Coral in Our Living Room

What shade comes to your mind 
when you hear the color coral?
Orange, red, salmon, apricot, 
terra cotta, pinkish orange?
We have shades of coral and 
terra cotta in our living room.
(The zig zag fabric is by Kelly Wearstler Tempest Truffle and the 
The Indian Flower print is from Diamond Foam and Fabric both made by WoodyLiana. 
 I can't remember the name of the paisley fabric…I've had those for a long time).

Even in small scale accessories like this book and
antique opera glass case.
To lighten up the espresso leather club chairs, 
I've been contemplating making coral colored pillows 
like with this velvet strie´.   
Then, I saw a coral crewel pillow at Pottery Barn.
I have a hard time photographing the club chairs 
as the light from this view behind them comes pouring in...
You can even see some terra cotta roofs in the distance.
I left the tags on the PB pillows for several 
days (on sale now) before I decided to keep them.
They are good for now.

But wait a minute...
What have you been chewing?!

Deep breath...puppy stages.
Look at these beautiful roses 
that my client, Dana gave us.
PS.  Don't forget to check out the May issue of
Better Homes and Gardens featuring our house!

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  1. I use coral/ terra cotta for accent all of the time Mary Ann, especially with pillows and throws! Love your design!

    The Art of Pedro S de Movellan!

  2. Love the pillows! Coral is such a pretty accent - especially this time of year. Those puppies sure love to chew. My golden retriever used to chew on the bottom of our kitchen chairs when she was little. I wanted to tell you that I tried the Homestyler website that you mentioned in your Better Homes and Gardens article and I am addicted! My 10 year old son even loves it! Congrats again on the beautiful feature!

  3. no he didn't chew the table. ok I may have to rethink getting our boys a dog. but then again he's so cute...and besides my boys can still destroy a clean home in a matter of minutes. :) LOVE the PB pillows! as always you do no wrong :)

  4. Mary Ann I love how adding different pillows can make such a difference in a room. Coral is a great addition to your room and I like the way you added touches in your accesoires as well. I have a post up today that shows my family room in the three seasons with different pillows. I love switching things up.
    Happy Monday and Congratulations on your feature in BHG, well deserved!!

  5. Coral is one of my absolute favorite colors. It looks great in your home, especially as it picks up the roof tops too!

  6. Very pretty..coral adds such warmth to a room and i love it when the sun is setting, it looks like its glowing. You always do such a wonderful and tasteful job Mary Ann.

  7. I will definitely savor my subscribed copy mary ann! your home is just lovely, with or without coral, but I see what you mean when you mix it with the browns. Enjoy your day and view!

  8. Love the coral.....along with those other gorgeous pillows! I am trying to figure out what my summer pillows will be this year! I have a lot going on with the ORC right now though:)

  9. Love the pillows! I just used that same PB coral pillow in a client's living room, and gave my mom the blue one for her birthday. So pretty! And, I like how Chief is contributing a rustic, worn vibe to your living room ;)

  10. Everything you do is wonderful! I love how you chose the different tones of Coral to incorporate with the blacks and browns in your room. And with the little touches of terra cotta from the roofs, it brings the outside right into your home. But I'm so surprised you found that beautiful fabric at Diamond! I stopped going there because I never found anything...guess I'll have to start going again! What an inviting place to sit and loose yourself in that spectacular view out the window!!! Happy Spring! XO

  11. That coral color is just the thing! Glad you found your pillow love match!

  12. I enjoy everything about the color combo, amazing how a little pop of color can make all the difference. I love the details you set up with the books and opera glass case and (gasp) that black flower pot. Awesome!

  13. Love coral. I enjoyed your feature in BH&G. xo

  14. Very pretty....wish you could remember the name of the paisley fabric. i love it and the other two!

  15. Coral is a great color, can really be so versatile!

    x Lily

  16. More lovely pillows from Liana. Beautiful fabrics! Your views of the bay are unbelievable!!

  17. Oh, I've been seeing it all over and love it - such a pretty addition for spring/summer! It looks great against your leather chairs! Such a beautiful articIe Mary Ann, I was thrilled to see it! :)


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