Create A Cocktail Bar, Tasty Appetizer and More

It's trendy, cool and even retro to have 
a cocktail station in your home.
Do you have one?
This is the first time we've had one.
With teenagers in the house for so long, 
we never actually displayed alcohol.
(Our son Tommy is 21 years old now).
I like the sparkle of crystal and silver...
That cocktail spoon is from a flea market.  
Flea markets are a great place to find fun, 
vintage cocktail accessories.
Have you tried the pink grapefruit Perrier?   Zero calories.
It's delicious.

Recently, I made this flavorful, easy appetizer...
from the Italian Dish Blog.
Try it!

It's so nice living in San Francisco,
 as it is a place people love to visit.  
My friend Netta is here now and she gave me this book,
Makes me want to have a party!
Netta and I parked here to go to lunch...
and I got a $68 parking ticket.
We couldn't read the faded sign for street cleaning 
and lots of cars were parked here.  She thinks I should fight it.

Here are some fun fabrics under consideration 
for a cool client who gave me
 these lemons from her garden...
I picked them with leaves on for the fragrance.
Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. No, no bar here, but I love how yours looks. We don't drink mixed drinks much and just wine at home.

    1. I'm a wine gal, too. About the only drink I like here is the Perrier!

  2. I always love the look of bar. I am fascinated by pretty liquor bottles and decanters. I especially love when they are on glass with a light behind them. I agree the crystal and silver look so handsome together. I pinned that appetizer a week or so ago and can't wait to try it. Have a wonderful weekend with Netta,
    xo Kathysue

  3. My husband and I prefer wine and we have a nice built in wine rack. I do however love the look of the wine bars I see, especially the ones on carts. And I love the idea of having a signature drink at dinner parties and this would be such a great way for guests to help themselves.

    The book looks terrific...one of my new year resolutions was to entertain more. Ha!


  4. I love your set-up. It looks really stylish and not excessive. I actually just posted about my little drinks area recently too. We have teenagers in the house but my daughter turns 18 this year (our legal age to consume alcohol here in Australia) so I want her to know that alcohol is fine so long as it drunk responsibly and in moderation. I hope our habits will be a good example for her. Fingers crossed!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Our kids spent some time in Europe where the legal limit is...who knows? We were in Burgundy when Tommy was about 8 years old and we ordered a very nice white wine (expensive). They gave Tommy a small pour but when they started to refill his glass my husband said...no, no this is for us. Tommy has a pretty good appreciation for nice wine as a result!

  5. We have two bars in our house, but the bottles are in a cabinet. Maybe I'll make them pretty for guests one day. Yours looks so stylish! That crostini is my go-to appetizer. Love it, and it's always a crowd pleaser. Have a great weekend!

  6. How chic!!! I love that tray with the fretwork gallery. xo

  7. Love how you have it all displayed and that appetizer looks fantastic! I definitely need to try it.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  8. loving your bar! looks super inviting-i want to come have a cocktail!

  9. I live in New Orleans. I have two bars. LOL! I love the look of yours. The app looks delicious. Come on over and check out the new look of Uptown Acorn.

  10. After our sons moved out of our home, we set up a bar area (we are wine drinkers, but I love the look of a bar. I had collected some beautiful decanters, silver liquor labels to hang on them, and placed a large mirror behind for reflection. In the evening I turn on a small lamp for reflection. I think your bar set up is charming.

  11. This makes me want to go pour a cocktail and make a batch of crostinis all for myself:) Yum!! I love a pretty bar, I do have a small set up that could use some tweaking and agree about antique accessorizes, they can make for such an interesting and elegant bar!

  12. I have a bar, mostly for guests since we don't drink or low how to mix cocktails. I love how you styled yours and placed all the basics on it, ready for anyone who wants some! Have a great weekend Mary Ann!

  13. Mary Ann-
    Your post never disappoint! I love the bar area, and yes the grapefruit Perrier is great!
    Danielle's book is fabulous!Have to try the crostini! And as always, your fabric choices are perfect.
    I have to brag that I seeded red grapefruit and have little trees now. I will have to blog about it soon. I am attempting to sprout Meyer lemons now.

  14. What I want to know is, did you set up the bar before or after the parking ticket? :) haha The station looks so inviting. Now when you hear the 'ding, ding, ding' of the cable car you'll know it's cocktail time and you'll be ready! I love the look of a set up bar but now I think 'one more thing to dust'. How old am I? I love the lemons in a bowl. You have such a knack to take the ordinary and make it look spectacular, my friend. My family room awaits your magical touch. :)

  15. Though I don't partake in "spirits", I do love the colorful bottles,beautiful crystal decanters, of which I have a few, and silver accessories that come along with making a wonderful little bar area! I love your fretwork gallery tray and shell topped toothpicks!! The crostini....yum...must try them. And what a lovely gift from Netta, a book filled with tons of entertaining ideas! My neighbor has a lemon tree that hangs over our fence, so I often have that same bowl of lemons in our house...leaves included! Love the fabrics....she is a lucky lady to have you in her design corner!
    Happy Weekend. xo Gail
    PS...yes...you should fight the ticket!!!

  16. That sounds like a good little appetizer :)......love the fabrics and dang that is a high price for a ticket!

  17. I like your tray, the one with the trellis-like sides. I like the look of having a cocktail station, though we would rarely use it and need to wait until our daughter is of age. Like you, I don't like having alcohol out on display when her friends are at our house.

  18. I would love to set one up somewhere even though we aren't cocktail people.Wine...that is another story altogether!! That grapefruit perrier I will have to try yum!!

  19. What a pretty post! You have inspired me to "spiff" up our bar area. I would love to have a lemon tree again - their blossoms smell divine and I love that citrusy smell when you remove the lemons from their tree!!

  20. Your bar accessories are so pretty!!! We have a bar cart in our living room but don't leave liquor out since we have teens, but I do love how the bottles, silver and crystal look all look together.

  21. I like it Mary Ann! We have grown children now (23 and 25), have sold the house and are reconstructing a smaller home. We are creating an adult home now and YES we will have a bar cart and built in wine refrigerator. I love to entertain and lots of beverage options are important for our guests;)

  22. LOVE your bar! I'm a ways a way from being able to have one - my kids are at that age! Can't wait to see what you do with those pretty fabrics!
    Happy Weekend!

    ps - Im going to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit tomorrow - have you been yet?!

  23. Mary Ann,
    I do love the look of a well appointed bar. Your's looks inviting. I'll have to try the Perrier water, I love grapefruit. The appetizer looks delicious and easy, my favorite combination.
    Hope you're having a wonderful "first weekend of spring".

  24. Wow the table setting on the cover off that book is absolutely fabulous!

  25. My Bar Cart board on Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/libbywilkie/bar-carts/) is probably my most pinned and looked at! Yes, they are huge these days. No, we don't have one (don't drink much liquor) but I love the look! My parents always had one and in those days the liquor stayed out all the time….how times have changed!
    And, I love those blue fabrics and then the yellow lemons image right below them. Nice combination!

  26. Mary Ann: Don't know what happened with my comment above! I tried signing in as Wordpress this time, and that is what happened. Oh well, you get the idea, but sorry for the spacing.

  27. One of the best bar set ups ever! And you have St. Germaine - one of my favs added to cava! Love it all. Inspiring me to have a party! M.

  28. Great post, Mary Ann. Yes, we have a little bar area carved out on the dining room built-in, stocked with everything from Amaretto to vodka. I love mixed drinks, but try not to have them too often (they're high in calories!). I love the bowl of lemons with their pretty green leaves! I hope to make it to San Francisco one day.

  29. I inherited my maternal grandparents brass and glass bar cart (and all the decanters, etc..) they kept set up in a corner of their dining room close to the front door. Great hosts, who served timely "just took their coat off" cocktails.
    Before we could take ownership Mom gifted it to a best friend and business associate of Grandpa's, as in her view I had no need or room for it yet (we were 31 yrs old :-D ). That was over 20 years ago and he is still enjoying it. No worries, I made do - refused to go without! Cheers!

  30. We don't have room for a bar..but it looks great! I'm going to have to try the grapefruit Perrier!

  31. Your bar looks so pretty! They're so in right now. I had one when I was single, but then, like you said, while raising kids I didn't. And now I have one again and I love styling it and moving things in and out. So much pretty bar inspiration everywhere!

    And parking tickets are ridiculous here in LA too....also $68.00. So unreasonable and annoying.

  32. So lovely! I love the bar and the tasty app! Great inspiration as always on your blog! XO

  33. That is my kind of appetizer! along with a nice cocktail. Everything looks lovely and those fabrics are ME! xo Nancy

  34. I remember my parents always having an array of cocktails available for guests but our generation seems more partial to wine. I do enjoy a gin and tonic though and love the idea of a pretty tray with all the ingredients invitingly displayed. X Sharon ps Fight the ticket!

  35. Oh I still have young ones in the house … but a bar is so fun and I think quite beautiful. I am working on a new spot for one!! I LOVE the fabric selection for your "lemon" client!! How lucky she and you both are!

  36. MaryAnn,
    I have a bar in my kitchen.....I can't tell you how similar to yours it is!!! Wish I could send a photo.... Where did you get those wooden cocktail spears? They're adorable! Lisa

    1. I got the toothpicks with the shells on top at a liquor store in Newport Beach called Hi-Times.



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