Inside Summer Garden

All the pretty gardens throughout blogland, 
have me vicariously getting dirt underneath my fingernails. 
We have no outside space in this city apartment
(no, the fire escape doesn't count).
I've been placing extra greenery around.

This fiddle leaf fig tree has adapted nicely 
to a sunny spot in the dining room.

 My topiary on the right isn't doing as well as the left.
Can anyone identify the problem,?
I like how when you place flowers against a mirror, 
it doubles your bouquet!

Everyone on Instagram 
(come follow me and I will follow you back)
has been showing off their peonies.
I love these flowers…
I add new blossoms to the mature ones 
to keep the arrangement fresh.

I like to put plants in clear glass containers 
like this one on my desk.

Orchids are always great…this one was a gift.

The plant in Tommy's room has three branches 
and was only $12.99 at the grocery store.

Don't ask me how I've keep this 
fern alive for three weeks.
Nice, happy pop of green in the bedroom!

  I add some of the fern leaves to bouquets 
and a mound of moss is an organic centerpiece.

But I miss our little Newport Beach garden…
Our renter called to say the fountain stopped working and I told her just to
clean out the leaves.
And it's all good.

This was at Roger's Gardens…perfect for California's drought conditions.
How is your garden doing? 


  1. I love this -- you wouldn't need a rain date for this one! just gorgeous.

    x Lily

  2. Mine is humming right along! I am in FL so I planted my spring flowers 6 weeks ago, my mandevillas are already 8 feet tall! The hibiscus, magnolias, gardenias and geraniums are all in full bloom. The only negative is that we are almost up to full summer temps and the ritual of daily watering has begun.

  3. Well....you make me want to run out and buy some pretty greens and flowers for the house. I haven't even gotten any peonys yet and they've been at TJ's for several weeks. As far as your poor ivy topiary....I've found from experience that they just don't like living indoors. They've probably been raised in a greenhouse so once you bring them into such a dry environment they just don't do well. Maybe it needs to live in front of the window for awhile. They also get mites easily...check it closely!

    I've got all my plants exterior flowers planted and on their way, but my inside ones are looking sad. I love orchids (they last a long time) but I got them all about the same time in March and now they are all going at once! I love your Maidenhair fern. I have a huge pot outside but never thought about growing it inside. I'll have
    to give it a try.

    As usual, everything you do is gorgeous and so inspirational. Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Gail

  4. Your home is definitely not short on any greens Mary Ann, love how you delicately placed them all thru out your beautiful home! I'm no gardener so my indoor plants are the ones I try to pay some attention too as well.

  5. Love the garden greenery in your home. The tray of those old bottles is great too!

  6. Mary Ann-
    You never run out of inspiration! Just beautiful what you have done in your apartment.
    Love the mirror idea.

  7. Well, I do know what is happening to your indoor plants - they are all on a slow road to the mulch pile. I'm so sorry. :) Some will perform better than others but ivy likes sun and they usually start dropping leaves and stop growing pretty fast. We've had a fishtail palm for about 15 years or more but it's not as full as it used to be and is on a very slow decline. What I've done when my top's take a turn is to retain the shape of the form with silks but leave the twisting stems in place running up to the ball. I think it makes them look more real.

    Good luck!

  8. ALL your beautiful greenery is wonderful. Every room needs a touch of live nature, and you certainly know how to add it to your rooms. I laughed out loud at your mirror comment for the bouquet! (But that is so true..it DOES double it. :) ) I have done very little with our flower beds, but I have the pots on the decks all dressed for summer. We had a dinner out there earlier this week, and you can see all the herbs used in my post from yesterday. http://www.talkofthehouse.com/in-the-garden-a-dinner-with-herbs/
    I would miss the fountain from your old place. Love a water garden!

  9. This post reminds me of a few years ago when we were looking to move. We were very serious about center city Philadelphia: part of a townhouse condo., or a big apartment: we weren't sure and looked and looked. And then I remembered gardening! It would have been a huge mistake to move somewhere without a real garden! Yours is temporary, I know, but this would have been permanent! We looked at a lovely old townhouse with a garden, until my sister who lives in Cambridge reminded me that ground floor gardens get almost no sun….Well, that was a long time ago and now here we are in sunny North Carolina with lots of garden space!!! You will have it all again Mary Ann, and in the meantime, enjoy that gorgeous city!!

  10. Everything looks so pretty and fresh Mary Ann and i love those pretty peonies:) Being in the midst of our house project my gardening is on hold .. I'm missing it :( Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Mary Ann,

    Years ago I had a couple ivy topiaries and eventually they did get the dreaded mites. Misting is supposed to help because as Gail mentioned they do not like a dry environment. Maybe try that?

    I had a Maidenhair fern as well and it didn't do well indoors. Maybe you will have better luck than me.

    My Fiddle Leaf fig hadn't grown in over a year, and I couldn't understand since it was by a window getting plenty of light. I finally figured out I was under watering it (I was afraid of root rot) but now I give it double the amount and water only once a month or so and feed it every time. It has shot up almost a foot in 3 months! :)

    Linda in S.D.

  12. So pretty, Mary Ann....all of it. Your table setting is fantastic, as per usual. Your spaces are ALWAYS so inspiring (and my favorites). Have a great weekend.

  13. PS Love the idea of adding new peonies to the mature ones. I am one of those Instagram peony braggers...they're just so darn good this year :)

  14. Mary Ann, I love everything you have done to bring springtime greenery into your home! I just bought a fiddle leaf fig recently and it seems to be doing well. I miss Rogers Gardens!

    The Arts by Karena

  15. I love it, Mary Ann. My gardens are doing great due to all the rain we've been receiving. xo

  16. Everything look so pretty and I cannot believe a 3 stemmed orchid for $12.99...amazing! Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  17. Mary Ann,
    As I'm sure you heard, SoCal had two, nearly back to back, heat waves early in May. Temps in Irvine (by UCI - not inland) were in the low 100's. That took it's toll on some of the first blooms of my roses. Other than that my garden seems to be adjusting to this drought, so hopefully we will be okay. I love working in the garden. I love your new apartment and your way of making it look so wonderful with plants indoors instead of out.

  18. Everything is so pretty. I would probably go nuts if I had no yard to work in.
    Following you on instagram.

  19. So pretty, Mary Ann.I love how very creative Becky's projects are. So fanciful! There's really a lot of inspiration in these gorgeous pictures. Brenda, such a fun site to find!

  20. Hi Mary Ann.....your home looks like it is always ready for a party:) As with me....I am not getting your blog via email anymore...Shari has not been able to fix and I understand it is happening with others:( Have a great Saturday!

  21. Looking fabulous! Love all your plants and flowers!!

  22. PS…I really checked the topiaries for spider mites and can't find any plus that room is really well lit and so I think I may have messed up with the watering?

  23. Like you, I love having fresh flowers and greenery in my house. I don't have the greenest thumb, so it's good for me when my roses and hydrangeas are blooming in the yard…your home looks GORGEOUS!!

  24. I'm @erincl123 on instagram if you want to follow along! I don't have a blog but I'm in my first year as a newlywed in our first house! :o)

  25. Your indoor plants look great. I had the same problem with topiaries. They look amazing for awhile, then end up dying. My peonies are blooming like crazy now, so I'm very happy. Clematis is about ready, along with so much more. I absolutely love May and June in the garden!
    Your home looks beautiful, as always.

    Have a great day.


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