Masculine Nautical Bedroom and Prints

 This was part of an e-design 
for a son who is away at law school.  
His mom wanted to surprise him when he came home.
He likes sailing and the ocean.
(pretty in person and on sale right now)

In fact, Pottery Barn has so many fun 
art print genres 
like the nautical scenes above 
or this French Print or

You can order them in three different sizes, 
mats and frames.  

Speaking of fun prints.
I jumped on the Waterlogue app bandwagon!
This is how it "painted" my mantel photograph.

My client, Jackie finished her bedroom with 
the tailored bedskirt.

Remember to check out the fun give-away here.
Drawing is this Sunday.


  1. I LOVE that paisley bedskirt! The fabric is beautiful! Nicely done with the white bedding!

  2. Love what you've planned for his bedroom, especially the Italian Vintage Trellis duvet! He's a lucky guy to have your touch on his bedroom. But I had to laugh…..I've jumped on the "Waterlogue" wagon too! It's fun and hard to stop! Have you checked out Popsicolor and Percolator? I really need to put the iPad down and pick up my paintbrushes!!! Happy weekend!!! xo

  3. Love your nautical bedroom plan! That's one lucky boy!

  4. Beautiful rooms. Thanks for the tips on the Pottery Barn prints. I need to check them out.Love that bedskirt! I have to do Waterlogue. Everyone is making such pretty pictures. Your mantle one is framable!!


  5. Fabulous board! I love all the classic elements. The black and white photos from PB are awesome - gotta check those out!

  6. Love that bedding. Yes, that app is crazy addicting!

  7. Beautiful bedroom design! Very calming, yet strong and masculine!

  8. The bedding is amazing, I love the nautical theme !!

  9. The nautical design is so fresh and calm. Gorgeous shades of blue. I must try out the Waterlogue app too. A great result with your mantel photo.

  10. Perfect! I wonder how much longer he will be living at home? I wouldn't want to leave the new accommodations so quickly.

  11. PB has changed some much over the years! I was in there recently and saw some of these items.. love those botanicals and B&W prints. The nautical theme is perfect ~ great colors!

  12. The room achieves all and more, it's a great space! When are children leave for college we want those rooms to be dual purpose as guest rooms but remain with some personality of the original child. I will be checking out the app thanks for sharing your drawing. Wouldn't they be pretty note cards!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday's drawing! I sent the link to some friends who visit your area and they were excited for the introduction and will visit her shop.

    Thank you for the sweet comment about the vintage pin, I miss her.
    A beautiful Valentines to you and yours...
    Your in the city of romance...
    Doing a post today for about that!

  13. Mary Ann this is a super guys bedroom. I can picture a chunky woven basket and maybe something in a metallic accessory!
    The Arts by Karena

  14. Gorgeous ....oh to have a pottery barn over here :-( , the bedding is really lovely

  15. What a beautiful bedroom! I love the bedding and artwork. Well done!


  16. Love how Waterlogue painted your mantel! Great board...I am a huge fan of nautical decor:)

  17. That trellis design duvet really was a great idea. I assume the son will not always be residing there so it can easily multifunction down the road as a guest room! Well done my friend!!

  18. I love the duvet and the P.B. prints...the room is going to look amazing...

  19. I love the blues mixed with the neutral colors–so relaxing and perfect for a bedroom!

  20. Really like the e-design board. That will be one lucky son. I just found you and I'm now a new follower.

  21. What a nice, masculine room and one that will last style-wise for a long time. It will make a great guest room someday when he's out living on his own. Love the mantel in Waterlogue. So pretty!

  22. Great looking board, Mary Ann! Also adore that blue & white bed skirt!


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