom" for that furry little guy, I'm in Sacramento and would love to have him visit! I have very good references! LOL! ) :)

  13. I was not getting the emails either, but no matter ...I'm addicted to ClassicCasualHome and check it every day! I love the new rug. And the bench is just perfect in the foyer. As always, perfection in every vignette you create.

  14. Love this new space of yours! You really know how to make a house a HOME! XOXO Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. Beautiful as always, Mary Ann. I just love that French Louis Philippe commode. In fact, when you had your moving sale, I thought that that would be a piece that I would love! But I had a feeling you wouldn't part with it!
    It looks great in your new home. (But if you ever get tired of it, I have a place in my foyer, and I can help take it off your hands!) ;-)

  16. Your home is looking beautiful Mary Ann! I love everything you've done..So sorry I haven't been able to visit lately...I'm hoping I will be back soon.

  17. Dude. Again with the awesomeness...

  18. Love it! We always moved a lot with Caterpillar. The fun part for me was putting our old stuff in new surroundings. The movers were always amazed that I had a plan for everything up front. That's the fun part. Course was a challenge in Geneva in French.

  19. It looks so elegant and inviting!
    Great job

  20. Having lived in San Francisco before, any home with a foyer that large, is indeed a grand home! Your personal touches seal the deal. Just right!

  21. Love the size of the foyer and especially appreciated the paint comparison. Love the new color so much! Any details on the darling tray that holds the bottles?

  22. LOVE your entry table, the patina can be seen in pictures so I can only imagine how it looks in person. Love the touches of blue with the bottles and beads. Lovely job as always Maryann! You have your apartment looking like home sweet home already. Happy Weekend,

  23. I would kill to have a foyer that large! Mine is like a postage stamp and that is even after I removed the closet! Love your new arrangements....and I would miss that little face so much:)

  24. I can't believe how you put the entire place together is such a short time. I love your foyer, it has great charm. You daughter is so beautiful and it does not look like that dog is coming north any time soon.

  25. The rug looks fabulous there...and you have a darling daughter! We will have to introduce our daughters!

  26. Looks inviting, I hope your enjoying San Fran...a beautiful first of February to you!

  27. I am also another 'adictee' to your blog - enjoy it so much. Loved your previous home so much, and never thought I could admire anything more, but this home is really just lovely too ! May I ask several questions ? ! First , do you mind sharing the paint color you used throughout, and also, what type of dog is that adorable little fella ? I love him, and he is the perfect size ! Thanks so much......

    1. When in doubt (I couldn't be here for the painting and needed a quick answer), go with BM White Dove. Chief is a Boston Terrier. Thanks for reading.

  28. Mary Ann, I can't believe what a difference painting your foyer white has made. I love the sideboard with the bamboo and bottle collection on it. It is such a welcoming entrance, but has the practicals too of a mirror and storage. I sure wish I had room for all that.

  29. Hi Mary Ann - I have just recently returned to Blog land after a long absence and wanted to just stop by and say Hello again! I am so glad to be back with my blogging friends and your blog is just as beautiful as I remember it... I hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you soon!

  30. Mary Ann, Your foyer looks great. Lovely commode and you've styled it perfectly. The green bamboo is a nice pop of color! The RH rug is gorgeous ~ they've got so many wonderful styles and colors. leslie

  31. Your foyer looks wonderful! Warm, welcoming...and such a beautiful chest! It's amazing how quickly you've put your apartment together. Looks like you've lived there for years! ;)

  32. Lucky Bamboo is so perfect for your foyer. Your arrangement is perfect, lovely and welcoming!

  33. It looks like a beautiful entrance! I love the rug and the commode.
    One of our neighbors shot off fireworks for a half hour Thursday night in celebration of Chinese New Year! That'll get your attention in the middle of January. :)

    Your puppy looks well loved whether he's with Mom #1 or Mom #2.


  34. Happy Chinese New Year!! Beautiful and very spacious foyer. You've appointed it very graciously. I love your Louis Philippe commode, Mary Ann. Cheers!!

  35. Just beautiful! I love a large foyer... it just feels so welcoming. And then when someone with your talent gets ahold of a space like this, voila, stunning!

  36. Love that beautiful foyer Mary Ann! Okay, I know, my dogs drive me crazy as well .. but what would we do without them??

  37. Gorgeous and inspiring, as always! I love your new place and all of the personal touches you are adding! Your new rug is beautiful. :)

  38. Mary Ann,
    It's beautiful! Every space you share is just amazing! And Ali is gorgeous!!!

  39. It all looks so beautiful, Mary Ann and I love the way you decorated the foyer. The chest is perfect and the rug was a great addition. Two beautiful faces in the last images!!

  40. I am amazed how you are pulling together your new home so beautifully (and quickly), while also using all of your wonderful items in new and exciting ways. Love following along!

  41. Beautiful Foyer Mary Ann! Love that it's really classic and casual, oh-so-pretty too! Your daughter is such a lovely lady as well!

  42. I love how you did this entry! Beautiful as always!

  43. Oh moving, I've moved 8 times in 8 years and hopefully our last move will be coming soon. You're totally right, the more the better. We helped a friend move a few years ago and she rewarded us with pizza and beer once we reached the new place.


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