Small Kitchen Updates

There are a few changes in our 
San Francisco apartment kitchen.
(We can't do too much since we are renting).
Although there is no bar, 
it's nice to have a spot to keep the cook company.
This sturdy, adjustable bar stool is from Ballard Designs.
I bought it recently, but now it looks like it is only 

This gray platter is from Anthropologie.

My basil plant loves being near the window.  It's flourishing.

Not a big kitchen...but great food and 
views and happiness are experienced here.

This mirror from World Market 
reflects light over the sink.
 Speaking of Cost Plus World Market,
the original one is down the 
street from us at Fisherman's Wharf.
An employee there said it started 
out in a tent with imports brought in from the docks.

 I like this gilded mirror tray ($29.99) 
and metal chairs ($119.99 each).


The knobs are are great price ($3.99 each).

Love this rug ($224.99 for a 5' x 8').

Back to our kitchen...
This Mushroom and Ravioli Soup is 
an easy to make dish using frozen ravioli 
(I used organic spinach and mushroom ravioli).  
Alie, this is the recipe I was telling you about. 
The recipe is here.  
I grated some parmesan cheese on top before serving.

It's been rainy here but... here's Chief on a stroll
(don't worry, there was plenty of ground underneath him).

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Wow! Love the world Market tour and great finds! But you know my favorite thing you posted is Chief! I LOVE THAT PUP!!!!


  2. Hi Mary Ann, Chief is sooo adorable! Our son has the same stools and I love them. I hope you are enjoying San Francisco.

  3. Good Morning Mary Ann! I love your kitchen updates, little changes really make a difference don't they!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Thanks for having us inside your kitchen! It is a lovely space, just my taste! Interesting how the first World Market originated- so cool and I love that store. I love that rug you showed! Have a great day. xo Nancy

  5. Maryann you are the queen of small details! You are proof that every detail counts! I need to work on that one!!

  6. Mary Ann, It is always fun to see what you add to your interiors, you have impeccable style and taste. The color you painted your cabinets is perfect! Great backdrop for all of your fun additions.

  7. Mary Ann, you have a lovely apartment! We lived in the SF bay area in the 70's and I remember visiting the original Cost Plus. I always enjoy visiting your blog …lots of stylish inspiration found here!!

  8. Your kitchen is so charming! Leaves me wanting to see more. I had luck at the World Market basket sale last weekend.

  9. It's well chosen accessories like this which really make a kitchen. I love to have a basil plant as it fills the room with such a wonderful aroma and I like to add it to pasta dishes.

  10. Mary Ann, Love your kitchen! It's cozy, but bright and I adore the carpet and stool. Funny about the original Cost Plus in a tent! So believe it. I can always remember it being around when I was a kid in the early 70s too in San Jose. I hated it because it smelled weird (candles and incense), as a child. Now I really like it and they have the coolest things. Chairs and prints, pillows, tableware and glasses are what I go for.

    Your soup looks good. I'm on a roll trying new soups, so I'll give it a shot. Last night I did a new tomato one with clove and the guys did not like..This looks like a winner.
    Have a good week! Kim

  11. That's a great idea to have the mirror over the sink. We are so used to having windows...I wonder who came up with that architectural idea and why?

    The soup looks fantastic. And I have never actually been in a World Market, just online.


  12. Thanks for the heads up on the rug. I need to freshen up our kitchen, and it will be perfect.

  13. Mary Ann,
    Your kitchen is charming. I love small kitchens, they are often so much more efficient. You have done a great job. Thanks for inviting us along on this journey.

  14. Mary Ann, I love your Ballard's stool for the cook's assistant. I wish World Market would open a store here in the Boston area, I am dying for one!

  15. I always love seeing what you've done in your home, even the smallest of details! It gives me inspiration, as I'm sure it does to all your other readers. After all, you are the queen of details....and all things in the decor world! That soup looks SO delicious, wish I had a bowl right now. I think that your World Market, being the original, has a lot more things than the average Cost Plus!!! But they do have fun things at great prices!
    Hugs! Gail

  16. I always enjoy touring your home. The addition of the bar stool is charming!!

  17. I so enjoy seeing all you updates and you have done wonders with what was once a small dated kitchen, its so fresh crisp and inviting now! I love the colors and all your spot on choices....

  18. Your kitchen is perfect Mary Ann;) I like those bar stools and the rug is a great color. I have a similar one in my kitchen with a chevron print. It goes with everything and I always get compliments on it. I like your fun accessories. The rooster is a nice touch:) leslie

  19. These are such great tips and tricks to follow for a fellow renter! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Lily http://whilemyboyfriendsaway.blogspot.com/

  20. such a great idea to add the stool in your kitchen -- I may have to steal! Also that soup looks amazing. I love mushrooms and cant get enough of them and so does my 3 year old, crazy huh? Also we need a world market here!! looks fab!

  21. Thanks for the tour and I love the stool. I know you love living near Fisherman"s Wharf and that bridge is awesome. When we visit the city, I always feel drawn to it. The first time I saw it, in my youth, I insisted that we traverse it three times. Crazy, I know, but I still feel that way.

  22. Hahaha, I almost thought you had a Michael Jackson moment when he did it to his son Blanket!!!!
    Anyway, love your kitchen, sweet, simple and in no way looks like a rental!

  23. Your kitchen looks gorgeous, Mary Ann! I'm always impressed with your photography skills -- your photos look so professional!

  24. Love the items you added to the kitchen and what a great idea to add the bar-stool..

  25. Is it crazy that your kitchen is making me want to take all the hardware off my cabinets? I'm really loving the clean look of yours! And of course you have styled it beautifully, Mary Ann. So nice!

  26. World Market is right next to my Kroger so I almost HAVE to go in about 3-4 times a week! They have upped their game so much in the last few years for sure. Even though you are renting.....you have taken that kitchen straight to pretty!

  27. I just love your city!! When my husband was still in the Military, we live on The Presidio for 3 years. Absolutely loved the area! Jealous!!!~~Angela

  28. You have such a talent, Mary Ann. I just love seeing the details you add to any space - great stool. The counters in your kitchen look gorgeous!!

  29. Hello to Chief!
    Mary Ann-
    You have turned this apartment into a showplace. I know that the people that you are renting from are happy! LOVE the gray platter and the stool! You find the greatest things.

  30. Chief is just the cutest. Love the idea of that ravioli soup. And the kitchen has transformed into such a great space, Mary Ann, I just love it with that rug, too. Have a happy week!


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