Cocktails and Laundry

I think doing laundry and cocktails 
go together, don't you?
Just kidding, sort of.
photo credit Pottery Barn
A new polka dot ironing board cover
could improve your ironing experience (a little).

 While you are in spring cleaning mode 
(or even if you aren’t), 
remember to pull your dryer out 
from the wall and clean behind it, 
including the air hose and vent. 
All that lint can be a fire hazard
and impede drying power. 

cute laundry bag for each member of the family is a nice idea.

So is a steamer...
for a quick fix for wrinkled tops, skirts, dresses and table cloths.
Since we are tight on space,
I want this one that Stephanie Krauss
 recommends (Mother's day hint).

Get more ideas from:  

Time for a cocktail?
Remember how I was impressed when
my friend ordered a Moscow Mule?

After a one afternoon makeover 
of her living and dining rooms 
using what she owned
(moving furniture, accessories and rehanging art)
plus a quick trip to Crate and Barrel 
for these crisp pillows...
and this 
vase (to update her coffee table).

She gave this to me as a gift...
A basket with all the fixings for Moscow Mules...
 and a really fancy bottle of vodka 
with a Swarovski crystal in it!

 Laundry's all done so,


  1. Cute laundry bags! There is actually a place in Killington, VT called the Scrub a Dub Pub. It's a laundromat and bar! Perfect in a ski town! Enjoy your week!

  2. Oh how cute, I love this post. Yes, it is 5 o'clock somewhere.

  3. Nice laundry ideas and what a great gift. I have never tried one of those cocktails before. Sounds good.

  4. That drink looks too good right now! What a great gift basket!

  5. I love the laundry room. Cute idea on the bags.
    What a great gift! I love Moscow Mules and really need to get some copper mugs.
    Have a great day.

  6. Since I do laundry early in the morning, cocktails are not appropriate. But. I always do my ironing in the evening and wine is a great diversion for the task...

  7. Ha! I just sat down with a glass of wine and my computer with my towels whirling away in the dryer and your blog popped up. Too funny. I guess in my house they definitely go together.


  8. I have a very ancient (as in old house) laundry room and even though we just bought a new washer and dryer....nothing is going to make it look better. Even if I have a few of those cocktails!!!

    I meant to stop by and say that I saw the wonderful article in BH&G of your home!!! How thrilling that must have been. And your kids were such a wonderful part of it. Congratulati0ons!!


  9. Such a sweet and thoughtful friend you have. I really love the laundry room in the first pic.

  10. Such a fun post! Laundry is my least favorite house chore. I've tried to come up with ways to make it fun (singing..cocktails, etc..) and nothing helps. Perhaps these laundry bags are key?!! xxleslie

  11. What a great gift! Cheers!

  12. I love Moscow Mules! Such cute ideas and I want my family to give me that laundry room. I have a handheld steamer that I cannot live without. Now let's find someone to do the laundry :)

  13. I agree with Linda! Are you around today? I need to give you a call!!

  14. Gorgeous inspiration! And yes, I think cocktails should come with laundry which seems to go on and on at my house. Need to try the Moscow Mule!

  15. What brand is the Vodka? Thank you!

    1. It's called The Diamond Standard...made in Poland. Pretty bottle.

  16. Cheers is right! Nice gift! I do think that cocktails go well with any type cleaning.
    I love the laundry bags. I gave Angel's friends laundry bags with their initials or names monogrammed on them and they continue to use them. And agree, you have to have a good steamer.
    I hope allis well in SF, Mary Ann.

  17. Mary Ann you have the best friends, a very lovely gift basket!! The laundry totes are wonderful idea for the family and I love that vase from Crate and Barrel, very cool!

    The Arts by Karena

  18. Just forwarded the link for that steamer to my kids :)

    Love the copper mugs....awesome!

  19. LOVE that fabulous gift idea - I'll be stealing that! :)

  20. Yes, a nice laundry room does make for a better experience when doing that never ending chore! I just bought a new iron but wonder if I need that steamer too. You get the best gifts...but that's just because you deserve
    them! Happy Laundering!

  21. love your post and thanks for mentioning me - my readership went thru the roof! HA! And yes sometimes laundry does drive me to drink! Beautiful pictures as always Mary Ann!
    P.S. Never in my life have I heard of a Moscow Mule!

  22. I discovered The Moscow Mule this year and love them. I had a Florida Mule with grilled pineapple in it- yum! Love your laundry inspirations but it may take several cocktails
    To do laundry xo Nancy

  23. Just found your blog. LOVE that Pottery Barn laundry room! I wouldn't mind doing laundry if I had that gorgeous room to work in - especially if I had a cocktail in hand! I'm your newest follower!

  24. That is adorable, Mary Ann - just love the mugs! A beautiful laundry room certainly makes chores easier…needing a little work on mine!!

  25. Ahhhhhh......laundry. If those things will make it better....I might try! Can we see what you did to your friends room please? I love a good redesign using what someone has with a little freshening up:) I guess I will have to add that drink to my arsenal....

  26. What a wonderful idea to give to you as a gift! I bought my husband the mugs from Nordstrom recently as a surprise since he also loves Moscow Mules and didn't think of adding the vodka and ginger beer! Great idea for a future gift for a friend. Lovely!


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