SF Decorator Showcase Part Two

This is the kitchen sponsored by House Beautiful.
As I said in the Part One post, I noticed:
Shimmer and glossy surfaces
Gold leaf and aged brass (copper, too)
Lots of ceiling treatments
Cocktail bars tucked away everywhere

The shelves are engraved with what goes where.
Interesting ceiling light.

Wet bar...pretty mix of materials.

Just outside the kitchen is a patio with bay views.

Back upstairs... a little bar tucked in a hallway...I bet it was a linen closet.

This room is set up as an artist's studio...

with an easel set up in the small bathroom with a view.

The girl's room is colorful...including the ceiling.

The boy's room has airplane drawings on the ceiling. 

Back outside to the lush gardens ...and potting shed...

With a bar set-up, of course.

It was a fun house to tour.
3660 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA
Open: April 26 - May 26


  1. Mary Ann, The black and metallic is so dramatic I also love the brick walk in the garden. Wonderful!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!.

  2. Very interesting rooms this year. I love that outdoor fixture and the boys room.

  3. I take it the ceiling is the new wall. These treatments are interesting.

  4. What a place! Love the ceilings and the garden walls - wavy sheet metal? Wishing I had plans to be in SF this week. :-)

  5. I love the black modern outdoor space. Happy that things are looking a little different...

  6. So fun! That girl's room is totally fab. Love the headboards and the ballerina wall art. Very clever!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I love the little bars tucked in here and there! Gotta find a spot for one in my house!

  8. I'm surprised how dark the kitchen was. I guess I'll always love the look of "light and bright". Fun to see something different though because I'd never think of it. Aren't those homes beautiful? Thanks for the tour.

  9. That potting shed is so charming!! I really love everything about it! xo

  10. What a spectacular home! The exterior and the gardens are fabulous! I want to know how they got that paint thrown on the ceiling of that bedroom! Very cool, but to throw paint upward like that...hmmmm! Something fishy with the laws of gravity!!! Do you suppose it was done on paper then applied to the ceiling?

    I went to the Pasadena Showcase House yesterday and it too was an amazing home with beautiful grounds. I also noticed a lot of ceiling treatments, unusual lighting, pops of color, mixtures of textures and more. It was the 50th Showcase home and started going to them in the early 70's with my mother. Always a fun event! I would have loved to take some photos, but they don't allow it!

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Weekend...xo Gail

  11. Beautiful! Love the images! they make me want to redecorate everything!! Happy Mother's Day! XOXOX


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