Durable Fabrics and Always San Francisco.

If you have kids or pets, 
enjoy outdoor living or just want to relax indoors...
you should consider new, softer, heavier
indoor/outdoor fabrics.
Like these from Perennials.
I was just in their beautiful, 
new showroom in the SF Design Center.
Rose Tarlow has designed a line of their pretty fabrics.

 We are considering these two Perennials fabrics for a client's
Lee Industries Sofa
You can blot up stains and 
feel less stress about a white sofa.

Restoration Hardware also sells their furniture available in a nice
textured Perennial fabric...
Remember how we used it in the color Fog for a 
client's home near the ocean?

This is how I feel about my new city...

Come visit...but bring a jacket because
 you just never know about the weather
(except that it won't snow while you are here:)
Here is a picture I took while giving my mom a 
driving tour and drinking a
a sea salted caramel hot chocolate
from Ghirardelli Square 
(go to the small storefront
on Beach Street for take-away--to avoid
the long lines at the restaurant).

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I always love the fabric combinations you choose. Glad to know outdoor fabrics are getting softer. So many times I've seen a cute pattern on a pillow but it's on outdoor fabric. So much fun doing the touristy things when company visits. 😊

    1. They are so much softer now. I still like being able to wash slipcovers (for myself)...but this is a great alternative for upholstery.

  2. Mary Ann I have used rough and rowdy on bar stools and a club chair...love it!! I am definitely coming to the design center on Monday and Big Daddy's. Have you been? If not want to go?

  3. I love the look and texture of those fabrics.
    All your photos of SF makes me want to plan another trip to there soon. I haven't been since I was quite younger and I think I'd have a different appreciation to it now. ;)

  4. Mary Ann- love your post as always... I have a question I have inquired about trade discounts... do you feel the price is still expensive even with a trade discount. let me know. thanks always love hearing your advice.t

  5. Anything that makes it easier to have white furniture...I'm all in. Pretty fabrics!

    I don't know if I've mentioned that I lived in SF for a year (long time ago) and it was the COLDEST I've ever been. So beautiful....but so darn chilly.

  6. Those fabrics are beautiful Mary Ann, and your city even more so. Love Ghiradelli Square!

  7. I love that video!
    So happy you love your new city!

  8. Those fabrics are gorgeous! I love how textured they are. That hot chocolate looks amazing. Sadly, our hot chocolate days are over where I live. Or maybe not so sadly. ;-)

  9. Love the Perennials fabrics....they really do not look like outdoor fabrics at all! That coffee thing looks so darn good:)

  10. The fabrics are great...love the look. And sea salted caramel hot chocolate AND sunny California? You are mean.......sounds good to me:)

  11. Absolutely love your fabulous city and cannot wait to visit again soon.
    Oh...and those fabrics are gorgeous!

  12. That looks wonderful, Mary Ann! Hot chocolate is one of my favorites.
    Rose Tarlow can do no wrong. Gorgeous! And I love RH of course.
    Happy weekend.

  13. Hi Mary Ann,
    I am up for the Alameda Point this Sunday.
    Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.

  14. I love those type of fabrics and the colours.

  15. I love the look of the fabrics. And salted caramel is my FAVE! Hope you get the diffuser soon:) xo

  16. Mary Ann I love all of the great outdoor fabrics available now (for indoor as well as they are so durable)!\

    The Arts by Karena

  17. Hi Mary Ann, Wonderful fabrics! I remember those chairs and how much I loved them! You've lived in so many fabulous places and I'm sure you've left a little piece of your heart in each. And SF will be no exception! How lucky you are to experience all the beauties of this exciting city by the bay. Happy Weekend! xo Gail

  18. Hi Mary Ann! I love Perennials Rough & Rowdy fabric. We use it all the time.
    We need to meet one of these days! Please email me ok?


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