Fresh Ways to Set a Casual Table

is from Pottery Barn.  
It is a good way to lighten up a 
traditional dark wood dining table.

The metal candle sticks are from World Market.

was inspired by Pinterest.
My dessert recipe was also 
taken from Pinterest.
The hardest part of the recipe was taking off 32 sticky wrappers for
We served our guests a square with a 
small scoop of French vanilla ice cream.

I tried to hide the leftovers in the freezer only to 
discover that they are pretty darn good frozen, too.

Thanks, Julia from  
for listing CCHome on her 
14 Decorating Blogs That I Love.

Chief took his first airplane ride 
 back to San Francisco after his vacation
with our daughter in Santa Monica.
This is one of the views on our walk...

Thanks for reading.


  1. Gorgeous table! I always use Granny Smith apples for a centerpiece but never thought about the small pots of ivy--great idea! The bow napkins are darling. I will steal your recipes--yum--carmel!

  2. I want to be your neighbor so that I can absorb (hopefully) some of your entertaining and decorating design skills. I am in awe. seriously. and I need your dog. :) I love Chief and have started pinning French bulldogs...now only to convince our boys that that is the kind of dog THEY want too :)

  3. Your dog is adorable. The table looks wonderful and dessert looks fabulous!

  4. I'm with Nancy! Casual dinners look extra special at your home. Love the bow napkins, and I'm sure Chief is glad to be home too!

  5. Your table looks great. Thanks for the tips!
    Chief is so cute. I bet you missed him while he was gone.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Love everything you do. no. seriously!

  7. I love your table and can't wait to try those caramel desserts!

  8. Your table looks great! What time is dinner? ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Mary Ann, you always set the most awesome tables. I can't tell you how many of your tablesettings are pinned in my file...tons! And all so pretty.

    Do you mind telling where your amber glasses are from? I've been searching for amber glasses since last Thanksgiving!

    Have a great weekend, enjoying your beautiful views from every window! xo

  10. What a gorgeous table! I love the White centeriece with the Green apples, so pretty and crispy! I'm doing this when I make an all White table setting. The desserts look awesome too!

  11. Love your pretty tablescape, it is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  12. Your tables are always so effortlessly gorgeous!! Love it and you are killing me with those salted caramels...STOP!!!! I have zero willpower and may just need to try them:) Still working on tweaks with the blog, sorry....really been nuts but I am determined! Will keep you posted. Hope you are well....

  13. Your table is beautiful! I went to Nancy's website to see the napkin fold, then to Amazon to price the book...oh, how you inspire!!

    I've never flown with a pet. Did Chief have to go with the cargo or did he stay with you?


  14. A beautiful table sets the mood for the entire evening and what a beautiful table you set! You could serve shredded wheat on toast and it would taste divine!!! Will put that little napkin tip in my "must do" folder for my next dinner party! So fun! And those Salted Carmelitas look heavenly! Glad little Chief is back with Mama #1…I'm sure you've been spoiling him since his return.

    Could that view be any more fabulous? Happy Weekend.
    xo Gail

    PS…I'm still pining for that Juliska Country Estate!!! LOVE it!!!!

  15. Your table is so pretty Mary Ann! Your ideas are simple and elegant. It doesn't have to be pricey to look gorgeous. Your pup is adorable:) Have a nice weekend ~ Leslie

  16. Mary Ann, thank you for the lead to a decadent recipe - bar cookies are my favorite. How lucky you are to have a pup who fits under the airplane seat. Did Chief need a doggie downer or just a good walk before take off?
    Happy Weekend!

  17. Love that table setting! I have been swooning over that Juliska for months. At some point, I'm going to break down. And I had to pin the napkin tutorial. Finally, something new to do with them!! Thank you for sharing that.

  18. YUMMMMMMM.... nothing goes together better than sweet and salty! Can't wait to try this. And thanks so much for that cute Bow Napkin... I haven't seen that one yet. The table is gorgeous but of course... it's so you! Have a great weekend.

  19. Chief was on some sort of "relaxer" pill from the vet...and he slept on the ride under the seat in front of me...it's good to know I can travel with him.

  20. Mary Ann I love your candlesticks! Chief is so darn cute!

    The Arts by Karena

  21. I love how you did the napkins...so cute...the dessert you made looks yummy!

  22. Beautiful table! Casual and elegant at the same time!

  23. Everything looks so pretty!! Hope Chief had a good flight - he is so cute!

  24. What a great word for you little doggie... chief is a real cutie! Your tips on a beautiful casual table are wonderful... as well as that delicious dessert! YUMMY!

  25. WOW a whole lot of wonderful in this post. Love the black candlesticks on your table setting, the bow napkins are adorable. Thanks for the recipe for the yummy dessert which I will be making next weekend. Chief is adorable. Our friends have two Boston terriers named Chip and Gatsby. I just discovered your delightful blog.

  26. Love the way you make your house a home! So pretty and welcoming as always! XO

  27. Oh, I love that napkin fold! I'll try to print out and practice.
    Good for Chief, and for you, that he is able to travel!!!

  28. maryann - so cool to know chief can go with you! saw that you said he was in the seat underneath but did you have to pay extra for that? or how did that work? would never put a dog in cargo but if mine would fit under the seat, id have a deal! sooooo cool :)


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