Random Décor Notes from My I-Phone

Do you take photos with your telephone to 
remind yourself or others of things?
I like the stones and small bark here.

Sent this to my sister...need to order the Perennials for her.
Sent this to my client (at Bay Home Consignment)
and she bought it for $150 for her dining room.
Sent this to another client for her consideration.

Sent this to my daughter, Alie for her new living room?

In her price range?

This one is a keeper, too.

 Or what about this for her bedroom to 
go with her robin's egg blue end table.

 I like this West Elm end table for me...
 My wonderful friend, Jen
put this IKEA chest together for Tommy's room.
 He's coming home soon for summer and we are working on the new room.
I will show you when I'm finished.
 When I get new flowers...I make a small bouquet of the old salvageable ones...
 These washable linen napkins from Hudson Grace 
could inspire me to have a dinner party.
 Also at Hudson Grace...a possibility for a client's
dining room.

The rest of the photos on my I phone are from the San Francisco Decorator Showcase--
very fun.  Just have to put the post together for you.

I'm taking dessert to Jen's house tonight.
Easy...It's Debbie's birthday and her favorite is Red Velvet.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I do the same thing! It's a great reminder, and so helpful. Have a great weekend.

  2. These are great pictures, Mary Ann...I think cell phone pictures are nice...they've been said to be as good as a point and shoot.

    I wanted to come by and say congrats on your feature in BH&G! Wow...I was in awe when I saw it...like...yes, I know her!! Very nice to see more of your home and your kids as ell! Good for you! :)


  3. How did we survive in these days before smartphones? I can’t recall.

  4. Fun and yes use my iPhone for all that stuff, its a great way to store reminders and visuals of all I love...I need a friend who can assemble things! My number one thing in life I cannot stand doing. Love the black mirror what a find, and gorgeous washable linen napkins.....enjoy your weekend Mary Ann!

  5. I take pics and send them all the time. Cute post:)

  6. Hi. Maryann,

    Fun peeks!
    Love Kathy's mirror .
    It looks great in her Dining Room!
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog photos. It was a shock for sure, I was numb for a few days but I am bouncing back!
    Glad you are having a nice weekend!

  7. Loving your images and great bargains you found! Love the West Elm table and can't wait to see Tommy's room!!

  8. I just realized our feed is not updating on your blogroll from when we changed sites. Would you mind changing the address to mydesignchic.com? Thank you so so much, Mary Ann!!

  9. Isn't it fun to be able to capture what catches our eye! Love the flowers and am excited that we will have an IKEA here in Kansas City next fall!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. Yes, I do this same thing...iPhone camera is like my list. I snap or screenshot everything I want to remember to buy or do. It's a great tool.

    Love those Ikea rugs. And that is one TRUE friend who will put together an Ikea chest for you. I love their stuff so my son has become an expert Ikea assembler...thankful for him!

  11. What did we ever do without our handy dandy cell phone cameras? I am constantly grabbing mine to take a pic of some great item or idea that I want to remember! I love your great finds and how fun to have an expert, yes you, to find those little gems and then pass them onto clients and friends she thinks they might like!

    Can't wait to see Tommy's room! I know it will be wonderful! And that cake....I just checked out Susie Cakes and they're opening one in Studio City soon...I can't wait!!!

    xo Gail

  12. New reader here from your feature in BH&G ... sometimes I actually have NO idea what the purpose of my random iphone photos are once I look at them, often weeks later. Thankfully, I have gotten better at deleting!

  13. Loving your random post, so fun to see what you are looking at and what is inspiring you. I have the striped rug from Ikea in my family room and it just makes the room more ME!! Great piece, great price, we LIKE that! Happy weekend to you as well,
    xo Kathysue

  14. I do the same thing with my phone. Make pics of things I like while out shopping.

  15. What would we do with out our phones! I do the same thing..I need to make a trip to IKEA...love those black and white rugs!

  16. What a clever idea for a post...I love those napkins from Hudson Grace! Which one of those colors is the one that works in your house! P.S that mirror was a great find! Lucky client!

  17. You have had some lovely finds. I really liked the planters on the rocks great decor idea. Thank you for sharing.


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