Shower Preparations and Ralph Lauren Guest Room

I'm in Newport Beach having fun with friends and
preparing for a bridal shower for Debbie's daughter.
How gorgeous is this cookie party favor made by
Marilyn from Pink Martinis and Pearls???
You can see how she started her sketches here.

Marilyn and I had lunch together yesterday and it was so fun!
Laura and I added little tags with the names of the 
bride and groom onto the packages.

Then, we stopped by to visit Lauren, the florist, to witness her artistry in progress.
We are going to use a 
collection of friends' vintage 
mix/matched dessert plates.
I picked up five antique Limoges plates ($10 each) to use at the 
Treasure Island Flea Market to add to the collection.

So, please come back to see my 
photos from the shower.
I'm excited!

I'm staying in my friend, 
Laura's grown daughter, Brooke's room...
The linens were from the Ralph Lauren outlet.

This is such a pretty inlaid chest from the Middle East, 
purchased in Los Angeles.
The crazy voodoo doll was bought on a trip to New Orleans.

I love this painting in Brooke's room.
It's so "So. Cal."  Reminds me of me in high school...
and my daughter and Brooke in high school, too.

This is our view of the bay from Laura's house.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. How fun! I can't wait to see all your pictures. That floral arrangement is amazing. I continue to say it, you have such stylish friends.

  2. What a wonderful part of the country to live in, you lucky girl. I can't get over the beautiful detail on those cookies, they are lovely! Enjoy your weekend with your friends, celebrating a happy occasion together.

  3. Oh, have fun and I love the room you are staying in. I'd watch out for that voo doo doll.

  4. Lovely decorations and flowers for the party. Boy, how I'd love to be sitting by the water right now!

  5. Hi Mary Ann! The cookie favors are a delight and I love the flowering branches in the arrangement! What a treat to stay in such a lovely guest room!

    2014 Artists Series

  6. How exciting! I can't wait to see the pics and I love that girls room! The bedding is gorgeous!

  7. Can't wait to see pics of the shower! I don't know how you left that gorgeous view!

  8. Mary Ann, a proper email coming your way but had to say I loved our little impromptu lunch. The tags go together with the cookies perfectly. Can't wait to see all the photos of the day. I know the bride and you will have a wonderful day. xoxo

  9. Hi Mary Ann,
    From the looks of the pre-shower prep, Julie's shower is going be gorgeous! Marilyn's cookies are amazing, way too pretty to eat, but oh so delicious! Love how you're using all different vintage dessert plates and the Limoges you got at the Flea market are so pretty. Those flowers....to die for! I don't know if I can stand the wait for the photos from today! I think we, your readers, are just as excited as you are to get a glimpse into Julie's shower.

    And to top things off, what a lovely bedroom you get to stay in! Those RL linens have always been a favorite of mine. You certainly get to stay in the most fabulous places!

    How fun to be a part of such a special event, and what a beautiful day for a party!
    Happy Shower....XO Gail

  10. Looks like lots of fun things going on over there and the shower prep is amazing, wow looks like such fun.Enjoy and I look forward to seeing all the highlights~

  11. Hi Mary Ann,

    the cookies are so pretty.. almost too pretty to eat! Such a fun event to plan. The vintage dessert plates are just beautiful and perfect for the occasion. Beautiful bedroom you are staying in! Have fun:)

  12. Looks like it's going to be a lovely shower. Love the guest room too. What a great painting of the girls at the beach.

  13. The shower will be amazing! And what a beautiful bedroom/guest room. Have fun!

  14. Beautiful ideas for a special occasion……... You will have wonderful sweet dreams in that bedroom. Warm regards.

  15. Stunning floral arrangement! Love the old world fell it has.

  16. Those cookies are so cute! I cant wait to see the beautiful ideas come to life...its going to look great! Love the inlaid chest..

  17. Beautiful start to a beautiful life.
    Love the floral arrangement, the romantic dessert plates and a room full of romance.
    It's all just so beautiful here.


  18. Mary Ann,
    The cookies look great and I love your view from your friend's house. The weather is lovely this weekend!

  19. Oooooh, I can't wait to see the shower photos already! The details are all beautiful!
    That guest room is beautiful and I love all the little details too, and my, what a view! ENJOY!

  20. That floral arrangement is breathtaking!! Holy cow. Have a great time (I think I would be enjoying that view the entire time)

  21. Love those invites! Can't wait to see pictures from the shower! Love that room...the doll looks like a "damnit doll".

  22. I'm stunned by the gourgeous flower arrangements and the cookies are so pretty. That's gonna be one awesome party. You have lots of fun. Waiting for pictures.

    Mia | Domestic Cleaning London


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