Southern California Style

We celebrated my friend, Claire's birthday a
few days ago in Newport Beach.
Isn't this a cute chair in Debbie's guest/daughter's room?
It wouldn't be too difficult to paint
 a plain chair with accents like above, would it?

Pretty tufted benches at the foot of the bed.  
Everything is in coordinating Raoul Textiles.

It was sort of hard to kick me out of Debbie's guest room.

But I was excited to head south to San Diego for my mom's birthday...

Ever wonder what happened to our 
furniture from Mammoth?
A lot of it is in my sister's upstairs loft.

I suggested painting the builder's grade 
honey oak banister black 
(much better)
and adding wall to wall seagrass 
(very durable with dogs and easier to keep clean than the white carpeting that was here).

The weather is great. 
We kept the upstairs French doors open all weekend.
(sorry to all of you in cold climates).
I like how she has curtains on the balcony.

I gave my sister this 
(she doesn't smoke--but I think it's funny).

My mom's birthday present is an airplane ticket 
to San Francisco to come see us.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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  1. What a lovely guest room and love the way the pictures and mirror are hung over the bed, and your sister's home is beautiful - great idea on the banister - looks so chic!

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! I'm sure she'll be delighted to come and visit you in your new home Mary Ann! Love Debbie's home, beautiful, all the details are exquisite! And the balcony? It just beckons us to move there!

  3. What a lovely guest room, and your sister's place is great too! You've given me inspiration to paint my oak black too on the stair railing.

  4. Wow, Mary Ann, your sister's home is beautiful! BTW, I featured a room of yours today : )

  5. That ashtray!!! I love it. (I don't smoke either)
    Great gift for your mom...

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom! And your sister is so lucky to have you {and your furniture :) } in her life

  7. I love these posts about California as I look out the window at snow for the third month straight! Debbie's guest room is just as lovely as the rest of her home. Love the black railing with all the light furnishings in your sister's house too!

  8. I adore Debbie's home. Clever idea to tie the outdoor curtains in a knot. Mine always blow all over the place! Don't you just love seagrass! You cannot hurt it! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Little Chief in the City!

  9. Looks like you spent a wonderful weekend in beautiful surroundings with friends and family that you love dearly! More gorgeousness from Debbie's house. I'd LOVE to do that to my cane backed chair…but painted it black not that long ago!! All her fabrics and that headboard are dreamy, I wouldn't have wanted to leave either. But your sisters home is equally as wonderful. Love the back banister and the seagrass, perfect details for a beautiful room. I'm sure you mom can't wait to come visit you in SF. Have a wonderful week!
    XO Gail

  10. That headboard in Debbie's guest room is stunning. I have seen many, many versions of this shape and have never liked it. I dubbed it the amoeba shape. But this one stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink my own viewpoint. The entire room is welcoming and gracious. Happy birthday to your mom! Best, Beth C.

  11. I love the black bannister!! Who would have thought! Debbie's guest room is some place I would have to be kicked out of too!! Glad you had great birthday celebrations with your loved ones!!

  12. Such a refreshing space and I love the gray and white slipcover sofas in the loft.

  13. how nice is that! your mom has a great daughter!! Enjoy your mom's trip to SF. And I love any house that you can open the doors at this time of year!!

  14. Hey there!
    Everything always look great wherever you are and wherever you go!
    I'm obsessing about wall to wall seagrass and about to pull the trigger on putting throughout my entire home.
    I would love your help choosing the right pattern and type.
    Please help me. I'm having tremendous guilt feelings about getting rid of our high quality light colored carpet because it is still in great shape. I'm trying to talk my mom into putting it in her upstairs to make me feel better about replacing it. I just can't stand how dirty the traffic patterns get in our home!!!!
    Call her email me and let's make a date to get you over my way soon :)


  15. How lucky for your sister to get your Mammoth furniture! Looks great in her room...very warm and cozy. And woohoo for the awesome San Diego weather! So gorgeous there.

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  17. Love the black bannister! Have wanted to paint mine for years! Do you know the paint color and finish? Thank you!

  18. Painting the railing black is brilliant, Mary Ann! Your sister's upstairs loft looks so comfy, casual and cool! What a wonderful hang-out area. Happy b-day to your mom!!

  19. It sounds like you adjusting to your new home beautifully! I really love the seagrass flooring. I have a small seagrass rug in my kitchen and I love it!

  20. We are actually preparing to paint our railing black as well! Your sister's turned out lovely. Any idea what paint color she used? Love that it's not a harsh black. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  21. Love the ashtray? Do u recall where u purchased it?

    1. I got it at Juxtaposition in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach.

  22. Beautiful! Love your sister's black banister and the driftwood lamps. I also want to add curtains to my patio this year. Great look.

  23. Great guest room, very inviting as well as serene....I can see why you didn't want to leave.

  24. Happy Birthday to your Mom! What wonderful interiors you have shard with us today! No wonder you had trouble leaving that stunning guest room! Thanks for sharing it on THE SCOOP!

  25. Mary Ann this is making me miss Southern California and my friends there!
    Happy Birthday to your Mother!

    The Arts by Karena

  26. Beautiful, refreshingly soothing guest room! Love it!

  27. I'm showing my husband the black-painted banister on your sister's stairs. He looked at me funny when I suggested that we paint our oak banisters. Now I have a beautiful example to show him and hopefully sell the idea. Thanks!

  28. love this! love your style!!!! still can't believe you moved!!!!!!


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