A FUN Weekend in San Francisco!

What a great weekend!
It started with meeting our friends for Happy Hour 
at the One Up Lounge 
in the sleek and impressive Grand Hyatt on Union Square. 
Debbie ordered a Moscow Mule...and where have I been?
I was enthralled by the copper mug in which it was served.
I was thinking of all the other ways I could use the mug.
Apparently, so do other people as the mugs
have a tendency to occasionally "walk off" with customers.

After happy hour,
 we played girls against boys in table shuffle board at 
Have you played it?  We'll get you next time, boys!

Then, we went to Pandora Karaoke 
to belt out a few songs in a private room.
Even with bodyguards (aka husbands),
it's a scary (high heeled) walk through the Tenderloin to get there.
I'm pretty sure Bob has some embarrassing video footage 
of the girls' take on Shania Twain.

We took the cable car home...a full evening but 
we were in bed by 11pm :)

On Saturday, it was a beautiful day!
We got reacquainted with old friends, Sheila and Phil.
Our view…that is Treasure Island out there.

 They came over and I made this 
Roasted Tomato and Endive Appetizer.
It's oven roasted cherry tomatoes 
(two pints of tomatoes halved and seeded plus one chopped 
garlic clove drizzled with olive oil
balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper--
baked at 275 degrees for 2.5 hours, then cooled)
on top of endive leaves, 
a small slice of fresh mozzarella, 
toasted pine nuts and chopped parsley, 
salt and pepper to taste.

 On Sunday, we went to the 
Treasure Island Flea Market…
which apparently takes place the last weekend of every month.

It was foggy in the morning, but it burned off and
Chief and I discovered this beautiful, little gem of a park…
that you should seek out if you are in San Francisco.  
It's in the Embarcadero/Telegraph Hill area across 
from the Levi Plaza Park.

 Then, my husband and I had brunch at  Fog City.
 Good food, service and environment 
but skip the Bloody Mary's.

How was your weekend?


  1. Thank you for your visit today. What a fun weekend you enjoyed. Agree, love that mug! I make roasted tomatoes in the summer when plum tomatoes from New Jersey are in season. Your appetizer looks so tasty, love endive and how they look so cute as food bowls. I can't wait until this relentless winter eases it's icy grip and John and I can go to flea markets again. Hope you found a little treasure from Treasure Island flea to tuck into your suitcase to remember your fun weekend in SF. Looks like Chief also enjoyed his weekend.
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. That does look like a FUN weekend! My best friend was in San Francisco last week. I wish I could have joined her there. I've never been. One day ....
    Our weekend was fun. We had beautifully warm weather over the weekend and we enjoyed being out in it.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has ever thought about all the wonderful things I could do with my empty moscow mule drink. ANd it tastes good too! :)

  4. How fun Mary Ann, the perfect weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  5. Not as fun as your Mary Ann! Glad your enjoying your new city all the more!

  6. I so need to hang out with you!! I worked at the shop and did yard work!! xoxo

  7. I predict that you will fall in love with the city (in all her glory) and never return down south. Looks like you are having an awesome time and seeing so many cool places! So cool!

  8. Mary Ann,
    It's been so much fun reading your posts on your new home and great finds in the city. Mr. B. worked/commuted from the bay area for 1 year. I was sad when that gig was over since I loved flying up for weekends to explore the region with him. I'm living vicariously, thanks!

  9. I haven't been to any of those places except Fog City and the Park! Little Chief looks so cute out there! He is adorable!

  10. How fun of a weekend! And those views ... I can only imagine! I have my West Elm Moscow Mule Mugs coming soon, cannot wait to mix these up at home!! xo

  11. Mary Ann - what did you think of the Treasure Island Flea Market? I visit SF several times a year, and have it on my to-see list. Should I leave it on the list or remove it?
    Thanks! Ann

    1. I think it's fun but people seem to like the Alameda one better...which I will go to next weekend and let you know.

  12. I thought mine was pretty good, until I read yours! I want you life for a few days! It looks wonderful in SF. I was born in Oakland but left when I was one years old :(
    xo Nancy

  13. Thats what I would call a perfect weekend.....how fun! Looks like you are really enjoying your new life there, so happy for you.

  14. One of my favorite cities! So glad to see you are thoroughly enjoying your new hometown. And thanks for the reminder about those awesome copper mugs...now you've got me pinning a bunch b/c it's now something else I need, must have now! :)

  15. Wow, now this looks like a fun weekend! Would have loved to hear the performances!
    Your appetizer looks amazing, and the puppy is more than adorable.

  16. Mary-Ann, Your comment about the copper mug and it's possible alternate uses made me giggle. We have been in fantastic hotels/restaurants/bars all ovet the world where we have been sizing up beautiful serving pieces with similar thoughts :-) We actually "own" a beautiful ash tray from Hotel Regina Isabella on the Italian island of Ischias…it fits perfectly in our family since our daughters name happens to be Isabella :-) Yuo have a beautiful blog Mary-Ann. One of my major interests is interior decorating. I love antiquing here in Europe and I do re-upholster and restore furniture. I might look in your blog for some ideas I as decorate our home in Coronado, San Diego. Have a lovely day! Kind regards from Sweden! Anneli Kershaw

  17. I love your travels and adventures and your new abode! I am writing to thank you for a post you made, oh so long ago, about the Lure Fish Company. Traveling north so often, the timing was never right, until last night. We stopped coming south at the Lure restaurant in Westlake Village. We loved the interior, especially the fish float-windows! And the food was THE best...Wahoo, grilled artichoke, kale salad, etc., etc. All were superb! Thank you so much for that post and you never know when your post inclusions will be used by your readers!
    Happy, healthy adventures, always, Chris

    1. Thanks, Chris. I'm going to cut and paste your comment and send it to Debbie and Patty.

  18. You are taking San Francisco by storm - what a wonderful weekend filled with good food and good friends - perfect in my book! Your Roasted Tomato and Endive Appetizer sounds amazing!

  19. What a wonderful weekend! Seeing these great sites and I'm sure there are wonderful sounds, makes me want to visit the city by the bay so badly! Look at that view, towering buildings and green parks with the cutest dog ever! I'm sure Chief is happy to be back in SF....but SM isn't too shabby for a second home! I am keeping a log of all the places you visit so when I do get there, I'll have tons of places to go! You're the best and thanks for sharing your adventures with us! Xoxo Gail

  20. What a fun and varied weekend you enjoyed! The Moscow Mule is a favourite of mine and I'm always impressed by presentation. The copper mug is a cute idea and your appetiser looks delicious too. Thanks for the recipe which I shall try.

  21. Mary Ann, Loved this! Fun post. I need to get up to SFmore. Thee all sound like fun places, especially Karaoke! You were a trooper in heels taking the cable car home. Glad you are enjoying the city!!
    have a great weekend!
    x Kim

  22. Well....nothing like yours that is for sure! You packed a lot into a few days but it all looked so much fun!


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