Bicycling Across the Golden Gate Bridge

Earlier today, my husband Howard, our son Tommy and I 
bicycled from Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito.
We had excellent service and a brief tutorial from
Blazing Saddles bicycle rentals.
 Not going to say it was a breeze..
There were a couple of steep places where I needed to get off and walk the bike.

But there were some fun downhill stretches as well.
We took the ferry from Sausalito back to the City 
(thank heavens).

 Cheers! (Good thinking, Howard).

 Except for my sore rear end, it feels good to think we rode 
from the far left of the bridge to the far right.
The ferry passes Alcatraz...I want to take the tour there.
It's fun being a tourist in your own town.

Last week was busy but I need some after photos pronto to prove it.

On Monday, we redecorated my daughter's new West Hollywood bedroom
with $300 at IKEA that included 
(Alie, I need after photos).

On Tuesday, I delivered pillows made by Liana...after we get the lamps
I will have some major before and after photos here.
My adorable client is loving her new living room.

On Wednesday I met with two different new clients and did some quick
furniture re-arranging and accessorizing (yeah...show the photos--sorry--not ready).

Thursday, was Howard's birthday and we ate at the Water Bar.
This was the view of the Bay Bridge from our table!

On Saturday, I met a new SF client (she found me on Houzz) with really cool furnishings like this dining chair that she had upholstered with textiles that she picked up on a trip to Thailand...
She was considering recovering these, but I love them.
I moved furniture again...and
We ordered this mirrored coffee table.  On sale!

Happy Memorial Day and
remember the patriots who gave their lives for us.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Mary Ann. We love Sausalito. Paul's aunt and uncle lived there for over 30 years, so Paul has lots of memories of visiting them as a child. We visited 2 summers ago and found a great (but very crowded) restaurant for lunch - check out Napa Valley Burger Company. Yum!

  2. Happy Memorial Day to you! I'd love to visit San Francisco one day. My husband's brother used to live there and he had been many times before we met. He visited Alcatraz and thought it was cool. That bike ride across the bridge must have been some experience! Good idea to take the ferry back. Love your posts from S.F.!

  3. What a great way to cap off a busy week. Love those client chairs, too.

  4. Four years ago my husband and I rode our bicycles from Portland, OR to Newport Beach, CA. The trip took three weeks, and the part that I was the most concerned about was pedaling across the bridge. (I don't like bridges). However, there were so many pedestrians that I had to weave around with my bike that I didn't really get to get the full feeling of being on the bridge. Now I would like to come back and ride across it again when no one is there walking. I guess that would have to be midnight.

    1. There weren't many pedestrians yesterday, fortunately.

  5. I was just looking at that mirrored coffee table at BP. Nice piece and perfect size. Sounds like a fun weekend..a combination of work, exercise, and eating;) We've only been the SF a few times and have never done that. Looks so exciting! Enjoy your day Mary Ann!

  6. You sure have been busy and what a wonderful way to end the week, than a bike ride on a gloriously stunning day! Wow....look at that sky! Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Thinking of you enjoying life in that beautiful city by the bay!!
    xo Gail

  7. I used to think about cycling across when I lived there.... but my phobia of heights always stopped me! No, guess it's just not meant to be for me; but what a gorgeous ride!

  8. Wow that is just amazing! What a fun way to spend the day of course with the way my brain thinks...I would immediately fast forward to realizing I earned myself a very good meal (with dessert)! I can almost feel that warm California air........

  9. A bike trip across the San Francisco Bridge! Incredible Marty Ann! I am sure your daughter is loving her new bedroom pieces!!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Looks like the perfect day spent outdoors! A bit of city life, a bit of sea life, gosh I'm envious!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. This looks like such fun! and I LOOOOVE those velvet curtains!

    x Lily

  12. What a cool outing...looked like a picture perfect day! In the late 70's when they built the 805 freeway here in San Diego they opened it solely to cyclists the day before cars could drive on it. My sister and I rode from North Park up to Miramar and back. (I know you are familiar with San Diego) That was a tough ride for sure! I remember seeing a couple people wipe out on the downhill part, and to think we didn't wear helmets back then.


  13. Wow! you've really been busy Mary Ann!!! belated Happy birthday to Howard! I can't wait to see the before & after photos for sure!

  14. Lovely pictures of your mini bike trip :) The redecorated room looks great.
    Regular Home cleaning Wimbledon

  15. Ahh this brings back memories of living in SF and biking with my roommates. Be glad you took the ferry back it is a good uphill back to the bridge.

  16. Go girl.....looks like it was a beautiful day! And....you have been busy it seems.....can't wait to see all the afters:)


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